Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Teething Trends Necklace & Bracelet - Nuby Review

I am so excited to be a Nuby Parent Blogger!  I love Nuby products, just think they have so many great items for kids/babies and am so excited to try some of them!

This week I am reviewing a Nuby Teething Trends Medium Oval and Pearl Necklace and a Teething Trends Pearl Beaded Bracelet.  Both of these items are available at Walmart (purchase here) and come in a variety of different colors.  I love wearable teethers and when I saw these I knew I had to have them!  They are BPA free, are a soft silicone and are fashionable and functional (for your baby to chew on).

This necklace and bracelet are perfect for teething babies, for distracted nursers and for toddlers who like to play with your jewelry while you're carrying them.  I love that both of these come in cute, fashionable colors, are comfortable to wear and also have a purpose but can look good on their own too.  I wore my necklace out the other day, without Indy, because I thought it looked cute with what I was wearing.  These don't just have to be for when you are with your kiddos!

Aside from being fashionable and for use with your kids, they are also super easy to clean.  They are made of silicone and feel kind of rubbery, so you just run them under water when they get dirty.  They also get slobbery from your babe having them in their mouths, so you can easily clean them off after each use.  The fact that they are silicone means that things do stick to them, especially long hair, if you are like me and have a bunch of it, so just use the clasp to take the necklace on or off instead of pulling it over your head.

My babe is a bit young for these, although he is working on grabbing onto things, but I know (from having a 4 year old) that teething jewelry really comes in handy in about another month.  I can't wait until Indy can grab on to these and really try them out!

I wore both my necklace and bracelet to coffee and then to Mommy & Me yoga, I got tons of compliments and they were both comfy, stylish and functional even in a yoga class.

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I received these items in exchange for a review, but all opinions expressed here are my own.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom - Jord Watch Contest

I teamed up with Jord Watches to chronicle my adventures of being a stay at home mom, something so different for this working mama.  I am normally a high school teacher (and have been for 16 years!) that works over 40 hours a week, but when school started this year I took my FMLA and am home until Halloween - so fun and yet so challenging.  I did the same thing when Lemon was born, but that was 4 years ago, and I only had the one kid.  So, this time, my "adventures" are definitely different and we are still trying to find our stride, even as this first month comes to a close.  I am loving my time home with my babes and also am thoroughly exhausted.  Ha.

Being a stay at home mom is tough, much harder than being a working mom - well really just so different. Let's start with how you get absolutely no time for yourself.  At least at my desk, at work, I have an hour for lunch to myself, and on the drive to and from work.  Now, at home, there is always a kid around, mostly two.  And, if someone is napping, I am either totally beat from running around with both kids, or I'm doing some sort of chore around the house like getting dinner ready for our night time craziness.  I also never see or get a chance to talk to my husband, but that's a whole other story!

It never ends and every day I am more tired than the day before.  Forget it if I have something else I to do like go to yoga so I can get this post baby body back in shape - there is just no time for anything and I've really been feeling it these past couple of days.  This new adventure has me running around like crazy with absolutely no time to spare.

Thank goodness for my Jord watch!  It seems that I can never get Lemon to school on time, make it to play dates, have mom lunch dates or make it to any of Lemon's or Indy's classes (or my own!), so I'm grateful to have this watch to help!  Now I can get us all where we need to go in a timely manner, and also check my wrist to see if it's 4pm yet, the time my husband comes home (the time I look forward to every single day!).

My watch definitely makes me adventure ready and is a summer staple in my new stay at home mom wardrobe.  I love that it is classic, lightweight and modern looking; it goes with shorts and a tank top, and is so light I can wear it in our 100 degree Arizona summer.  It looks great for a lunch date out, is casual for a baby yoga class or for heading to a friends' house to play and looks classy for dinner at a friend's house.  It is so versatile for every part of this new adventure of mine.

You need a Jord Watch too!  Check out their women's shop here and my watch here.  Jord is also offering you a chance to win a $75 coupon until September 11th, enter here; you will receive a $20 off coupon just for entering!

To all of you stay at home moms out there, hats off to you!  I hope you find time at the end of the night to put your feet up and drink a glass of wine because man, you deserve it!  Here's to us!  XO

This is a sponsored post.  I received a free product in exchange for this post, but all opinions expressed within are my own.

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