Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lemon's New Bedding - Beddy's Beds

We recently tried out Beddy's Beds on Lemon's bed and we LOVED it!!

If you aren't familiar with Beddy's Beds - I'll explain.  These are an all in one sheet and comforter set, that wraps around your mattress (like a fitted sheet) then unzips so you can get in.  I know what you're thinking - do they have these for big mattresses (for adults)?  YEP!  I want one for me!!!

They are great because your little one can make their own bed, just by zipping it up!  They also can zip up the sides, while they are in it (it's a big, easy zipper), to really snuggle in kind of like a sleeping back.  Lemon's set also has a minky fabric under the top comforter that is really soft, she absolutely loves it (and you can get them without this as well).

The whole thing wraps around your mattress like a fitted sheet.

She LOVES her new bedding:

So easy to get into:

And zip yourself up in:

Lemon shows you how she makes her bed:

Beddy's definitely gives her the confidence to make her own bed in the morning and put herself to bed at night.  I totally want a set for myself!  Check them out, they come in lots of colors and styles!

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