Monday, October 24, 2016

Squeeze n' Squeak - Nuby Review

4 months is a tough age for babies!  They want to be stimulated but are too young to watch anything, grab anything really, sit up or eat - so what do you do with them?

We were really lacking in the infant toy department, at our house, so I was so happy when I go the Nuby Squeeze n' Squeak lion toy.  This is one of Indy's favorite toys!

We have a bunch of plastic things that are too big or hard to grab, a bunch of teething things that are too big or too cold, and then some other things that are too soft for him to put in his mouth (too fuzzy).  But this toy has it all!  The dangling rings are easy to grab, the toy itself is small enough and lightweight for a baby to maneuver and get this  - it squeaks!  Indy absolutely LOVES the squeaking, it is ridiculous.  He can't believe it and if I could squeak it all day for him, I would.

This toy is just right for this age, perfect for grabbing, eating and stimulating enough with the squeaker.  I am so happy we have it!  Go get yours at Walmart today, you need this toy in your life!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Little Squirts & Little Submarine Bath Toys - Nuby Review

Over my birthday weekend we headed to Hotel Valley Ho to spend an evening sans kids and then the next day we headed back with the kids!  We couldn't pass up the yummy breakfast, fountain pool and huge tub with Lemon, we knew she would just love them!
We brought along some toys so she, and Indy could play in the giant tub after swimming all day - Little Squirts and Little Submarine from Nuby.  The squirts are 10 bath squirters, in different animal shapes (available on Amazon) and the submarine swims by itself when you pull its string!  Lemon has been asking me for a toy submarine so we had to try this one out!  The string is super easy to pull, it's great for little hands to grab and is also available on Amazon.

Lemon opened these toys before we even got in the tub and had them all named (and with silly voices) while we were getting ready for the bath.  Indy loved the little animals and that he could grab them and try to get them in his mouth (not quite yet but soon!).  They loved playing with them in the tub, they really are the cutest toys (and are BPA free so safe for your littles to play with).

I highly recommend these fun, colorful bath toys from Nuby!  We love them!

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