Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nana Nubs Massager - Nuby Review

If you don't have this Nuby product for your teething babe, order it on Amazon today!

Lemon loved this banana and Indy loves it too.  It's easy to grip, hold on to, and is the perfect size for a babe's hand and mouth.  It is made of soft silicone, and has soft bristles on it to massage baby's gums.  This massaging actually helps with teeth coming through, so assists in the teething process!  It is BPA free and is great for babies 3 months and up.

This banana would make a cute stocking stuffer for your baby this Christmas!  Also great for entertaining your babe in the bath.  :)  There is a flash sale on these on Amazon today, they are only $7.97 shipped!  Get one, your baby will love it!

I received this product for free, to review, but all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Moms on Mondays - Lindsey from ELBE Baby

Today I am featuring Lindsey from ELBE Baby!  She is a local where I live and once I saw her slings I just knew I had to have her on my blog!  She has so many cute colors and they are all super comfy and light weight, perfect for our hot Arizona weather.  I just love her business, read her post and then go shop!

Hi! I’m Lindsey, the creator behind ELBE baby. ELBE is named after my two children Ellie and Beau. You can shop our website or my Etsy. I also love to share product updates and showcase our beautiful parents babywearing on our Instagram and Facebook account.

I have used so many different types of baby carriers but by far my favorite style, along with my kiddos favorite, have always been the ring sling. I set out to share that love with other parents who have yet to experience the sling.

I launched my website releasing my ring sling baby carrier line on Sept 1st, 2016. My passion is to share with other parents how you can make babywearing a fashionable experience. Our sling is not only functional, with an optional pocket for a cell phone, teething toys, pacifiers, etc., but also beautiful with our signature v-cut tail in a great selection of colors and rings. It was important that I make the sling more affordable for those who might not have the means to purchase some of the more expensive brands on the market without losing the quality.

Before launching ELBE Baby, I opened an Etsy shop selling my own design of baby scarf bibs. I borrowed a sewing machine from my grandma and began playing around with my own pattern, and finally felt like I had found the design I was looking for. Being a perfectionist, I decided not to share my shop with anyone, except a few friends and family members because I wanted all my ducks in a row and to be very confident in my product first.  During this process, my daughter was only a few months old, so I continued to use my ring sling baby carrier to get a lot of my work done. That’s when it hit me - I knew how passionate I was about babywearing and I wanted to share that passion with other mothers!

I decided to change directions a bit and began my own design for a ring sling. I did an enormous amount of research, and went through the steps to ensure they were safe and followed all regulated safety standards. I wanted to make a product that would be aesthetically pleasing, and help moms feel beautiful and put together when babywearing. That way they’d have both the enormous benefits of keeping their baby in close connection to them, but also feel a sense of style. Knowing there are other brands out there, I sought ways to improve or differentiate myself from them.  That is when I came up with the optional pocket, v-cut tail, and finding stylish color options.  

Before starting this business I went to college at Northern Arizona University and received my degree in Advertising and Public Relations. I worked in that field for 4 years and never felt passionate about my work. I decided to switch to Personal Training, after getting married in 2012, and absolutely loved making an impact in people’s lives through fitness. I continued as a Certified Personal Trainer until I was 9 months pregnant, and then decided to stay home full-time after my son was born in January 2014.

After having my daughter in September of 2015, I began picking up sewing and really enjoyed using my creativity when I had some downtime during nap time. I feel like I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and began talking to a friend who I knew had a very successful business through Etsy. She gave me some encouragement and the courage to go for it!  If I’m completely honest, I would never have guessed I would be into sewing! However, once I started, I fell in love with it and don’t think I’ll ever look back. I find it so peaceful and relaxing; and knowing I’m making things for other families to use and enjoy brings me so much joy!

When I opened this September my business took off in that first month, which was so exciting! It was a little overwhelming as well, so I had to quickly figure out how to have a work/life balance. My first job is motherhood, so I decided to make designated hours for my business and find childcare during the morning hours two days a week, and work most evenings except date night Friyay! I also found a seamstress who will start with me this November. She will be helping me build up inventory and fill orders. I am very excited to have her on my team and feel confident to try new and exciting ways to grow my business.

The ring slings are definitely my favorite product to make, but I will always have a very special place in my heart for the scarf bibs because those are the reason I got started in sewing.

If any of you are thinking about starting a small shop, I say write out two lists of goals. Long term / dream big goals and very small / day-to-day goals on how you will accomplish the long term goals. Most of us are mothers and we don’t have a lot of spare time - that’s okay. I am still learning to be okay with having limited time and putting so much pressure on myself to be perfect in every area of life but that will NEVER happen! Take small steps to accomplish your dreams.  

My dream for ELBE baby is grand. I hope it can eventually grow to a place where I can hire other mothers, or women in need of jobs, and ignite a passion to promote functional and fashionable babywearing. 

I am getting to know so many other small shops and feel so inspired everyday. I would like to give a shout out to Jennifer of Noxx. I recently reconnected with her after being childhood friends, and she and her husband have built their small shop into a very successful business. She has been so generous with her time and resources in helping me get started. SweetLucyJack is another small shop that I absolutely love, mainly because I have seen the heart behind the shop - the owner, Christy. She and I met in a fabric store and immediately hit it off. I have since bought several of her items, and absolutely love her quality work! She too has been such a great support and encouragement to me as both a mother and small business owner.

As cliché as it sounds, I do feel so blessed to be raising little ones with my amazing husband, and being able to create a product that is so beneficial to families. Babywearing is such an important component. I want to go beyond the infant stage, and find a permanent place in a family's life, with my ring slings. Make babywearing an expression of your own personal style as well.  I know firsthand the demands of parenthood, and what an amazing, challenging, humbling, joy filled job that is; but also how important it is for us to keep a sense of self. 

Thank you Lindsey, great to have you!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Back to Work - A Message For My Family & From Lemon to Me

On my last night at home with my babies, I recorded a video for them.  I wanted to let them know how proud I was of them and how much fun I had staying home the past 5 months.  I didn't mean to cry the whole way through, but this mama's heart is currently broken from having to leave my two kiddos.  I know it will all be ok and we'll find our new groove, but for now, it is just so sad!

I'm off to school today, send me happy thoughts!!  :)

Lemon telling me how much she's going to miss me, yesterday:

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