Friday, June 7, 2013

11 Months: Curls, Makeup, Walking & Words!

And some outtakes (because trying to capture an 11 month old on film sitting still is IMPOSSIBLE):


So, my almost 10 year old iMac died this week (actually, it was the same day my blog got this beautiful update!) so this post will be lacking pictures until my new iMac comes in the mail (5 days seems like FOREVER)!  I'm afraid to plug my backup hard drive into my husband's computer because I'd like to put all of the stuff on my new computer and not risk it being compromised by trying to put it somewhere else.  So, I thought I would post this, since we now have less than a month until Lemon's first birthday (eeeeek!) and just add pictures and videos later.

Some days I want to remember:

5.14.13          Yesterday while daddy was sitting in the ground playing his guitar for you, you held on to it and then took both hands off and stood by yourself!

5.21.13          I pumped at school for the last time.

5.22.13          Drank some milkshake, from In n Out out of a straw today.

5.25.13          You found the big mole above my right boob and thought I was holding out on you (like it was another nipple full of milk).  You tried to suck on it and realized you couldn't so now you jus play with it while you nurse now.  You also lick it, talk to it, laugh at it and point at it at least once a day, it's your favorite and it's funny that you didn't discover it until now.

You don't need to hold onto your crocodile walker to stand but you do anyway because you are nervous.  When we try to stand you up you drop to your knees and crawl, you get scared.  One day you won't be scared.

Today you looked like a big girl to me, walking all over the place with your walker.  I realized today that you won't be a baby forever and it makes me so sad!  You shriek (or kind of squawk) while you walk, smile and look around with a huge smile on your face, so proud of yourself and waiting for us to yell "yay" or for a stranger to notice you.

5.31.13          You scoot in a circle now when you're sitting on your butt on the hardwood floor.  It's the cutest thing but I have yet to get it on video.

Tonight we had a staring contest before bed.  I gave you your bottle, gave you some boob and as you were falling asleep you stared at me, clicked and smiled, it was the sweetest thing.  We had a moment, a rare moment when you just laid there, looking at me lovingly.  It was awesome.

6.1.13             You started to mimic sounds and now say "uh-oh."  It is SO COOL.

6.2.13             On your 11 month birthday Daddy came home from being gone for 4 days.  While he was gone, we survived, but here's what happened when Mommy watched you by yourself:  You slammed your fingers in a drawer (twice), you got woken up by your Nani and Grandpa when they came to take us to dinner, you went to play at Kristi's with Conor and Declan and cried every time mommy put you down because you thought she was leaving you there.  You also pooped without a diaper on, in your nursery, but mommy caught you in time and you pooped on your changing towel, you fell off the couch and banged your head (hard) (today) and one day you and your mommy came home from being out all day and the door was unlocked because mommy forgot to lock it before she left.

You also stood again, by yourself, when I lifted you out of the pool, during our mini baby pool party today.

Lemon went on an eating strike this month and it was all about textures for this girl.  She still only has those two bottom teeth (which have gotten so big!) so she can't chew other stuff really, although she has figured out how to bite things with those two little guys.  She will spit out everything that she can't gum and it has gotten really annoying - pizza used to be one of her favorites but now she can't eat it (too hard to break down I guess) and meats are tough too because you definitely need teeth for those.  I hate making two different dinners so we find ourselves eating stuff that she will eat too but it's such a pain because I can't get creative or just grill meat and veggies like we used to.

She definitely doesn't like peppers (the sweet ones), tomatoes, onions, broccoli, melons and steamed apples.  She loves cheese,  spaghetti, avacados, strawberries, peaches, cottage cheese, pancakes/waffles, vanilla yogurt and eggs.  She has eaten ice cream and frozen yogurt (and of course loved it) and has had gluten free brownies and chocolate cake.  I can't wait until her 1st birthday party where she has a whole cake to herself, it will be fun to see what she'll do (because we aren't doing "smash cake" photos beforehand).

