Tuesday, March 25, 2014

20 Months - Language

This month was all about words.  So many new words I couldn't even keep up.  I always thought I'd make a word list of all the new ones Lemon learns, daily, but it's just too much.  There is a point where they repeat every word you say, it's amazing!  This month her language really took off and it was so cool.

Some memorable days (although they are getting harder and harder to keep track of, so much is happening so fast!):

2.6.14          You started walking under our legs, you are the perfect height and walk back and forth underneath, thinking it's hilarious.

You said "yeehaw!" when you saw Gil wearing a cowboy hat on Bubble Guppies and when you sat on your ladybug.

You played by yourself today with a sheepskin insert for my slippers.  You talked to it and put your guppies/kitties on it, it was the first time I saw you playing like that, using your imagination.

You held your finger in front of your nose, touching your nose and said, "shhhhh."  Brittany must have taught you that but it was the first time I saw you do it.  You put your little figures to bed on the sheepskin insert and said, "shhhhhh."  So freaking cute.

You say "nose, ears, eyes, mouth" all the time and point them out on us and all of your stuffed animals.  You even do it to the dogs.

2.8.14          You looked around for elephant yesterday, little figure elephant, in the dirt all by yourself.  You remembered you had one and weren't prompted, you asked for it yourself.  You did the same thing with your zebra.  I put him on the night stand before bed and when you woke up you looked for him and asked for him.  It's like you all of a sudden woke up and started remembering things.  So cool.

You are very into mommy and wants no one else, not even daddy.

You had fun playing with my dad, grandpa, today.

2.13.14          You tapped on your legs today saying, "tap, tap, tap, tap" and then stopped when I'd say, "stop."  Then you'd tap some more and say "stop" and stop.

You say "no" for everything we ask you, even if you mean to say yes.

You say your name when you accidentally turn off the TV when you are playing with the remote, or if something shuts off or falls.  You say "Lemon" because you are so used to us saying it when you do it!  It comes out like "Memen," and you mimic our tone when you say it.

You can point out specific things in your books now when I ask you to and when I ask where things are.  You even point out things that I have never taught you, things you've learned somewhere else.  You know so many words it's crazy.

2.14.14          You said "blue" when daddy asked you what color the marker was that you were coloring with, and you got it right.  You are really into coloring for the first time.  Everything was "blue" at first and then "purple" until you started learning different colors (later).

2.15.14          Yesterday I wrote your name and said each letter after I wrote it.  At the end you said "Memen" clear as day after I said the "N."

2.26.14          You talked to me on the phone for the first time today.  You actually talked back and said "mommy" over and over again when you heard my voice.  I got teary eyed, it was so cool.  You say "mommy" all the time now, especially in the mornings when you come looking for me in bed.

2.28.14          I've never heard you laugh as hard as you did tonight when your daddy slid elephant across the table at you, at dinner.  You thought it was the funniest thing and counted with him as he counted to three and then slid it to you.

You have a lovey, you picked elephant out at the store a couple of days ago and now you carry him with you everywhere.  You ask for him when he's not around and give him lots of hugs/kisses.  You cuddle him at night, I love it.

You fluttered your eyes while watching Toy Story 3 the other day, so much excitement, too much to handle on the big screen I think.  It's like you've finally started to "see" what is on the screen, in the movies and in TV shows.  You couldn't take it!

You pointed during a Bubble Guppies song when Molly pointed and sang the song when she did.  Amazing!

You know purple and blue colors.  Coloring is your fav.

3.1.14          When I was on my phone yesterday morning, when we were supposed to be cuddling, you moved my phone away and said "no."  It's like you finally figured out I wasn't paying attention.

When we left your Nani's house tonight you said bye to Dwayne, their neighbor, and it was so random and funny that you said bye to him and remembered his name.  You said all of our names at dinner at Nani's tonight, even Amanda's!


Nap time selfies with the hubs.

I thought we were done nursing last month, I was wrong.  This girl is definitely just doing it for comfort but I don't mind.  It comforts me too.

Park hangs.

Loving her grandpa, my dad.

Lemon's Valentine's week outfits - wish I had her wardrobe!

I did have a cute Valentine's outfit from Hello Apparel though!

