Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lemon's Birthday Wish List

Did you guys know that Amazon has this cool widget where you can make your wish list into a slideshow of pictures (and if you hover over it, it gives details about the products)?  So, I had to make one for Lemon's birthday, of course!  These are the things I think she'd like to have to play with but I really have no idea what else to add.

Are there any toys that your one year old baby loved that I'm forgetting?  Anything I should add to this?  She LOVES wooden toys, books (especially pop up books or lift the flap books), her mini kitchen stuff, balls that pop out of something, bath toys, pool toys and playing with my makeup.  What do your babies love?

This is not an ad, I really did just make this because it was fun!  :)


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  1. Olivia got the Disney castle for her first birthday in November, and alllllllll of the little people to go with, and she still plays with it every single night. It's so adorable and I hope little Lemon gets it for her birthday!

  2. Noah's turning 1 in late August and I am at a loss other than a wooden walker, and the step2 swing ... um does amazon sell empty plastic water bottles, and dryer sheets? That's what he likes to play with. LOL

  3. Tegu makes amazing magnetic wooden blocks that are easy for little ones to use! Might be an idea..