Speaking of her 1st birthday, I have planned absolutely nothing for it.  The only things we've done are arranged for photos to be taken next week, built a lemonade stand (for photos), decided on a "pink lemonade" theme for the party, I also ordered her a romper to wear (either in pics or at party) and got her a dress at Target.  That's it.  I need to make and decorations, order pictures, buy food, buy drinks, buy paper products and I'm sure I have a ton of other things to do that I can't think of right now.  (I, of course, have some pins on my Pinterest as inspiration!)

Our backyard got a makeover recently so we are having her party on July 13th (11 days after her actual birthday because my mom will be out of town and so will we), and we need space for 50 people inside and out.  It will be a pool party since it will be over 110 degrees here that day, and we are hurrying on buying/making things for our yard so they are done before our trip to San Diego on June 29th.  We have pallet couches to make/cover, cushions and pillows to buy/make, letters to hang, misters to hang, chairs to buy, speakers to wire and maybe even lights to hang.  I will post a blog when it's done and snap pics of it before the party - and we are running out of time for all of it!

This was a busy month with the end of school, the yard getting done, us trying to find someone to cover two days the last week of school (watching Lemon), Ian's 33rd birthday and Ian's trip to Yosemite.  Lemon did bless us with a couple of weeks of sleeping through the night which led us to believe that she was done eating in the middle of the night - finally.  So, I no longer go in there if she does wake up, she gets daddy and a sippy cup of water if she cries.  The only time she has woken up this month was when she had allergies (runny noses keep her up).  The yard was torn up for 2 weeks and it was all dirt back there for awhile, this poor baby had a really hard time with all of the dust.  We also noticed this month that when the rat terriers lick her, she gets little red bumps on her face, ugh.  Just like me, she's allergic to these damn dogs.

Naps have been awesome, just like night time sleep.  We do ocean, stories, we sing twinkle twinkle and then kiss her and put her down.  It takes her only about 5 minutes to fall asleep on her own and she sleeps anywhere from 1-1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5-3 hours in the afternoon (yes, there were some rare 3 hour days in there!).  At night we do the same but with a bath before stories and then she falls asleep nursing.  This month has been so lovely at night with her, she snuggles with me, nurses to sleep and then stays asleep - it has been really easy.  (Wait, did I just say that?!)  It makes me think that if I would have had a baby who was a good sleeper this whole time, this motherhood thing wouldn't have been as tough (and yes, it has been tough at times, I am saying it out loud!).  Maybe, if I decide to have another, the next babe will be a good sleeper - one can only hope.  She still wakes up every morning at 6am, like clockwork (and even though it's summer!), even if she naps later and we put her to bed later.  It's 6am, 6:30 at the latest, and she's up.  Usually she poops, wakes herself up to poop, and then won't go back to bed.  I miss the days of lazy summers and sleeping in - maybe they will be back . . . one day.

School ended and I was even more excited to see it go because it meant I would have over 2 months at home with my babe.  And now that I'm it, I see that it will be oh so hard to go back in August.  I love my job, I have been doing it for 12 years and am really good at it, but I love being home and seeing things with my little babe instead of just hearing about them.  She is at such a fun age now, I really didn't like being home with a newborn (on my maternity leave) but at 11 months this baby is the best - I am dreading going back and it's like a dark cloud looming over me.  Could I stay home, financially?  No.  If I stayed home and saved the $800 a month for daycare I would still be out $1200 a month so it doesn't really add up for us.

But, for the first time ever these words are about to be written here - I wish I could stay home.  But, I didn't set things up in my life to be a stay-at-home mom and married a teacher who also makes just a middle class amount of money so we can't possibly do it.  I would love, however, to find someone who would come to our house 3-5 days a week and watch Lemon for us so she doesn't have to go to daycare - wouldn't that be lovely?  Maybe if I put it out there it will happen . . .

