Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Good to be a Mommy

Mother's Day flew by this year, just like everything else, but damn it's good to be a mommy.  We celebrated my Mother's Day on Saturday with sleeping in, breakfast made for me, a trip to a nearby farm with friends (that we had never been to!), swimming lessons and building a teepee with my family.  Sunday we went to breakfast with Ian's mom, grocery shopping (working parent life) and then dinner with my mom and niece.  A whirlwind weekend but oh so fun. 

Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day too and that you family treats you so good, like it's Mother's Day every day!



To the little girl who made me a mama - I love you with my whole heart.  You make me be a better person, have more energy and make me want to do all of the things with you that you want to do, even if I'm tired.  You complete me and are my very best friend.  Sometimes I feel like we are the only two people on the whole planet.  I never thought someone could love me this much and that I would love someone just as much.  It's too much, too much to write and too much to say.  I love you will have to do.  You are the best thing I've ever done and my most favorite person on the planet.  

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