Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear Lemon

Dear Lemon, 

Oh baby, where has the time gone?  I look at you and it's hard to believe you're almost 9 months old (and I still haven't written your 8 month post!).  You look at me, recognize me, laugh or smile or yell when I come in the room and climb all over me when you're hungry or sleepy.  I hardly remember you as a newborn, it seems just a distant memory. 

You are crawling, standing and even testing out one-handed standing.  You have mastered plopping down on your butt when you are done hanging on to whatever you can find to pull up on.  You are so strong and your little thighs are just the chubbiest, they have to be for all of those squats you do!  You are so strong and love to use my hair to pull yourself up on me! 

Your personality is seriously the best.  You light up a room when you come into it and everyone always comments on how "alert" you are, how talkative you are and how happy you are.  Always such a happy girl.  You love to say all kinds of things now, to giggle and yell and even sing to us - I never imagined you would talk so much when you were just a newborn babe laying on my chest.  You are so funny and crack us up every single day, and you love to hear your own voice, even in the middle of the night when you are complaining.  

You are the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen in my whole life.  People stop all the time to look at you, your inside just shines out to your outside.  Blonde hair, blue eyes and the softest skin.  You are like a little cherub angel and I can't get over it sometimes, how did an Italian mommy and half Native American daddy make such a powdery blonde girl?  Your hair is getting so long and you are rocking all of the bows I make you wear.  You are a little chub and I love it; smacking your little butt when I'm lotioning you before bed and pinching your thighs to tickle you - my favorite.  I look into your eyes and wonder where you came from and how we got so lucky.  

Never before, in this journey of motherhood, have I been so sad to be away from you.  I couldn't sleep last night thinking, here we go, back to work, not seeing you except for a couple of hours a day.  Today I went back to school after having a week off at home with you and it was so hard, you are at such a fun age.  I just want to be around you all the time and hate waiting for daddy after school so that I can head home and see you.  It's hard to give up such precious time to someone else, even your Nani, I want you all to myself, all the time.  I missed you today and for the first time ever wished that I was staying home with you instead of going to work. 

Little Lemon you are the light of my life and my whole world.  Just this month nursing has seemed such a blessing, such a special bond between you and me.  Just this week have I finally felt like someone's mother, coming into this new role and realizing just how amazing it is.   

I am at a loss for words to describe how much I love you.  Those words, I love you, will just have to be it, although I wish there was something more powerful to tell you how I feel.  I love you just isn't enough. 

I am the luckiest mommy in the world to end up with you as my baby.  I am so thankful for weekends and holidays and am just looking forward to 41 (yes, I'm counting) days from now when we get to spend all summer together.  Mommy loves you so so much, more than there are words in this world. 




  1. So sweet. There is absolutely nothing like a mama's love for her baby.

  2. Beautiful.

    Isn't it crazy how fast time flies?! My son will be two one month from today!!

    1. It is insane, I never knew time could go by so quickly! 2, yikes!