Wednesday, May 7, 2014

22 Months - Phrases

Wow, time is going even faster and finding time to write these is getting tougher!  I am in the home stretch and can't believe my baby is almost 2!  Where did the last two years go??!

Some days of note:

4.5.14          You said a whole phrase, "Look, it's Elsa" all on your own.

You run to me and say "mommy" or "hi mommy" with a bashful look in your face and it is seriously my favorite.

You called the otters at the zoo seals yesterday and then barked like a seal.  How do you even know about seals?

You love Let it Go, the song from Frozen, and you even do the hand motions and sings in tune.  So cute!  You love Elsa and even say the words she says and try to mimic her.

You bumped your head twice on the play thing at swimming because you're taller and didn't know it, you must have had a growth spurt.  I didn't know it either, but just a few weeks ago you fit right underneath it!

4.6.14          "A tiger, elephants, look a butterfly, a caterpillar, look a baby, hi giraffe."  The phrases are out of control.

4.8.14          You played your matching game, on the iPad, correctly for the first time and I didn't have to help you with it.

You say "bless you" when you sneeze (or someone else does).

I had the best mom/daughter night with you tonight.  I got to snuggle with my sweet girl.

You were a big girl and played with play dough for the first time at the Children's Museum and also rode your own scooter there for the first time.

You ate an ice cream cone for the first time tonight with your mama and it was so much fun!

4.11.14          I found some of your little play kitchen pots in the dishwasher, you put them there knowing that's where dishes go.

You say "sit down" and "good girl" to yourself and all of your toys/stuffed animals.  You say it just like we say it to you.

4.14.14          You back floated by yourself last night in the tub.

You played Endless Alphabet correctly today for the first time, and a bunch of your other games.  You are getting so good at the iPad lately.

You counted to yourself in the backyard and you talk to yourself.

4.16.14          You said "everybody freeze" and crossed your arms when the Bubble Guppies did it and you put your hands under your chin and sat with your elbows on your knees just like Woody on Toy Story.  You are mimicking not just words/phrases but motions too.

You said "hi mommy" and looked up at me after nursing in a really, low, serious voice today.  It was so funny!

 4.17.14         You said "wow" today.

4.18.14          You sang the words from a song and then said "tadaaa" and bowed!

4.19.14          You climbed up to the slide and slid down, all by yourself (at the zoo I think).

4.21.14          You sang the theme song from Bubble Guppies today, the whole song, after an episode.

I rocked you in the big recliner, in your room, tonight, sang to you and you made the cutest, bashful faces (looking up, head down, batting eyes).  I loved every minute of it.

You brushed my teeth like I brush yours at night, you even held my forehead like I do to you, to get you to sit still (because you hate it!).

4.22.14          You know the letter W and the letter O.  You can sing the ABCs with me.

4.28.14          You lay down everywhere, like you just need a little break.  Even in the middle of Gymboree or the mall.  Anywhere you want, like you used to lay on rocks when you were smaller, you just lay down.  Face down.

You say "good girl" after we do something to you that you don't like (like wipe your face or brush your teeth).

You say "no" or "bye" when you're done with something.

You love playing Peekaboo with opening and closing the pocket doors in our house, or the doors at my dad's house.

You love doors and you knock on them, even in your books!  You knock on the car doors too, even the trunk.

You picked out specific books you wanted to read.  That was a first.

You asked for Bubble Guppies tonight.  For the first time.

4.29.14          You mimicked what was in a book last night, the hands of a girl character up in the air trying to catch a pig.  It was so cool!

You were so sweet last night, you have a new pursed lip face with eyes looking up and head down.  But, you were a crazy baby tonight.  Mood swings for sure.  You were so grumpy and threw stuff!  Toddlers are nuts.

5.1.14          You say "come on" like your daddy does when he wants a kiss and tonight when I asked you were your water was you looked around and said "where did it go?"  Crazy.


Still cuddles with mommy in the mornings.

Still nursing!

Fro after swimming.

Hot enough for splash pad Fridays but cool enough for . . .

. . .  park picnics with friends!

 Pizza party with Peepa!

 Ditched school for a morning and went to the Children's Museum!

Park fun - almost too hot.

Found some gluten free sugar cones - to cool us down!

 This is how she eats watermelon, she takes some bites then scatters it all over the couch.

 Yoga with my ladies.

 Toddlers are so weird.

 Is getting better at swimming lessons, not so afraid anymore after she reverted back to being scared.

 Prom this year was at the Children's Museum - Lemon had the best time dancing!

 Getting the oil changed is even fun.

Love Arizona, just before summer.  Who am I kidding - I love summer too!

 This hair.  I die.

 Meeting Instagram friends - loved them all!

 I also got to go to Gymboree on a testing day!  Woo!

 She swung a leg over but that was it, no climbing out yet.

Zoo fun with new friends.

Loves her daddy.

This month went by way too fast, and you are talking and talking more and more.  I got to spend some days with you, because of testing, and can't wait to spend the whole summer together.  We love you baby girl!

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  1. I love watching her grow. I remember you being pregnant,(Via the internet of course!) Ha! I love reading the things you write about your Lemon. You and Ian are amazing people and we are moving to New Mexico in October. Close to Arizona, I hope to finally meet you and hug little Lemon because I truly feel I know her, and you and Ian! XOXO


    1. I would LOVE that! Thank you! So very sweet of you to say. :)