Monday, August 5, 2013

What I Wore: First Day of School

I am a teacher so the first day of school is always a bit scary, even for me.  I like to look cute, be comfy, look professional, look like myself and cover my tattoos - it's a lot.  So, I never know what to wear and almost instantly regret my decision on an outfit once I get to school.  I am usually also tired and feeling just blah about having to go back to work so I like to look really cute and dressed up, but be totally comfortable (a lingering bit of summer) too.

Usually I go for the button down dress and heels but this year I wanted to do something a little different.  The new me this year, because of the Common Core Standards (do you know about this?), is a comfortable, relaxed, but efficient and I am now a "do everything I'm told" type of teacher.  Our kids have to pass this new national test (google it!), along with most of the schools in the nation, so it's my job to prepare them for the test.  And get ready, this year I'm teaching to the test.  Gasp!

It is definitely not why I became a teacher but something we have to do, it's the way education is going.  Our schools in America are failing and something has to change, maybe this is it, who knows.  Our school was restructured this year, with all new administrators (only one original remaining) and we are 2 points away from a D rating (like A, B, C, D, F!).  We need to do better as teachers and our students need to do better on tests.  Our evaluations are also tied to our students' test scores this year so our job kind of depends on it.  And you know what happens if a school doesn't improve after getting new administrators?  The teachers are next.  No thank you!  This year, I'm doing exactly what I'm told and am teaching exactly what they tell me to teach, whether I like it or not.  Not that I've done it differently in the past, but this is my 14th year teaching and it wasn't always this way.

So today I wanted to be cool, chic, powerful, fun, comfy but appear "in charge," be a figure of authority but always look "put together."  So, what did I wear?

I was contacted by Elle & K Boutique on Instagram and they offered me a coupon code to find something on their site and blog about it.  Everything in their store is under $50, shipped for free and it's an exclusively online boutique (based in Florida).  So, I thought what better place to wear this item than to school on my first day!

It was a tough choice because all of these items looked cute and if it weren't the end of summer (and we hadn't gotten paid since the end of May) I might have just bought them all!

Color Me Aztec $39

 Black and White Aztec $22 (on sale!)

 Beige Studded Tank $26 (on sale!)

 All Day Shift Dress in Mint $26 (on sale!)

 Color Me Aztec Tank $28

 Big Bubble Necklace in Mint $28

Beaded Ivory Aztec Dress $44

It's in the Details Dress $30

I am a sucker for an aztec print but wanted something I could wear to work, that would look professional and cover my tattoos.  I also wanted to be comfy because it would be the first day I would be leaving my Lemon and knew I would be sad and extra uncomfortable if I choose something too dressy.  So, this is the item I bought:

Navy Tie Dye Maxi Skirt $34

I am so happy I picked this skirt!  I got a Medium, because size Small was sold out, but was happy I did because it was the perfect length and you can adjust how much you fold over to make it longer or shorter.  It didn't get in the way when I walked and was SUPER comfy, super lightweight, in this Arizona heat, and really soft fabric.  The only thing I didn't like was that it was see-through but I wore a slip underneath and it was fine.  The fabric hugs you but not in a super clingy kind of way so it is a bit forgiving since it is more of a light weight soft jersey type material. 

Their website was also really easy to use, and the skirt was shipped to me super fast and was wrapped in tissue paper.  They also send you a drink koozie with every purchase!

I paired my skirt with a long button up that I tied at the bottom and some cute sandals.  It was hot out and a super long day but I was really comfortable all day!  (I also called my friend Elise over for a mini photo session in my classroom!)

If any of these items look like something you MUST have, or you want to go online and shop for yourself, Elle & K Boutique is offering my readers 10% off through Friday 8/9 at 11:59 EST.  The coupon code is BLUEREADERS, enter it in at checkout to receive your discount!

I was impressed with this online boutique; love their clothes, prices and shipping and definitely will be returning to order more stuff - when we get our first paycheck!  Happy shopping!

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  1. You are basically the cutest teacher ever. Love this!!! What subject and grade do you teach??

    1. Aw, thanks! I teach 11th grade English at an inner city school. Thanks for reading! :)

    2. That's awesome! I majored in English :) Love your outfit choice! Hope you have a great year!

  2. You are so adorable!! I love the outfit and your hair is gorgeous! I remember how much thought I put into my first day outfit when I was teaching (before Londyn Grace was born)! So glad Lemon had a good day, as well!

    1. Thanks! I put so much thought into every outfit, I don't ever want to be that boring teacher that wears the same things over and over! But it's so much pressure!

  3. I mean, I'm not sure you could be any cuter. Seriously!! Glad your school has you as a teacher!

  4. Ok, seriously, you're just the cutest! And you totes can pull off the tie dye, not so much! LoL And I absolutely LOVE your hair! Perfect layers and curls! Do you blow out your hair with a round brush, curl it or straighten it??

    So glad that your first day went well and that sweet little Lemon was happy all day for Ashley! Hope the rest of the week goes as great for you as Monday did!


    1. Laura -

      This is hair left over from getting it cut on Saturday, I haven't washed it yet! He blew it out with a big, round brush and then twisted each section, leaving it twisted until it was all dry. The he had me do a hair flip and it came out like this! I wish I could do it at home but never seem to be able too, I always just use a curling iron. :) Thanks for the well wishes!! :)

  5. I LOVE your whole outfit! You look like you are considered one of the "cool" teachers! LOL. Good luck this school year!!!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster