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Moms on Mondays - Tiffany & Whitney from Ruby Moon Shop

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Today on Moms on Mondays I am featuring a siter duo - Tiffany and Whitney from Ruby Moon Shop!  They started their shop in memory of their mother, such a sweet story.  They also sent Lemon the cutest crop top, bracelet and headband, she loves them!  Read their post below and then, go and support this new shop!

 (Pink bracelet is from Ruby Moon Shop, other bracelet from Caged Bird Blog, dress is Tribe is Alive - pictures by Qiana K. Photography.)

I'm Tiffany and me and my sister Whitney have an etsy shop named Ruby Moon.  We can be found on Etsy and Instagram.  We make handcrafted crochet items and jewelry and we are working hard to add more to the shop. We have crop tops, barefoot sandals for moms and daughters, beaded bracelets, gemstone necklaces and bracelets, beaded stretch rings, and wire wrapped rings. We have many more crochet items coming soon and many more toddler items as well!  (We can do custom orders too!)

We love creating custom pieces for people, and put a lot of care into each item created, as well as packaging. Each package comes with a little gift to show how much we appreciate each customer, and a handwritten note!

We have always loved to craft, we got that from our mother; we have been crafting since we were kids. My mom taught my sister to crochet about 12 years ago when she was in high school, and she really enjoyed it so she taught herself to read patterns and create her own. We also have both always enjoyed making jewelry. We decided that we should open a shop so we can share the things we love making with other people, so we opened our Etsy shop in May.

We opened on Mother's Day in honor of our on mother who we lost in November to Pancreatic Cancer. The night she found out she could no longer have treatments, and knew she was dying, she made us promise that we would follow our passion, and keep creating. She was always an encouraging and driving force in our lives, and the things we created were always what she was most proud of. Opening this shop was something she had wanted to see us do for some time now, and that is why our shop is named after her and she is the reason we craft today!

We haven't been in business long but have been selling all of our creations to friends and family for quite some time. We both work full time office jobs which makes it hard for us sometimes to find the time to create. We will work on products on our breaks and lunches, and after the babe goes to bed! I have a little boy Jaxon who is 3 yrs old. He is our model/size tester for all toddler products we make!  He enjoys trying on the products and helping us out.

My sister and I opened this shop together, so we craft together, work together and live together! As we've just opened the shop it hasn't helped us out tremendously yet, but we are hoping that it will help us make a little extra pocket money so we aren't living paycheck to paycheck. And, we love to create but can only make so much for ourselves and our family and friends, so we are hoping this helps allow us to do that! We have always known we wanted to open a shop and we talked about it for awhile and finally decided to just do it! We wanted to make sure we kept our last promise to our mother. My sister and I are doing this together, she basically runs the shop and ships out any orders and crochets her little heart out. I help when I can with anything else; mostly I make jewelry products and help with the pictures because I have a little one who takes up a lot of my time.

We both work closely together on most things about this shop, we work through our breaks to get products made, and we will stay up late on weekends to get things done. On work nights, we will do as much as we possibly can, which might also mean staying up later than expected. We just try to use all of our time wisely. We love that having this business allows us to do something that we love doing!

In the future we see our shop being very successful and we hope to expand and do craft fairs and festivals as well. It's really hard to pick a favorite product of ours, as I honestly love everything we make! Some of our other favorite shops are Cloud 9 Jewels, she has awesome harem pants and dresses for mom.  She also has a little one of her own so she now makes cute baby/toddler harem pants and little rompers! She honestly has the cutest stuff! Another great shop is Wee Kings, she sells teething necklaces that are super fashionable. And, if your looking for a little something special just for you - Wingostarr Jewelry has some amazing jewelry. I recommend checking out all of these shops, you won't be sorry!

Thanks Tiffany and Whitney!

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