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My Secret Language

Have you guys heard of the Secret Language?  Apparently it started out as a book, then branched out as a few more, and now they have incorporated it into a website so anyone can try it out.  Celebs call it the "birthday book" (at least in the video at the bottom of the website) and they claim it is 90-95% accurate.  It is a sort of personality overview that highlights aspects of your personality based on the day, month and year you were born.  It breaks down your personality by categories, offers advice and meditation and even has health and energy tips as well as mantras for living your life.  I found it pretty informative, although lengthy, and found that most of it (in the Day section at least) DID sound like me!

I am not really a believer in astrology, although I am a Libra and feel like that fits me perfectly, but I always love stuff like this.  It's that secret drive within us that yearns to find a black and white definition of ourselves and why we are the way we are.  I find it really interesting and love when it seems to fit me, like it knows exactly who I am (how does it know?!).  I thought this site was pretty dead on, at least in the first section, and I couldn't wait to enter in Ian's birthday, as well and my bestie's, to see if it fit them as well.

The first screen, when you put in the site's URL, is very simple and almost looks like it isn't a real website.  I don't know if I appreciate this or dislike it but here is a screenshot so you can decide for yourself.  All you have to do is put in your birthday and then click Reveal.

When the page opens, it breaks up the information by Day, Week, Path, Way, Month and Season.  The descriptors also correspond to each heading (in the same order):  Heartbreakers, Perfectionist, Grounded Perfectionist, Grounding, Magnet and Maintenance.

This was what popped up after I clicked Reveal:

Under Day it gives you a symbol for your Secret Language and I kind of like mine.  Reminds me of my Nani, the late great card player:

Under Day it also lists Traits, Meditation, Health, Advice, Personality and Born on This Day categories.  Do I feel that I fit the personality of a "heartbreaker?"  Well, I used to want HART BRKR tattooed on my knuckles in white ink, in my younger days (for reals).  Have I broken some hearts?  I sure have.  Here is a bit from the Personality section that I thought sounded like me:
Those born on September 28 are highly capable of winning and keeping the affections of those whom they desire. This does not necessarily mean that they are physically more beautiful than others, but rather that they have a kind of seductive charm which can melt a cold heart and send one’s blood rushing. Sometimes they can be extremely exasperating and upsetting, but this again is part of their stimulative power.
September 28 people display a talent for inflicting pain which matches their ability to please. Which they effect depends on the mood they are in, or sometimes on their occupation or primary interest. In all fairness to them, their scorecard usually shows that they suffer at least as much as those with whom they are involved. In this respect they can appear disarmingly simple and human.
Destruction can be an important theme in the lives of September 28 people, running the gamut from romantic heartbreaking to intellectual brain-bashing to physical pounding. This, again, does not imply sadistic intent at all. It is simply that their role seems to be to break down the defenses of others, which they accomplish with a varied array of weapons. As irresistible forces they may meet their match when they encounter immovable objects.
Although those born on this day do not sound as if they are at all suited to family life, they can make dependable family members. Loyal to the extreme, they will rarely if ever forsake a friend in need. Yet those who live with or are involved with them must understand their particular attractive powers as well as their weaknesses. Often September 28 people do not have a lot of willpower; in the face of their passions, they are like a leaf blown in the wind. Nonetheless, when they sin it is usually with a full awareness of what they are doing.
And some celebs that share my birthday (under Born on This Day):  Dita Von Teese, Hilary Duff, Moon Zappa, Mira Sorvino and Janeane Garofalo.

And, here is my Week symbol:

Am I a perfectionist?  You betcha.  I am a fixer who anticipates what is going to happen and if it doesn't go that way I don't think it should I definitely don't change very easily or "go with the flow."  Am I an overachiever?  Yes.  Do I appear to have it all together when sometimes I am a mess inside?  Heck yes.  And, in the midst of a party I always have to escape for a moment alone, I have no idea why I just have to do it to calm my mind.  It is also very hard for me to accept help from other people.  I feel like I can do it all myself, even if I am so tired and just so done with something.  Do I think I'm funny?  Yes but my humor is often sarcastic or ironic and I'm sure that at times it may hurt others' feelings.

