Sunday, June 30, 2013

1st Birthday Trip: Day Two

Today was rough because we all didn't get much sleep. Lemon didn't go to bed until 10, was up again at 3am, didn't go back to bed for almost 2 hours, was up again at 6:30 then went back to bed at 7 and slept until 8. I couldn't sleep last night so didn't end up falling asleep until midnight and was off and on all night and up when she was up at 3. We were definitely envious of all the couples we saw today without kids, and both said over breakfast how we should have done something like this before baby.

When we were all up I had to go she'll collecting because it's my fav but knew I had missed my early window. Bummer. It was super windy so we bundled up.

Cute pic of Lemon, weird of me. She was ok walking on the beach and loved licking all of the shells I found for her, and banging them together. I even found. Big one she had stuffed all the way in her mouth, no more shells for her to hang on to after that! 

I didn't get a good pic of our trailer last night, so here it is. 26 feet of bad 90s, dirty upholstery but has a beach view!

Breakfast was eggs, strawberries and gluten free banana bread.

Nap around 10:30, only for about 45 min. Ugh. And yes that is our pack n play on top of the bed, don't judge, we only have 26 feet!

After her nap she played a little and we went grocery shopping (again):

Tuna sandwiches for lunch for us and grilled cheese (made in the microwave and banana for Lemon. We tried putting it on the floor, this no high chair situation sucks, but then she stepped in it so we were back to holding her.

We were trying to arrange a meet up with our IG friends Danielle, Justin and Berlyn and they decided to make the 2 hour drive to where we were staying to see us - awesome! So we waited . . .

and walked to meet them . . .

and they arrived!

And of course Lemon and I had to wear out matching lemon bikinis! Mine is from Victoria's Secret and Lemon's was hand made by islas_closet on Instagram.

Trying to get two babies to look at the camera is impossible.

Just some darn cute shots of Lemon:

And Berlyn: 

Lemon loved the beach, loves being outside and actually didn't mind the water, even though it was cold. What really made her mad? Dry sand. She cried when I put her on it! Ha.

Seriously, one of my favorite Instagram

Lemon went in for a nap at 4, with Ian, and around 5 it got chilly on the beach so we packed up. Most of our towels and clothes were soaked anyway because we were too close to the water and a wave got us!

Grass fed steaks for dinner, cooked in a pan on our gas stove (we didn't bring a BBQ), and a side of Indian veggies. Yum! Lemon had Annie's instant gf Mac & Cheese and we watched Mannequin.

It's 8:30 now and this baby has been climbing all over me, nursing and messing around, for an hour. It doesn't help that a trailer pulled into the lot next to ours just now and have been backing it in and setting it up right outside our window, ugh.

Wish us luck for a better night's sleep tonight! I'm off to bed when this muffin finally closes her eyes.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

1st Birthday Trip: Day One

 We got a late start today because I apparently packed the whole house, so after filling up the car we were on the road by 11am. (I wanted to leave at her 10am nap time but it didn't happen.) Lemon played with toys and finally took a little nap (half hour) and then we put on Finding Nemo for her to watch before stopping for lunch.

Dateland is our favorite place to stop, about 2 hours outside of Phoenix. They have a Quiznos and fresh date shakes!

Lemon didn't eat much of her turkey and cheese because she was too excited to be out of the car and acting like a lunatic.

After a couple more hours I had to pee so we stopped at Burger King and got the babe out to stretch her legs. (We didn't eat there, I told you I don't eat pink slime!) Then I nursed her in the car and we were off again!

She loved watching all the big kids go down the slide.

We didn't end up getting to Silver Strand beach until 6pm after Lemon watched all of Finding Nemo, took another short nap (45 min) and watched all of Cars. (I got this iPad case on Amazon that attaches to the headrest and comes with a really long cord for charging.)  We have never stayed on the RV side of Silver Strand and when we pulled up we didn't know what to expect. We also have never stayed in a trailer before but I rented on from Love 2 Camp and they just dropped it off at the site we reserved!

The people in the space across from ours never showed up today so it was empty, giving us a view of the ocean. You seriously can't beat this! Lemon was a maniac, jumping and dancing all over the bed, so happy to be un-strapped from the carseat! 

We threw everything in the trailer, after searching all over for the hidden key, and I started putting everything away because there isn't a ton of room to move around. We were also starving and had to be back at the beach by 9pm, the gates lock, so we headed to Boney's Bayside Market (our fav because they have gluten free and healthy options) to pick up some dinner.  It was already 7pm, Lemon's usual bedtime, so I was worried she was hungry and was about to get overtired.

I bought a foldable booster seat that attaches to a chair and you strap your muffin in, but it didn't work on a bench so Ian had to hold the baby while she are and wiped food all over him. I also missed the dogs because she still drops a ton of food that now we have to clean up!

A very quick, gluten free organic meatball sandwich. Lemon ate meatballs, sauce, organic peas, carrots and corn.

We have a 30 gallon water tank so a bath was out of the question so we did a quick shower instead.

The only place for the Breeze Play Yard was in the kitchen! 

It took awhile for the babe to fall asleep. She was so overtired and weirded out about her new "home" that any time we put her down she'd get upset. So I tried holding her, putting on a movie, then Ian tried and it's 10pm and she's finally out. Ian just climbed in bed and I guess I have to go to bed too, although I'm kind of bummed I didn't get to walk on the beach tonight. The stupid pack 'n play is right by the trailer door so I'm not sure I should try and sneak out. Boo!

An exhausting day for sure but our Lemon was an awesome traveler. She didn't fuss at all and just complained a bit when she was tired. I am exhausted from planning, packing, driving, unpacking and organizing. Goodnight!

(Oh and blogging from my phone using the Blogger app was super easy. The app used to be really bad, distorting pics and messing with your formatting, but after checking this post online, I'm pretty happy with it!)

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