Friday, December 27, 2013

Almost Christmas!

I often feel like so much in my life is hurry up do this, clean this, fix this just to end up relaxing or messing it all up again.  Christmas is a lot like this - get the decorations down from the attic, make a huge mess, complain about putting up lights (all Ian) and make sure the house is clean so that everything looks nice with your tree and decorations, relax just for just a minute and then take it all down and put it all away and clean it all up again.  Always rushing to slow down, rushing to relax and then rushing to clean it all up.  Hurry up and relax, hurry up to slow down.

Christmas flew by this year but it was the best Christmas I have ever had.  Lemon knows who Santa is, she got the opening presents part (but really didn't understand why) and I didn't want it to be over.  I can't wait until next year when she puts out the milk and cookies, wakes us up in the morning and really knows what is going on.  I bet every year is just more fun from here on out and I can't wait!

Before New Years hits us I figured I'd better blog about our Christmas - I am so behind!  On vacation I just don't feel like parking myself in front of this computer and blogging, I want to be out and about enjoying my family while I'm home.  But, Lemon is napping, so here I go!


Major grump at the Christmas tree lot.  Wouldn't pose for any pictures, I'm so happy I got a few good ones!

Bought her a little tree for her room, just like last year.  We say goodnight to it every night, I am going to miss it when we take it down (and I think she will too)!




On our way to see Santa!

 Scared of the animated moose.

 The line was too long so we decided to head to the mall instead.

 Loved Santa from afar. 

We tried!


Last day of school attire!


We got out of school on Thursday but had to go back on Friday just to show our faces (since it was a paid day).  Loved having our morning with our babe and bringing her with us to school to say goodbye!



Headed to my mom's to open presents with my niece, Amanda, since she would be gone on Christmas to visit her other grandparents.


One of my besties had a Christmas party Saturday night and our ex-nanny (more on this to come) babysat for us so I could go (while Ian played his annual Christmas show)!

 High waisted bells in the coat room!


Ian got this weird flu all of a sudden on Monday so we headed out for some last minute shopping with my mom.  The mall was crazy, the people were out of control and I will never again shop the day before Christmas Eve!


Christmas Eve nails with my besties, my family and this beautiful girl.  My favorite Christmas Eve tradition!

 With her cousin, Parker.

 Hated sitting in chair just for a picture.  Can't wait for next year, nails for her too!

 Babe alert.

 So short when Christie wears heels!

 Model baby

My best friend Christine made Lemon this cape!  So cute!

 A grumpy, sleepy girl running away while I tried to take a pic!

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