Under Personality for the Month here are the parts I thought sounded like me:
Those born during the Week of the Perfectionist are often highly attractive personalities, yet they are not overly social ones. This can create problems for them, for although they have a great need to be in the limelight, they have a greater need to spend time alone. Indeed it is not at all uncommon for them to work a quite ordinary job, while devoting their real interest and energy to hobbies or other part-time endeavors. 
They have undeniable perfectionist tendencies, which may infuse every area of their lives with a desire to find out what’s wrong and to try to fix it. This theme of putting things right reflects their knowledge and technical know how, and also their conviction that they know what’s best for those around them.
Insecurity drives them to be overachievers. They are extremely thorough in carrying out their plans, and in bringing their activities to a successful conclusion. Thus, while they are often seen as highly successful, those around them do not always appreciate how unsettled their inner life actually is. Their inflexibility in laying down rules for themselves, and their refusal to compromise their ideals, puts them under tremendous pressure, which may drive them equally to success or to despair.
Such individuals are usually quite emotionally complex. They often give an impression of coolness that masks a maelstrom of inner emotions. They have a tendency not only to get bottled up inside but to resist the attempts of others to help them out. Mastery of their feelings is usually a high priority for them, the danger being that their conscious self-control may over time become unconscious repression, a difficult state to rectify. The challenge of penetrating to the emotional core of these fascinating and challenging individuals may keep their intimates busy for a lifetime.
Those born during the Week of the Perfectionist have a wry sense of humor and often a biting wit, which can express itself in many forms, but principally in irony and sarcasm. Their humor is not generally intended to hurt, however, or even to make others laugh, but to make them think. They can make scathing criticisms that may wound those close to them deeply, yet they probably don’t fully realize the emotional effects of their statements. If they want to live harmoniously with those who care for them, they must become more tactful and gentle in expressing their dissatisfaction.
And my Energy of the Week (that also applies).  I found this helpful and would love to practice these more on a daily basis:
During this week we would all do well to keep our critical impulses and judgmental attitudes under control.
Although biting one’s tongue can be difficult, it may be necessary if we are to avoid inflicting hurt on others. Moreover, our tendency to butt into other people’s business is apparent now, and this too should be kept under control.
An ongoing interest in gossip should be expected. Our ability to express ourselves using the written and spoken word is pronounced during this period and should be taken advantage of both in our work and private lives.
My symbol and personality of the configuration of Path (their wording).  Here is where I thought it got to be a little much, and a little wordy:

The only part that applied to me:
While they may struggle with the necessity to bring their mercilessly high standards a bit more down to earth, they have a great deal of intensity and drive which will surely be of great value here.

The Way section was about how I am a dreamer, how I have my head in the clouds and how I need to have some focus and that is completely opposite of me.  This section, as well as the one before it, did not fit me.  Symbol and personality of Way:
Not only are they born with great drive and persistence, but they will learn the art of making things happen. Their great blessing is their inherent belief that anything is possible. They have an abundance of faith which aids them.
Also, they are usually quite spiritual, and their devotion to something greater than themselves, whether an idea, a vision, or a religion, is often enough for them. They don’t need approval, accolades, or glory. This makes them both appealing to others and irritating since their omniscient manner can come off as egotism.
These individuals are in a position to leave their mark on the world permanently. However, it is important for them to realize that their life is not about fame or riches but about making the world a better place. Symbolically, a kind of sacrifice is called for here. They give up some of their freedom and ethereal ways for the greater good of humankind . . .

Symbol and personality of Month:

These people emphasize the need for attractiveness in their external orientation. Indeed, for them, looking good can go very far, sometimes resulting in being liked by others . . .
Attractive individuals, they have beauty-loving and social aspects to their personality, as well as a need for harmony. Paradoxically, despite the fact that they love things to go smoothly with few problems, they can stir up a great deal of argument through their controversial attitudes and behavior. Although generous, they can sometimes be blind to the wishes of others and proceed (either merrily or miserably) on their own way.
Because of their need to see both sides of a problem, indeed to examine every aspect of it, they are capable of procrastinating. They stubbornly refuse to be rushed in making up their minds about most anything. These people demand adequate breathing space and tend to get nervous if crowded or pressured. They are quite capable, however, of applying pressure to others, particularly if they feel they are acting in everyone’s best interest.
Another high priority for them is fairness, but in their quest for equality they must seek the middle way, thus avoiding the twin pitfalls of overly accepting or judgmental behavior.
My symbol for Season:

 My Mode of Thought (under Season) is Maintainer:  
These are the people who can be relied upon to hang in there, institute repairs if necessary and keep things going year after year.

My Personality under Season:
Generally speaking, those born in the fall demonstrate both a greater ability and need to control their external environment. Autumnal people are rarely as enthusiastic as those born in the spring and summer, being rather more selective and critical. Maintenance is the overriding consideration here rather than initiation or development of new projects. In some respects, autumnal people tend to be more introverted and thoughtful than springtime and summertime people. 
Yet, social urges are more maturely and fully expressed here also—friendships, group and community activities, direct working contributions to society are important at this time. Autumnal people manifest a strong urge to share and take part in serious and fulfilling relationships.
Those born in the fall have a heightened awareness of what is going on around them, perhaps greater than that of any other seasonal group. Impulse and emotion may be lower key in autumnal people, but often more subtle and complex. Both self–understanding and self–control are given high priority.

