Friday, May 9, 2014

Bendi Baby Yoga Mat Review & Giveaway!

{The giveaway featured in this post ended on May 14th, 2014.}

I am so excited to be hosting another giveaway this month!  This one is for a Bendi Baby Baby yoga mat - these mats are awesome!  Scroll down to read my review and see how you can win one!

There are two options for a Bendi Baby yoga mat - the baby mat (16" by 30", the one we are giving away) or the tot mat (16" by 36") and both retail for $30.  There is also an option to purchase a yoga mat plus Parker Potion massage oil ($39.99 for both).  The baby mat comes with a hole to attach toys and this is just genius, I would have LOVED this for Mommy & Me yoga when Lemon was just a babe!  The mats are made of eco friendly resin material, are safe for kids and are 6mm thick (twice the thickness of an adult mat).  The mats are purple and yellow - the purple side is the "love" side for relaxing play and the yellow "light" side is for energetic play; such a cute idea having them be reversible for different moods/activities!  Lemon doing some yoga (and playing) on her mat:

Brooke, the co-owner of Bendi Baby (along with her husband), is awesome to work with and if you follow her Instagram she just shines through as such an amazing soul.  Her, her husband, and her two kids, Sage and Rumi, run the company themselves and host Instagram "get-togethers/challenges" called Family Yoga Lifestyle (#familyyogalifestyle).  Brooke has a Master's in Child Development (which the teacher in me loves), studied yoga and was a midwife who delivered babies - so this chick knows about kids AND yoga.  She seems to raise her kids in a very free-spirited, kid-centered, "live life to the fullest" style and I just adore her positive messages and energy (that come through even on Instagram and Facebook).  Brooke has a ton of videos/pictures on her Bendi Baby website and you can tell that she is really passionate about her yoga mats and wants to share them with other yoga families.

After seeing Brooke's page, going to their website and emailing with her, I just knew I wanted to work with this company.  I also knew that I HAD to get Lemon one of these mats!  Lemon does down dog all over the house, all the time, but will never do it with me when I do it or ask her to.  But, the day we got our Bendi Baby mat in the mail - I rolled it out, said "down dog," did mine and Lemon accompanied me (picture at top)!  It was so cool!  It's like she was just waiting for a mini mat of her own!

And do you remember these pictures that went viral a couple of months ago?  This mama, Laura Kasperzak, and her 4 year old daughter, Mimi, practice yoga together and take the most beautiful pictures, and featured a Bendi Baby yoga mat in a couple of them!

(Image from:

So impressive!  Have you ever tried doing yoga with your toddler?  It is both so much fun and absolutely crazy.  I love that Lemon has her own mat, that she's at that stage where she wants to do what we are doing and I love sharing my yoga practice with her.  Yoga is definitely a lifestyle for our family (I would even say it is our sort of religion) and I can't wait for school to get out so that I have more time to practice with my little yogi.  She loves this mat and we managed to sneak in some yoga together this week!  (For more about my yoga journey, read here.)

Do you want to win a Bendi Baby baby yoga mat (not a tot mat) for your little one?  Here's what you need to do for a chance to win:
  • Follow bendibaby and I (allisonpants) on Instagram, repost our giveaway picture and hash tag it #bendiblueberry!  (If you don't have an Instagram account, just follow my blog, on Google or on Blog Lovin', and comment below to be entered.)
  • For an extra entry, follow my blog and comment on this post saying what you hope a bendi baby mat will do for your yoga family!  (You've got to follow in order for your comment/entry to count.)
Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, May 14th at 8pm MST.  If you win, you will receive a Bendi Baby baby yoga mat!  Good luck!!

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  1. following on bloglovin! My daughter loves to practice with me. She would love to have her very own mat instead of sharing one with me

  2. I would LOVE a bendi baby mat for my daughter and I, Rae loves it when I bring my yoga mat out and this would encourage her to participate more with me which would completely melt my heart. Lemon is THE cutest little yogi :)

  3. After attending my regular prenatal classes since 8 weeks, my babe and I now go to our mommy and me classes! This would be so much fun to have her ow mat, I'm just so in love with the idea!!! :)

  4. Following you on Blogger, and love reading your posts! Would love a baby yoga mat to focus some of my son's energy and do some exercise together. Just think it would be the cutest to do some warrior poses with my baby boy!

  5. That video of you and Lemon is ADORABLE!

  6. I have just started working yoga back into my routine and if I dare run through it while the babes are awake, I inevitably end up with at least one baby on my mat! With two under two a baby yoga mat would be sure to get a fair amount of use in this house!

  7. I would love to win a baby mat, to help show my babe the benefits and fun of a yoga practice, and to help me make practicing together a priority.

  8. I would love a mat! My two year old son absolutely loves yoga and always steals mine! It would be great for our practice!

  9. I hope it keeps my 3 year old on the mat! is that too much to ask? he likes to get out all 3 and use them all!

  10. I have watched you and lemons video. it's really enjoyable also lemon is looking attractive.
    yoga mat and bag