Sunday, June 30, 2013

1st Birthday Trip: Day Two

Today was rough because we all didn't get much sleep. Lemon didn't go to bed until 10, was up again at 3am, didn't go back to bed for almost 2 hours, was up again at 6:30 then went back to bed at 7 and slept until 8. I couldn't sleep last night so didn't end up falling asleep until midnight and was off and on all night and up when she was up at 3. We were definitely envious of all the couples we saw today without kids, and both said over breakfast how we should have done something like this before baby.

When we were all up I had to go she'll collecting because it's my fav but knew I had missed my early window. Bummer. It was super windy so we bundled up.

Cute pic of Lemon, weird of me. She was ok walking on the beach and loved licking all of the shells I found for her, and banging them together. I even found. Big one she had stuffed all the way in her mouth, no more shells for her to hang on to after that! 

I didn't get a good pic of our trailer last night, so here it is. 26 feet of bad 90s, dirty upholstery but has a beach view!

Breakfast was eggs, strawberries and gluten free banana bread.

Nap around 10:30, only for about 45 min. Ugh. And yes that is our pack n play on top of the bed, don't judge, we only have 26 feet!

After her nap she played a little and we went grocery shopping (again):

Tuna sandwiches for lunch for us and grilled cheese (made in the microwave and banana for Lemon. We tried putting it on the floor, this no high chair situation sucks, but then she stepped in it so we were back to holding her.

We were trying to arrange a meet up with our IG friends Danielle, Justin and Berlyn and they decided to make the 2 hour drive to where we were staying to see us - awesome! So we waited . . .

and walked to meet them . . .

and they arrived!

And of course Lemon and I had to wear out matching lemon bikinis! Mine is from Victoria's Secret and Lemon's was hand made by islas_closet on Instagram.

Trying to get two babies to look at the camera is impossible.

Just some darn cute shots of Lemon:

And Berlyn: 

Lemon loved the beach, loves being outside and actually didn't mind the water, even though it was cold. What really made her mad? Dry sand. She cried when I put her on it! Ha.

Seriously, one of my favorite Instagram

Lemon went in for a nap at 4, with Ian, and around 5 it got chilly on the beach so we packed up. Most of our towels and clothes were soaked anyway because we were too close to the water and a wave got us!

Grass fed steaks for dinner, cooked in a pan on our gas stove (we didn't bring a BBQ), and a side of Indian veggies. Yum! Lemon had Annie's instant gf Mac & Cheese and we watched Mannequin.

It's 8:30 now and this baby has been climbing all over me, nursing and messing around, for an hour. It doesn't help that a trailer pulled into the lot next to ours just now and have been backing it in and setting it up right outside our window, ugh.

Wish us luck for a better night's sleep tonight! I'm off to bed when this muffin finally closes her eyes.

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  1. We had sooo much fun with you guys!!! Looking forward to more future meet ups! Hope Lemon got some rest when we left :)