reviews & giveaways

Here are some of my Reviews & Giveaways that I've done in the past.  If you'd like me to review your product or host a giveaway, please go to my Sponsor page or contact me.

3.20.13          Hello Apparel Palm Tank Giveaway
3.28.13          Custom Frame Giveaway
5.15.13          Freshly Picked Moccasins Review
6.4.13            A Makeover & Giveaway
6.24.13          Date Night Dinner 
9.2.13            Hello September & A Giveaway!
9.9.13            Mexican Embroidered Bag Giveaway Winner
10.19.13        My Secret Language 
10.30.13        Want to boost your milk supply?  Try Mrs. Patel's!
12.7.13          BIG Moccasin Review:  Part I & A Giveaway!
12.18.13        BIG Moccasin Review:  Part II & Another Giveaway!
2.5.14            BIG Moccasin Review:  Part III & Another Giveaway!
2.26.14          Nooks Footwear Review & Giveaway
3.22.14          Spray Pal's Birthday Giveaway & Auction for Clint Logan's Family
4.5.14            O+O Review:  Organic, healing oils for your every need!
4.15.14          My Mom's Birthday:  Gift Ideas
4.28.14          Pop Basic Micro Collections
5.2.14            Spray Pal Review & Giveaway
5.9.14            Bendi Baby Yoga Mat Review & Giveaway
5.16.14          Little Foot Boutique Teepee Review & Giveaway
5.24.14          Instagram Father's Day Giveaway
8.13.14          A Quest for Eyeliner
10.1.14          Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month
10.14.14        Tea Box Express Review & Giveaway