Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Halfway There!

On Saturday I officially hit the halfway mark of this pregnancy - it's so exciting!  It still feels so surreal and there are mornings I wake up and forget I'm pregnant.  It's amazing how great you feel during the 2nd trimester - aside from the growing belly (and I'm a bit off balance lately) and the movement.  It's just so awesome we've hit 5 months, wahoooo!

Can we talk about this wiggly little girl?  She goes through spurts of movement like crazy every day and some days it seems like she doesn't stop.  Last Friday, while sitting at my desk, I swore she even did a complete somersault - I totally felt her go upside down and do a total roll, it was nuts!  She seems to be pretty good while I sleep, for now, and doesn't start moving until around 9:30am.  Then she moves again around 1:30pm and then after I eat dinner around 7.  That seem to be the theme, she is super active after I eat, she must love all of the yummy food coming down to her in there.

It's crazy because when she's not moving I'm like, "Where is she?  Is she ok?"  And then when she is moving I'm like, "This is SO weird!"  Sometimes it's so nuts (and I know it will only get crazier) that it freaks me out a little, thinking that she's in there just hanging out and moving around.  Freaky, yes, but totally fun too.  I have no idea if she's kicking, punching or rolling but when I feel that little tap (and as I wrote that I totally felt one!), it makes my heart so happy.  I have even gone about 2 days so far without using the doppler to check on her because every time I go to use it I feel her and just put it down.  When I'm up and moving around I don't feel her as much but when I'm sitting, I do.  

And now, Ian feels her too!  When she's super squirmy I call him in, put his hand where she's at and wait for her to kick him, and she does!  The first time he really felt it, big time, we were in the car on Saturday waiting to pick up some food.  We couldn't move from our spot so I rested his hand on my belly and she gave the biggest kick - it was AWESOME!  He jerked his hand away and said "That was crazy!"  And couldn't stop talking about it the rest of the day.  It makes me so happy that he can feel her too, our little muffin in there just moving around, developing and hopefully feeling our happiness that she's here with us.

The only other symptom that I've been experiencing lately is that my legs are either restless or crampy at night.  I sit at my desk for most of the day and there is nothing for me to prop my legs up on so they get kind of numb because they are always just hanging there.  At home I try to prop them up, but I haven't been very good about walking or doing yoga lately so they still feel kind of restless while I sleep.  The other night they kept me up all night (because I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin and my magnesium that the OB told me  is supposed to help) and I was tossing and turning and couldn't get comfy because of it.  Laying on my sides is new too, I'm used to that break on my back or on my stomach and now it's like my legs get numb in the position they are in all night, kind of cutting off their circulation.  I need to just remember to walk every day, or stretch them out, but I'm so tired when I get home it's tough!  The magnesium does help though because they have started to feel better.

We have started to tackle some house projects, finally!  It's tough to get motivated, especially when one of us is pregnant, and now we are realizing that we only have 5 months left until the baby comes to get these things done.  We also want to try and refinance the house this summer and definitely need to finish/fix some things before an appraiser comes out, so that we can get the best value on our property.  Here are our lists of the big things we want to fix/finish (by person and in order of when we want to do them):

Fixing the siding in back.
Sanding/spackling/painting the carport.
Painting the back of the house.
Painting on top of the gutters in front and back.
Framing all of the windows.
Finishing framing/spackling both the front and back doors.
New flooring in baby room and band room.
Sanding the kitchen ceiling, baby room ceiling and den ceiling, spackling and repainting them.

Clean out every room in the house, organize it, put things in attic, give things away and sell things.
Clear out baby room and band room for new flooring.
Touch up paint on doors and cabinets in house.
Paint cabinets in both bathrooms.
Paint baby room.
New blinds and curtains in baby room.
New sun shade outside of baby room window to block summer sun.
Remove closet doors in baby room and paint closet, get closet system and a curtain to act as a door.
Decorate baby room and build furniture!

Ambitious right?!  It sounds like a lot but we can do it, and we have to start before I get too big or too uncomfortable to help, so we definitely took advantage of this three day weekend!  I started with the den and attempted to clean/organize my desk and the cabinets we use for storage.  The baby room, now our middle bedroom, stores a lot of our stuff (we don't have a garage) so in order to put that stuff somewhere else, I have to clean out the other rooms to make space.  The cabinets/shelves were completely full and when I finished (it took me two full days) we put 3 boxes in the attic, took 2 boxes to Goodwill and brought one box of stuff to school - success!  We now have so much room to cram more stuff in, I can't wait!

(I hate that when you start cleaning out stuff you make more of a mess for days while you're working.  It's my LEAST favorite part about cleaning!)


(After - still have to recycle the trash and put the little things away.)

(Such a mess and a much bigger project than we thought!)

So next weekend I'm doing either the living room or kitchen and then after that our bedroom, and my mom and Dad have both volunteered to help whenever we need it.  Then, when everything is cleaned out and organized I will move on to the biggest project - the baby's room.  It is a MESS, wait until I show you a "before" picture of that, you will be appalled!  

Prior to cleaning, our weekend was pretty busy.  On Friday we went the the thrift store and I got two pairs of maternity pants and some dresses I can wear to school.  Saturday we went to the Mega Yard Sale at Fort McDowell Casino in the morning (I woke up at 6:30am for no reason, but did go to bed at 10:30pm!) and then out to the reservation for a get-together with Ian's Native American family.  It was fun but there were lots of bees and it was a super hot day, so hot that we had to come home and take a nap!  Ian played a show on Saturday night and I got to hang with my lady friends, one of my favorite things to do.  We had SUCH an exciting night at Christine's, here's a glimpse of what we did:

 (Christie apparently got dental floss stuck between her tooth and her permanent retainer and it was a two person job to get it out - and of course, Christine held the flashlight with one hand and her phone, filming it, in the other.  Keep in mind we are in our early 30's and have known each other for over 17 years.  And this is what we do on a Saturday night.)

Sunday and Monday were spent cleaning the den, running errands, and doing laundry while Ian worked in the backyard and took care of moving boxes and getting water (all the things that require lifting).  The three days went by super fast and I still can't believe we got it all done.  By 4pm yesterday I was pooped and proceeded to make dinner and then lay on the couch.  But when bedtime came, I couldn't sleep - you ever have those nights?  Ugh.

This week I only have to work 2 days because I'm going to a conference with my mom and some friends from school.  I am SO happy about it and need this break - it's just fun to do something different.  Not a very exciting post but I hope to update you on more house stuff and baby kicks next week!  :)

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