Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Lovely Valentine

Lemon's first Valentine's Day was so much fun.  She got to see her best friend, Livvy, went to a music class at Gymboree (I left school early and surprised her there and got to sing and dance with her), then her grandpa, Sir Greg, came over and brought us a gluten free dinner.  

I am so lucky I got to spend the day with this little lover.  :)

I got them matching pjs!

  My favorite video of these two!  I love when they look at each other!  (Courtesy of Melissa on Vine!)

Got them these cute outfits from Target and I made their bows and leg warmers out of a pair of adult socks from Wal-Mart!  Will post a tutorial soon!

The moms!

Lemon's favorite toy there - the big drum!

We were both starving after Gymboree so she got a bottle while I ate!

My first Valentine!

Family photo courtesy of my Dad.

Thanks to Melissa and Jason for bringing Livvy and Lemon to Gymboree, Elise for watching my class so that I could go, my mom for signing Lemon up and my Dad for bringing us dinner that night.  Such a lovely Valentine's Day with my two valentines!

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