Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Whole Week Off!

1st Quarter (45 school days) just flew by and all of a sudden it was Fall Break!  I was so excited to have a whole week off with my baby and take her to do all of the things that Ashley gets to take her to do during the week.  We had to leave for my aunts' wedding on Friday but until then it was all baby all the time for me!

After a brief bounce house birthday celebration on Saturday with one of my dearest friend's daughter and my bestie's son . . .

. . . we started off doing a little Goodwill shopping for baby clothes on Sunday!  I get most of Lemon's clothes on IG shops (yep!) or at Goodwill, I hardly buy anything new.  The overalls in this pic are vintage and have little bees on them, so freaking cute, and I bought them at an earlier Goodwill trip.  I love baby clothes that are different and I guess it's because I like my clothes to be different and unique too.  I shop at Goodwill for me most of the time as well!  Lemon had fun playing with all the yucky toys and the bins were her fav, with all of the broken pieces that I could tell her not to put in her mouth!


I love breakfasts and morning snuggles with my girl!

And on Monday we headed to the zoo with friends!


It was not Lemon's first time petting the goats but it she probably thought it was because she was just a little muffin last time.  She loved them and kept calling them dogs, of course.

No zoo visit would be complete without a trip to the splash pad!  The babies loved it!


 We started eating dinner out back since the weather is nicer and it is my absolute favorite thing!


On Tuesday, Lemon got her 15 month shots and then we took her to the Children's Museum.  It probably wasn't the best idea (I should have listed to my husband) but she had fun.  This is when our break just went downhill, though, because she spent the next couple of days feeling horrible and wasn't really right again until the following week.  I like to schedule shots while we are off but they just ruined our week!  (I even had to miss Gymboree Wednesdays with my girl, I was so upset!)

We did have time on Thursday to play dress up though, I kinda can't wait for even cooler weather and wintery baby clothes!  Lemon in my old coat:

Rode our bikes to hike around in Papago Park (and someone was still a little shot grumpy or just starting to get sick):


After my aunts' wedding in Palm Springs Friday to Sunday (go here), we rushed home to attend another wedding that night.  I ended up going alone but had tons of fun celebrating another awesome union with my friends!

 The happy couple, and John's ring was made by my husband!

Did you know that Ian is making rings?  He has an instagram for his shop:  @spiritbee_woodworks and his Etsy shop is coming soon!  Check out his work and order one when the shop opens!  They are so cool!

Our week off went by way too fast and I'm sad it's over and we are back at school.  I got really, really sad that Monday that I took off (when I was supposed to be back) and wished the whole day that I was a stay-at-home-mom.  We had such a fun day, just my Lemon and me, I didn't want to leave her again.  Ugh.

Buy some rings, maybe one day I WILL get to stay home!!  (You gotta dream BIG!)  Happy Fall everyone!

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