Wednesday, June 6, 2012

35 Weeks & Maternity Pictures!

(I'm tired today and felt like holding Zip in my pic.  It was a weird morning, our power went out and so my sleep was on and off so I'm not really into pics today!)

Before I start writing about our week, let's just take a moment of silence for one of my favorite authors who died today, Ray Bradbury.  I have two men that I admire and look up to (besides the ones in my family) and those are Ray Bradbury and Robert Fulghum, my two favorite writers of all time.  They are both so wise and intelligent, and Bradbury's stories blow my mind every time I read them.  I teach The Martian Chronicles every year to my Juniors, instead of the Great Gatsby, because I like it so much and feel it has so much to offer high school students.  

I have read every biography about him and he was truly one of my idols.  I even have a picture of him on my computer desktop that I kept meaning to send in, with a note, to have him sign it and now I will never have a chance (I even know exactly what my letter to him would say).  He also was at the San Diego ComiCon the last couple of years and I should have gone.  I knew I would say this when he died, and I am bummed I never did any of these things or got the chance to meet him.

Bradbury will be missed and I am sad this day has finally come (he was 91 after all).  If you've never read one of Bradbury's short stories, I suggest you start with "Tomorrow's Child" in the book I Sing the Body Electric.  This story made me realize just how intelligent this man was, and how we all will never match his genius or attempt to understand it, we just must enjoy it.  His short story book The October Country is my favorite but if I had to pick just a short story of his to love, this one would be it.  If you don't have the book, don't want to buy it or don't like reading; some strange guy on YouTube recorded the telling of this story (with a candle burning for some reason) if you feel the urge to give it a listen.  You won't be disappointed.  Here it is - part one, part two and part three.

This week was the week of spray paint for me because it seems like I have spray painted everything!  I went to Ikea with June and Phoenix on Thursday and got the last bit of things for the nursery like a hamper, lamp and tons of frames.  It was lovely spending the day with them and June offered to spray paint for me, because I looked at it like one more thing for me to do when I have so much on my mind, but I told her I could brave it myself and spent all week actually spray painting stuff.  It was so nice to see June and it came at a time when I was feeling lonely and kind of sad so it was just what we both needed I think. 

My mom came home from being gone for almost a month on Friday and I was SO happy to see her.  When you're pregnant, it's weird, because you like for everyone you love to be close to home or else you feel like something is missing.  Christine went to Mexico a week ago and my mom was gone at the same time and there was a day that I laid in bed teary eyed all day for no reason, I was just sad and lonely, even though they were coming back soon.  It was the strangest thing, you just want all of your people around you at all times, just in case I guess.  Speaking of this, Ian leaves for Vegas on Monday, for a night, and I'm sure I will feel the same way when he's gone.  Not pregnant I usually like to be alone but pregnant I feel so sad when no one is around.  

This weekend we had our second to last hypnobirthing class and did the coolest exercise!  We both had to write down our fears about emotions, finances, family, health, doubts, life changes, responsibilities, parenting styles, etc. and then we did a fear release hypnosis to let them all go.  My list had 19 things on it (that I won't post here just yet) and Ian's list had only 3 - is this normal?!  On our way to class we chatted about some of the things we wrote down and both agreed that we've been through so much together, we can do anything and will try our best to compromise on certain things.  I shared my birthing/mom fears with him and he shared his with me (and surprisingly we both had the same fears about baby being ok and actually getting to come home with us) and I felt a bit better as we walked into class.  But, the exercise was so cool because as I laid down (and almost fell asleep multiple times which is totally ok) I felt very calm and when we both woke up and came back into the room, we felt better like our fears were truly gone.  It was so weird but so cool.  
We did some more relaxation techniques and learned a bit about nutrition and what happens when you go into labor.  If we had a breech baby, which I don't think we do, we learned a pose that would help turn the baby and that I've already shared with a friend on Instagram (and hope it works for her!).  If you're interested - you get on all fours, then move your hips way back so your arms are stretched out in front of you and then someone puts a scarf underneath your belly and pulls you back, gently, swaying from side to side.  You can do this every night and even in the hospital and it should turn the baby and avoid a c-section.  I hope it actually works for your moms out there reading this, leave me a comment if it does, I'd love to hear about it or other techniques you might have used that worked too that we could share for future mommies.  We also got a sample birthing plan, which we modified and added to (and I will post as soon as it's done) and we are feeling pretty confident and ready for the whole thing.  This weekend, before Ian leaves, we will install the car seats (we got a base for Ian's car too) and pack our hospital bag, just in case, because on Saturday I will be 36 weeks pregnant - it amazes me every time I type or say it this month - so crazy!