Lemon has been walking like crazy with her Melissa & Doug walker (this thing is the cutest!).  She also has this dinosaur that she used to only ride on but now walks with and loves to chase the dogs, cracking up the whole time.  We take her over to the shopping center by us or to ASU's SkySong buildings to practice and she walks the whole time.  She looks around to see who is watching her and gets the biggest smile on her face and makes the loudest shriek and giggle - it is so cute.  I know that she will be walking soon and I will cry, just cry my eyes out.  She moves all around the house, crawls everywhere (we still have to call for her to come find us though), moves all along the furniture and wants to walk with a toy any chance she gets.  When did she get to be such a big girl?!

Every time we pick her up she squeals with delight and lets out a big giggle.  She loves being around her mommy and daddy and I think that when we go back to work it will be really hard on all of us.  She wraps her legs and arms around us like a little monkey when we pick her up and has gotten really clingy and cuddly.  I have the Wonder Weeks app (if you don't have it, get it) and it said that in this leap of Sequences your baby will come and sit with you to "recharge" and then get back up to play and man, that is so true.  She has never acted like this before, in her life, and I am secretly enjoying it (even though I pretend like the climbing all over me bugs me!).  I have become a mommy jungle gym and makeup time in the mornings is Lemon's favorite because she can look at herself, watch me and then come climb on me whenever she wants because I'm sitting next to her on the floor.  I have really been feeling the "Lemon love" lately and it is seriously the cutest.  She's never really been cuddly, except for at night, so it just melts my heart.

Something else that I love?  The little blonde curls above her ears!  Bows stay in her hair now, mostly, and these back curls and side curls are too much to handle, it is ridiculous.  I never in my whole life thought I'd have a little blond, curly haired baby, yet here she is - my fair skinned, blue eyed (for now) girl.  Who would have thought?!

Another thing that kills me - her crossed ankles.  She crosses them all the time - in her stroller, while she sleeps, when she sits - it is really the cutest.  She also started clicking her tongue this month and it is too funny - she does it and then she moves her head back and forth like she is making music and she starts dancing.  Speaking of dancing, this girl dances ALL the time.  Every time she hears music she moves and if she has something in her hand she can tap together (or on something) she will do it with the rhythm.  Ian also swears that she harmonizes with music using her voice - I'm not so sure but he thinks she is going to be a signer or a drummer.  The best is when I see her dancing by herself to one of her toys.  She sits cross-legged, puts her hands on the tops of her knees, drops her head, smiles and wiggles back and forth.  This is something I never want to forget.  It is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Nursing is still awesome but is happening a lot less than it used to around here.  I pumped for the last time on May 20th, after 125+ days of pumping at work, and it was awesome.  I still pump now and again at home (if someone watches the babe overnight, if one side seems kind of clogged or if Ian puts her to bed) but it is totally different than being in your work clothes and finding the time during your lunch hour.  I pumped the other night and I am pumping 2 ounces less than I was even pumping when school ended and I know it's because Lemon hardly nurses during the day, after naps, she really only nurses in the morning and at night.  She is such an independent lady so I know our nursing days are numbered but I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can while it lasts - I will truly miss it.

Lemon is testing her limits this month and we've had to tell her "no" when she has reached for knives in the dishwasher, tried to go out the doggy door (pool net, check!), and tried to eat dog food.  She pouts out her lip, lets out a cry and those tears start flowing when she doesn't get her way.  She really knows how to test us and I have a feeling this is just the beginning.  Just recently she has done something bad, then done it again right after (like biting my nipple the other night) just to see if she will get in trouble again.  She did.

Some late pictures now that I have a new computer (posted on 6.17, from oldest to newest):

The infamous head tilt.

playing at Christine's

Finally got our prom pic, and then compared it to some from the past . . . .

Download the Wonder Weeks app and it is so true about pinpointing your baby's development.  Lemon was in the leap of "sequences" this month and that meant a lot of staring into space and learning how things go together, like using a spoon to eat!



dancing and loving her reflection

Doing her makeup with mommy is her fav.  She actually crawls into our room just to play with the makeup when she's out in the living room.

She learned how to open the makeup!  Oh no!

See?  Such a space case this month.