Of course I had to check out Ian's birthday and as we stood here, cracking up, we couldn't believe how dead on his was!!  His Day is called Magnifier and his Week is called Energy.  That alone should tell you that this was him to a t!  Check it out (for those that know him, this will amaze you!):
Those born on May 24 seem to have an opinion on every issue under the sun. Their main interest, however, is in society and their orientation toward it can range from mildly critical, to outspoken or even revolutionary. Usually possessed of a quick mind and caustic tongue, May 24 people rarely leave others in the dark very long about where they stand on a subject. The problem is, however, that every few years (or even weeks), their viewpoints may shift, and therefore people around them may be left bewildered, standing with their mouths open in amazement.
Basically they only want to say what they have to say when, where and how they wish. Because of their outspoken attitudes they give the impression of being approachable and open—but this may not be the case. For some born on this day, communication is not a two-way dialogue but a matter of the world listening to what they have to say. Friends and family of May 24 people may grow used to hearing pronouncements and in extreme cases facing merciless, satiric criticism.
Most often those born on this day side with the proletariat rather than with the privileged classes. Battlers by nature, they feel akin to the underdog in a fight. Unfortunately, they may lose objectivity and come to ally themselves with a political entity or faction ultimately unworthy of their support.
May 24 people are extremely facile in their use of language and also highly adept at turning emotions in their favor. They have an incisive, philosophical manner that is attractive. May 24 people inhabit a world of ideas, usually very expansive ideas concerning broad issues. When necessary, however, they can concentrate intently on a pressing matter at hand. Not specialists in attending to themselves or others on a day-to-day basis, those born on this day are usually too wrapped up in their own world to bother with mundane chores like taking out the trash or doing the laundry. Many depend on a support system to care for them; otherwise they would fall into very sloppy ways.
Under Health it even addressed him perfectly:
May 24 people must be careful not to overextend themselves in social obligations. They are easily overstressed, as their nervous systems are highly sensitive. Their urge to seek retreat, to find a hideaway, is generally a healthy one, as it is in seclusion that they get the rest so necessary to their functioning. Because of their quick and constant movements, those born on this day should beware of accidents to the arms, hands and shoulders. Smoking should be avoided as well. Although the sleep patterns of May 24 people may be erratic, a full night’s rest every few days, at least, is essential for their health. Cooking is an excellent activity for those born on this day and a highly varied, even exotic diet is recommended.
Then, there's a place where you can click to Check Relationship, so I had to try it!

And once I clicked it and saw the title OUTWITTING THE OTHER I knew we were in for it!  Here's what it said:
Love relationships may not last long in this combination, but their shortness may be merciful and they are fairly harmless. There is an undeniable sexual attraction, but both partners are wary of initiating action, preferring to joust with each other romantically until one of them senses an opening. It is not uncommon for these two to attach to each other when one or both of them is already in a troubled relationship.
Well, I guess we just have to get a divorce.  Ha.  :)

I also want to check my bestie's birthday (since she has been my bestie for almost 20 years).  The title of Christine's Day was Ambition and this is what it said:
The tough, hard-driving individuals born on January 9 are highly ambitious people, not only for themselves but for their family members as well. They want to reach the top and be the best, and are capable of devoting all or most of their energies year after year to that end. January 9 willpower is not to be underestimated and those born on this day are capable of applying great pressure to bend others to that will. Furthermore, they have a knack for recognizing opportunities and rarely if ever miss a chance to better their situation.
Yet, those born on this day are capable of making weighty mistakes and miscalculations as well. Loss, defeat and setbacks of all kinds dot the landscapes of their lives. Fortunately, their resiliency and sense of purpose is such that they can almost always snap back. It is extremely difficult to defeat them or force them to surrender.
 So oriented are January 9 people toward struggles and challenge that they rarely wish to rest on their achievements or retire to a life of happiness and contentment. They tend to be workaholics who commit themselves to their tasks one hundred percent and therefore can find it difficult to relax at the end of the day. Having a partner, friend or family member who can help them in this direction is of the utmost importance, as those born on this day are in great need of laughter and good times too.
January 9 people do not react well to being opposed in their endeavors. A quite ruthless side of their personality can emerge in such situations. Battlers, they use whatever weapons are at their disposal to defeat their enemies, and fully expect the same. However, learning to view events in less black and white terms, and recognize that present rivals can be future helpmates and friends ultimately widens their understanding and strengthens their position in the world.
What do you think, Christine, sound like you?!  ;)
So, overall I think this site is awesome and my friends that tried it though it was pretty dead on for them too.  Do I believe in it's magical qualities and am now convinced it kind of knows us?  Maybe.  Do I believe I should get a divorce because my Gemini husband has married a Libra?  Ha, no.  Was this fun?  Heck yes!

I encourage you to go to My Secret Language and try yours out, and let me know if you're a believer!!!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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