Monday, October 21, 2013

15 Months - So many firsts!

(15 Month shots on 10/8:  30.5 inches and 22.75 pounds.  Hated the doctor, hated the nurses, hated it all.)

9.15.13         You said alligator for the first time.  There was an alligator in your book and I said it, you listened a couple of times and then said it yourself.  It was SO COOL.

9.16.13          You came up just to get a hug from me today.  You put your hand on my leg and just paused for a minute, it was awesome.

Played with a hose today for the first time and loved drinking out of it - put your mouth right on the nozzle and it ran all down your front.  You kept trying to touch the water.  It was the first time that you did something that I remember doing, I remember trying to touch water when I was little.

9.19.13          You sat in your lemon chair all by yourself today.  You climb in facing the chair and then do a little twist and turn around, it is so cute.

9.21.13          You got your first juice box today from Chipotle and loved it, you got mad at anyone who tried to take it from you.  You also say please, more, bath and play in sign language.

(Not a pic of her first, that was blurry, but here's her second!)

Picked out two number 8s today from the magnet box at swimming lessons.  You had one and then dug around for the other one to find it because it looked like the one you already had.  You are so smart.

You let go at swimming and wanted to go under instead of monkey crawl.  You just let go of the edge and then flapped your little arms to the surface until daddy reached down and got you.  You wouldn't hold on you just kept letting go, you thought it was the funniest game.

9.22.13          When you eat something yummy you say "mmmmm" really high like you are really enjoying it.  You totally make noises while you eat like your daddy. 

Played on the steps today in grandma's pool and thought it was funny to fall onto the second step in the water.  You must have done it about 30 times while I held your hand.  You also dove off of their waterfall into their pool (from seated) and loved it.  You love the water more than any other baby I know and are just like your mommy - such a fish.

You shivered for the first time because you were cold and when we mimicked you you mimicked us back and shivered on command.  You let me bundle you up and you sang while I rocked you back and forth and held you after swimming and if I stopped you swayed yourself.

Climbed stairs for the first time at your grandparent's and just needed up going down them.

Loved the piano but mostly just the book sitting on top of it.

You sign "please milk" to me when I'm nursing you at night and the flow starts to slow down.  It breaks my heart that I don't have more milk to give you.

9.23.13          You cried when the sprinklers turned off in someone's yard today while we were on a walk.  You didn't want to leave them even though they were off.

You swing your arms back and forth when you're walking at the splash pad or around the block and sometimes you hunch over and hang both your arms down in front of you like you're so bored.    

You put your water on the water cooler where we do to fill it up, you are so smart.

9.24.13          You said elephant tonight.

I put some squeaky shoes on you and you hated them.  I don't know if it was the squeak or the shoe (with the part between your toes) but you wouldn't walk to me in them and when you did you cried and squeaked.  It was so funny but so sad.

9.26.13          You flap your arms up and down when you're really happy or excited.  You bend your arms at the elbow and just flap away, it is SO cute.

You fell in a fountain today just like you fell in the bathtub last night.  You leaned over too far and went right in and I had to pull you out by your leg.  You were scared afterwards and we had to strip off your clothes and you wanted lots of cuddles.  But I was proud of you, you weren't scared for long, and went right back up to put your hand in it again, although a bit more cautious this time.

9.27.13          You came up and kissed me today, all on your own.

Said owl tonight.

You love pointing at animals in your books, anything with eyes or a face, and having us say the names of them.

You walked almost all around the block with a bit of help from us (on daddy's shoulders).  You reached for my finger to hold today while walking.  You love playing in the dirt and licking rocks.

You have to shut drawers, cabinets and close whatever is open.  You like things in order.  I wonder if your "lift the flap" books taught you this.

9.30.13          You take a rest from playing to come get a hug from me or sit by me.

Got to excited to see me after being at my mom's yesterday and flapped your arms, ran to me and wouldn't sit with anyone else.

Awesome mood today - yelling, talking and screaming all around the grocery store and saying "hi" to everything around the house.