I have no idea why this is funny . . .

. . . but something like this she should have thought was funny but didn't!

with Aunt Christie

learning that she can't go out the doggy door

those crossed ankles kill me

Picky eater this month, sometimes I'd have to trick her.

Nursing videos (stay with me, my nursing days are numbered!) . . .



Not the best walking one but the squeal at the end is amazing!

We did a lot of walking practice.

Just a sample of my example "someday list" for my last lesson at school.

And, after 125+ days of pumping, this is my last jar of "school pumped milk."

First morning of summer together.

Our shelf has new things to hold now . . .

Last day of school 2012/2013

A celebratory In n Out lunch where Lemon sucked out of a straw for the first time - to take a sip of a strawberry shake!

We eat animal style fries, in case you were wondering, no buns and no burgers for us (pink slime, yuck).

morning fun

Daddy trying to get some birthday love!

And a lunch out with my ladies to celebrate SUMMER!

walking and shopping

naked baby

Birthday outfits and a birthday lunch.

Dinner shenanigans . . .

family time

And this is the face of someone who watched Hotel Transylvania for the first time.  She sat like this for an hour, food on her face and everything.

The top is my fav sleeping pic yet - daddy rubbing Lemon's foot and Lemon holding on to Snow White's foot.

yoga mom time

First day swimming in our pool for the summer!

Playing with dogs . . .

. . . and pushing around the furniture.

Fisher Price apps - a mom's best friend.

Gymboree with Declan and Kristi!

Loves to chase the dogs with her walkers and is so proud of herself!

date night

giant jenga

Lemon & Livvy - reunited!

I have had to rock her to sleep lately and then I take sneaky flash pictures like this.

Skyping with Daddy while he was gone and using the computer to stand up.


Forever climbing on me.

Lunch date with new friends . . .

. . . and dinner dancing with Nani.

Mornings are my favorite.


"uh oh"


Summer day drinking is my new favorite.

Ellie and Lemon - friends in utero.

11 months old today!

Right after she fell off the couch and smacked her head, right on her 11 month birthday.  Nursed almost to sleep but I wouldn't let her, called doc, fed her (she didn't really eat), then she took a bath and seemed fine and went to bed.  Woke up a couple of times during the night because I think she was still scared or maybe it was sore, then daddy came home from his trip to cuddle her.

Little lemon, the prettiest girl I've ever seen, we love you so much.  You are such a free spirit, you have so much spunk and you make us laugh constantly with your yells and funny faces.  You are super independent, can play by yourself for hours, but love to come and climb on mommy or reach for mommy or daddy when you get hurt.  But you are just so happy, everyone always says it, and you are never really fussy or upset (except sometimes at night).  You are so proud of yourself walking with your walker and love your mommy and daddy more than anything right now, I think you love that we are home all day with you.  I am so excited to spend the rest of the summer with you and to celebrate your first birthday in less than a month.  We are busy, busy working on getting the house ready for your party - I know it will be just so much fun!

Thank you for bringing such light into our lives, I don't even remember a time without you.  I love you more than anything, little girl, you are my most favorite thing.  When I look at you and see parts of myself looking back - it is the coolest thing.  I can't believe we made such an awesome tiny human, we are the luckiest.

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  1. Love her!! This age is so fun!! I wish we lived in Arizona. We could come over and watch lemon. I'm doing that right now and while its great the baby is only three months old and Harps is bored because well, she can't really do anything... They could be besties :)

  2. This age is so fun,my little one is 10 days younger than Lemon, so I love reading your monthly updates. They love to test their limits. Mine manged to get a taste of dog food and got really mad when I took it away from her. I love the pink lemondade theme, I hope it's refuting you want it to be. Happy 11months,Lemon!

  3. -holy cow, 110 degrees for her party next month?! I don't think I've ever felt heat like that in my life!!!

    -she is adorable

    -sorry you are struggling to be content with your working mom role, mama. It's hard!! Hugs to you.

    -Can't wait to see her change even more over the next year !!!