Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Go with the flow' with the Breastflow Starter Kit - Review

"Go with the flow," isn't that just the motto of motherhood?!  I have definitely learned to go with the flow much more this time around, and wish that I had raised Lemon as I am raising Indy, with less stress and worry, and just a calmer attitude about everything.  It just sucks you have no idea what you're doing the first time around, so you can't raise your first as your second, but man I wish I could have.  I am totally having way more fun an it is so much easier the second time around.  New mamas, just remember - they all grow up to be 10 year olds no matter if they were bottle or breast fed, if they didn't sleep or slept and if they cried all the time.  We all survived and you will too!

Speaking of going with the flow- as I mentioned before I do not really have a preference for bottles or pacifiers really.  I just use what works and this time around things are definitely a little different with Indiana then they were with Lemon.

Lemon was confused by nipples, all different kinds (including mine) and never slept because she was probably starving.  We started supplementing with formula at night in hopes that she would sleep better (she didn't) and we just used whatever bottles I got for my baby shower.

This time around I wanted to make educated decision regarding bottles so I came across The First Years Breastflow Starter Kit (available on Amazon).  These bottles were supposed to be great for gas and spit up (I have very gassy, spit-up-y babies) and the nipple is supposed to mimic the breast.

Some other great details about this kit:
  • Unlike traditional nipples, baby uses suction and compression, just like breastfeeding.
  • Supports every combination of breastfeeding and formula feeding.
  • 2-in-1 silicone nipple works like your breast, letting your baby instinctively control the flow.
  • Works with breastmilk and formula.
  • Wide neck design for easy filling. 
  • Easy to assemble and clean.
  • BPA-Free
  • Dishwasher-safe
And it comes with:
  • Two 5 oz. bottles with slow flow nipples
  • Two 9 oz. bottles with medium flow nipples
  • 4 storage lids
  • A container for formula or snacks
  • A full-size gentle bottle & nipple brush for cleaning

That is a lot of stuff for super cheap, everything you'd need really for your first 6 months of bottle feeding, and maybe even beyond.  I had to give these a try, especially as a nursing mama, I'm always up for bottles that are like the boob!
Well, it turns out that Indy wasn't as excited as I was about these bottles.  I think that they are too much like a boob, and for a baby that is breastfed most of the time, they were a bit confusing for him.  The top is difficult to suck out of (I tried) which is great for a breastfeeding babe who has to wait for milk out of a boob, he just fussed while trying to get it out.  It has a two part top, which makes it more like a real nipple, but it is also kind of a pain to clean because you are dealing with 4 parts instead of the standard 3 part bottle.  He has used other bottles that aren't so "boob like," but have "natural" nipples, and has been ok, I just think these maybe were too similar and he was like, "Where's my mama?!"  :)

I also know that what one baby doesn't like, another will love, so this is just my experience with this bottle, feeding a 3 month old.  We will try again when he's a bit older and maybe he love them, who knows?  Another baby may love the similarity to a boob that these have, definitely give them a try and see if your babe likes them.

Indy didn't really "go with the flow" but I'm happy we tried these out to see what they were like.  Very interesting design and I like how they come with everything you'll need, all in one kit.  Very convenient for a new mama.

I received this product in exchange for a review, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Natural Touch Infant Bottle - Nuby Review

Two kids means that you have to let some things go when you have your second baby.  Besides the normal things like your body, alone time, workouts, full meals - you also have to let other things go like bottles vs. the boob and formula vs. breast milk.  For reals.

I went back to work 4 years ago when Lemon was 3 months old and this time, with Indy, I don't have to return until he is 5 months old - so awesome.  But, going back to work means daily pumping and not being around to nurse my babe whenever I want.  Boo.  It also means that I should be stock-piling a supply of milk that I really don't have time to do this time around.  Second kid life, for sure.  By this time, 4 years ago, I had ounces and ounces of milk in the freezer because I really didn't do many bottles with Lemon before returning to work.  There was really no need, I would just bring her where I went because there was just one of her, and even though I hated nursing until she was 6 months old, I powered through.  But, this time around, Indy gets a couple of bottles, a couple of times a week, because I like to have nights where I can take Lemon places on our own, or nights I had to go to yoga (for teacher training), or yoga nights now where I just get to have some "me" time.  SO important.  I had to just let that part go, with having another, and I am really proud of myself for not making a big deal about it.  You gotta do what you gotta do as a mom, definitely.

Indy also get some formula, more than Lemon did, just because I don't have a big stock pile of milk happening at the moment.  I don't have time to pump (since I'm on my own during the day/week), don't want to spend time pumping when I could be playing with Lemon or Indy, and think "I'm home with them, why pump?"  But, I do try to stay one day ahead so at least when I'm gone one of the bottles he gets has milk in it.  I am not against formula, by any means, I think that whatever works for you works for your family.  Do whatever it takes to feed your baby, mamas.  ;)

If you are doing some bottles, like me, or all bottles, you've got to try out Nuby's Natural Touch Infant Bottle with Easy Latch Nipple.  Indy definitely likes this bottle - it's for babes 0+ months, comes in a 9 oz size, is for regular bottle feeding and it has a breast size nipple that encourages latch on.  The bottle nipple flexes, stretches and moves just like mom's nipple.  It is "anti-colic," BPA free and you can get it at Walmart, Babies R' Us and Target.  Great for nursing mamas or not nursing mamas, the natural touch would be beneficial for all babies.

Ian loves this bottle and is happy because Indy likes it.  When I'm not around and he's dealing with a fussy muffin AND a four year old, he's happy if Indy is happy and Indy is happy if he gets food into his tummy in a timely manner.  :)

This two are just oh so cute, and I'm lucky to have a husband who supports my nursing relationship but will bottle feed my babe while I'm gone playing with Lemon or doing stuff for me as well.

I never knew what bottles to buy the first time around, and was just as clueless this time around, so hopefully my recommendation of this bottle will help other mamas out there.  Happy babies are what it's all about!

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I received these items in exchange for a review, but all opinions expressed here are my own.

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