After we yelled at you for playing with your plate you looked at us, oh so cute, and whispered "hi" and it was hard to stay mad at you.

10.4.13          You and I have these moments sometimes.  You touch me and giggle and then I tough you and you giggle or we have staring contests.  It's like this special mama and baby moment that I love, and at that moment I am in a spinning world with only you and it is the best thing in the world.  I also love when you want me to play with someone with you and you sit down next to me or in front of me.  Cutest.

You lay down on the floor and talk and I say "hi China" and you lay on your belly and say "hi."  I have no idea why you do it but it's funny.

10.7.13          You signed "play" to get out of your high chair, unprompted.  You signed "bath" unprompted yestereday.

You furl your eyebrows when you are concentrating on something or something confuses you.


This girl has many so many leaps this past month I hardly remember them all!  She has been a pretty good sleeper too, for the most part, and has just been so much fun to be around.  She isn't old enough yet to really test her limits (wait for my 16 month post!) and just has the sweetest, funniest personality.  Everything is "hi" and "byeee" lately and I am loving every minute.

Lemon still loves her nanny, Ashley, and we do too.  Ashley takes her to swimming sometimes, Gymboree, the movies, the Children's Museum - it is just awesome.  I leave them snuggling on the couch every morning and Lemon had a few days where she didn't cry when I left!

And on Fridays I get lunch visits!

Our yoga studio, Hot Yoga University, celebrated their one year anniversary so we walked over.  My friends, the twins, were going to a costume party so we had to get a pic with Lemon!

We also may have had our last swimming day of the year at Chrstine's house with Christie, Nicole, Christine, Espen and Ian.  I will miss the summer!  (Check out this girl's after swimming hair and her sunburn right under her eyes!)

We rarely get time to snuggle anymore since Ian has been sleeping on the couch every night.  The baby's door is shut but we swear she sleeps better when he's out there and not in bed with me.  So here we are snuggling for about 10 minutes before she was up from her nap.

Sleeping was kind of sporadic this month with a couple of crazy nights where the baby had to come in bed with me.  She had a cold and then had another cold and now has a couple of teeth coming in.  I seriously don't really remember our sleeping situation because it's always so nuts but I think she did pretty well for a bit in there, sleeping through the night.

Bike ride weather!  Woooo!  And new moves, wears her sunglasses now (and keeps them on!) and pulls them down and says, "hi."  So cute!

Splash pad Fridays are also a thing of the past, these last few were chilly!

But she met a new friend and it was the first time she actually wanted to interact with another little kid.  It's funny that she's getting to that point but she thought this guy was hilarious!

I somehow took so many videos this month and even left out a ton.  Here are some that this post couldn't do without!

One night at dinner we gave Lemon a piece of our steak and she played with it for 30 minutes!  She flapped it up and down, put it in her hair, tried to pull it apart, bit it and waved it around some more.  We were cracking up!

This girl has been able to cry on command since she was just a little baby (go here), and she's still got it!

The things babies do on their own that turn out to be super funny.  She is hilarious.


Started saying hi to the dogs by name (kind of) this month and going up to them and petting them (smacking them).  Also loves to go up and down the curbs in our neighborhood, with our help, saying "up" and "down."


Ian took this video and I think it's the best one we've ever made of her.  I can't believe she walked over to the phone herself, picked it up and said "hi."  Amazing.

This month has been a blur and I am way late in this post.  This girl has been so much fun and is turning into a real little kid - it's crazy how fast the time goes.  I wish I could remember more but I can't, thank goodness I try to write down milestones when they happen.  We love you little Lemon and you will always be a baby to us!  I can't wait to see what comes next because you are just getting more fun by the minute!

(PS - Does anyone know why BlogStomp makes my pictures look so bad?  They could be really clear, great pics but when I Stomp! them they turn out fuzzy.)

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  1. She is too cute, love how u write down the milestone dates. :)

  2. This really made my day. I love seeing the sweetness of a baby as she learns.

  3. I love these posts so so so so so much. Your love for her radiates from the words in the these posts. They make my heart happy. :)