Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Fun

Picking out our tree and this one had to dance around and bury her princesses in the pine needles.

We got Lemon a small, fake tree for her room and she had so much fun hanging "oh-nah-ments" and lights on it.

Pictures with Santa, always fun.  We decided this year that if Lemon cried, we would pretend to cry too and then have the person snap a pic.  They turned out super funny but I'm not sure why she cried again, when Ian handed her to me she was already in tears and didn't even come near Santa!  They had a new system at the mall and it took forever (even on a week night way before Christmas) so I think she was just overwhelmed and over it.  We prepped her days before and I just thought she'd be ok, she even told us she was going to tell Santa she wanted a princess for Christmas (Cinderella to be exact).  She didn't get to but we had fun anyway!

We went to the Holiday Balloon Glow in Gilbert with Ian's family, and Miranda and Jonah, and it was fun.  Kind of chilly and wet (for Lemon's moccs) and neither of the babes cared much about the balloons but Lemon loved the little 3-5 year old dancers and watched every single performance, so wanting to be up on that stage dancing too.  This was the moment I thought I should get Lemon in dance (she even tried to pose for a picture with the little dancers when they were done).

There's a house by us that gets really into the Christmas spirit so Miranda, Tiff, our hubs and kids headed over there one night:

Lemon loves her Aunt Kiki so we met for dinner and then went and saw the fake snow at Tempe Marketplace.  She didn't know what to think about it, and wasn't that impressed, but LOVED dancing around for everyone to the music in the snow!

She also wasn't impressed to decorate our real tree, and we did most of the work, but when it came down (after New Years) she did say, "Where did the Christmas tree go?"  I miss it too Lemon!  She did love unpacking all of the ornaments and hanging them up.

We went to the boat light parade at Tempe Town Lake and it was our first cold night.  This girl looked so cute all bundled up, I hadn't seen her like this yet as a toddler!  The kids were not impressed with the boats (and there were too many people) so we went to eat pizza instead!

For the first time in YEARS, Ian got to go with me to my bestie's Christmas party (he usually always plays a show the same night).  We had so much fun and were so happy we got to go, together!  We didn't drive and even had some drinks!!

I was trying not to be really tall!  Hahahhaa

Ian also got to come with us to my families' Christmas party too (the night before Jenny's).  Lemon had a blast running around with Nani, Aunt Donna and her cousins Amanda and Cyrus!

Our tree turned out so cute this year, even if it was a bit lopsided:

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