Went to the doctor because we both had lingering colds for weeks and weeks, turned out it was RSV but she was on the mend so we didn't have to do antibiotics or anything.  It was a brutal cold for both of us though!

Loves sitting in our high counter chairs like a big girl (we tie her in with a scarf).

Has had more fun at swimming lately, we've dialed back a bit and she just plays mostly in the water now.  I can't wait until it's warmer so she can play at home and learn at swimming.

Making rings with daddy - have you checked out our shop yet?

Selling rings allows our little family to go out to eat once in awhile, it's my favorite!

We took our girl to the Renaissance Festival over President's Day weekend, she had fun despite skipping her nap for the first time (and after a mini meltdown when we go there)!

Zoo trips and loving on the goats, I feel like I post pictures like this every month but I don't care.

Bedtime snuggles are still the best part of my day, and morning snuggles too.

Brittany, our friend and Lemon's nanny, showed up to our house in leopard leggings as I came out of the bathroom in leopard jeans.  So, of course, she dressed Lemon in her leopard leggings that day and we snapped a pic when I got home!  It's so fun having a friend watch Lemon, and we are totally on the same wave length!

Styling in her Sweet Lucy Jack leggings (and was recently chosen to be a brand enthusiast for them)!

We got her this hat at Old Navy and she loves it.  She thinks she's a cowboy and says "yeehaw" and "cowboy" when she puts it on.  She always wants to wear it and looks soooooo cute in it!

Learned this from Bubble Guppies.  Did it on her own, randomly, and it was so funny!  You say "crocodile" and she screams!  Follow me on Vine to see more (see my social media links).

Will Ian kill me for this pic?  It's just SO CUTE!  Mornings with my girl are also my favorite . . .

Lemon got a new tricycle from Nani this week and loves it.  It came at the perfect time because she was totally over her stroller and this makes her feel like a big girl when she rides in it.  It is also convertible so when she's big enough we can take off the handle in back and she can ride it on her own (from Costco).

Lemon was not that impressed with the Arizona Science Center but I had a Groupon to use so we went with Christine and Espen.  She fell asleep in the car, snoring and all, on our way there (first time I've ever seen her do this!) and I locked the keys in the car and Brittany had to come rescue us.  It was an eventful and tiring morning but I love taking her new places!

Prettiest baby on the planet.  And funniest . . .

My favorite word she says, "puppy!"

Also a word from Bubble Guppies - "abracadabra!"

Learned this from the Bubble Guppies Spring Chicken episode.  Love how she puts her hands under her chin to flap her arms like a chicken!

Lemon speaks Spanish:

I am way late on this post, always, and this month flew by, just like all of the others.  Lemon is turning into a big girl and it's like it happened overnight.  Time is going by too fast but I am loving this age!  The words, the understanding, the awakening - it just makes everything easier.  A few tantrums when she's tired/hungry/out of her element but nothing we can't handle (Ian just needs to practice leaving her alone when she's throwing one!).  She has really come into her own (I think with the help of her lovey, elephant, and is a bit nicer to strangers than she used to be.  She still loves her mommy and daddy most of all (mostly mommy) but is really independent and plays really well by herself.  She is funny, loud and crazy but such a baby still in need of hugs and cuddles.  I am loving watching her grow up, being a mom is just the coolest thing - best thing I've ever done.  We love you little Lemon!

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  1. Londyn Grace says "No" for yes, too! She says "Non-nyn" for her name! Lemon is just the cutest and so smart! :) Love reading your updates! :)

  2. These photos are all so great. You look adorable in your Valentine's Day outfit and my favorite pics of Lemon are the ones in the pool. She looks so impressed with herself! Haha. You're such a great mom

  3. Great photos! And your hello Valentines outfit.......so stinking awesome!

  4. Gosh she is the cutest!! Just love following along with her learning!! When I read she said "Memen" it totally clicked that thats what Quinn called her! She was watching her fav "Lemon Videos" lol and kept saying that, I had no idea she was saying Lemon. Haha Keep the morning selfies coming!

  5. Such a fun age, for sure! Glad you are capturing it, things move so quickly with their phases. Never a dull moment.