On Sunday we met my yoga friend, Ann, and her husband at the movies to see What to Expect When You're Expecting. It was so much fun, and the movie was surprisingly good and showed all aspects of pregnancy (including miscarriage). We sat with our new friends after for about 2 hours talking about labor, life and loss (they lost a baby too) and it was nap nice talking with another mom, who is just weeks behind me) and new almost Dad for Ian to relate to. I forgot to get a pic, of course, of the 2 super pregnant ladies at a pregnant movie, but hopefully we can so something again with them soon! My mom came back over on Monday and helped me hem some curtains for the nursery closet (and it took 2 sewing machines and 4 hours - we had no idea what we were doing!) and Christie came over also to help me attach our co-sleeper to our bed (there's a plate that goes between your mattresses so you can latch it in and it won't roll away when it's attached).  Christine came over yesterday to help me decorate the nursery and today Ian and I are heading to Lowes today to get some final supplies to make it just right.  I have to go back to the cloth diaper store, Zoolikins, for a few more items and I have to order a rug for the room and then it's done.  I also found the cutest mini suitcase on etsy (sold out, of course) but wrote to the woman who owns the shop and she had an extra to send me (and even has another if you're interested)!  So, maybe I'm not ready to reveal the nursery just yet and probably should wait until it is totally done and I have a rug and the final touches in.  You will just have to wait a bit longer (although I don't have much time left)!
(This one might get so dirty, we DO have three dogs!)

 (Are these shaggy rugs hard to clean?!  Both rugs are $350 (including shipping) for a 5x8 foot size so I'm going to look around here this weekend and then decide.  However, I DO feel like if you want a good quality, large rug you will probably be spending this much - right?) 

(A project I saw on Pinterest that we had to try, and it worked out!  Can't wait for you to see it!)

(Ian drew these - how cute are they?!)

(I can't wait for it to come!!!)

And now, what you've all been waiting for - some maternity pictures!!!  June of (and my friend of 15 years) took these amazing pictures so if you are in need of any done, go to her site!  She also posts blogs of projects she works on, for her daughter and house, and rates them using how many nap times they take to complete.  So, if you like DIY projects, check out her blog too!

(A book Ian found me for Mother's Day a year ago, after we lost our blueberry.  It makes me cry every time but I can't wait to read it to our daughter.)

(A baby lemon from our tree!)

 (It was Ian's idea to build something for Lemon as part of our photo shoot and the pics turned out so cute!)

(Oh, Pete the bunny!)


  1. love!!! beautiful pictures and you look stunning!

  2. You look so lovely and so loving in these pictures. It still amazes me that soon my baby will have a baby! I guess I have to stop calling you my baby soon. Hard habit to break. I feel like their is a drum beating.."soon, baby, soon" in the background of all our conversations lately. I know you are so busy getting things done. You want time after the baby is born to just concentrate on learning to be a mom. Remember to stop and enjoy these last few weeks together, nap when you can, hold each other close, go out to eat and be with friends, because life, as you know it, is about to change. Not a bad thing, just different...and I know you can't wait! Me, too!

    Oh, and I'm not going anywhere. I'll be home this weekend. We'll go to Zoolikins and rug shopping and anything you'd like. I'm here and I'm waiting, just like you!

  3. These are beautiful Allison. You look stunning. I may have to steal some of this ideas ;)

  4. Simply beautiful! I wish all three of you blessings and love for many years to come! I wish we would have been able to have a natural birth, I admire women who do it. Sadly with both of mine it was not an option but I think you are going to do great and then you will have Lemon and your life changes...Amazing how much, in a wonderful way it changes..My three are the light of my life! <3

    1. Thanks! We will see how it goes, I will keep you posted for sure! :)

  5. Hey Allison,
    We went to see What to Expect too and we thought it was great. The birth scenes made me cry (happy tears of course) just remembering what that was like holding that newborn baby for the first time..too bad they didn't show a HypnoBirth! Sounds like you enjoyed your classes, I did too. They thought me a lot about birth and the importance of relaxation (both during birth and in your every day life...something I'm still trying to make time for!). So excited to see Lemon's nursery when it's done. I'm loving all the details and I bet it feels good for you to see it all come together.

    I still love looking at Avery's nursery. I'll sit there rocking her while she nurses away and I have fun remembering all the projects I did and spent time on before she arrived.

    Your maternity pictures turned out amazing! I love that you did them at your home, they looked so natural and you were just glowing! Ian doing the project for the photoshoot was such a fun and unique thing to do! Little Lemon sure is lucky to have such awesome parents that already love her so much! ( :
    Let the countdown to her arrival begin...

    1. You did do a lot of projects for Avery's nursery and I loved following your work too, it must be so fun to sit in there with her, while she plays, and know how much love you put into her room. I can't wait!

      Soon, soon, soon!