Friday, May 6, 2016

Stay Healthy with Olly Kids' Vitamins!

Today I am partnering with Olly Kids' Vitamins to tell you about the launch of their new Vitamin Boosts!

They have lots of different options for your kiddos - Growing Bones, Happy Tummy, Super Brainy and Mighty Immunity, Kids Multi + Omega 3, Super Foods Multi and Kids' Multi + Probiotic - all "formulated with powerful nutritional actives like probiotics, omegas, and phytonutrients to meet your [kids'] ever-changing needs."  They also have adult vitamins that are specially formulated to meet your needs as well!

Inside the Women's Multi!

Lemon takes a multivitamin every single day, and I don't know about you, but it's tough finding one that meets all of her needs.  I would prefer her vitamins to not be full of sugar, be gluten free and have the appropriate amount of nutrition that she actually needs as a growing kid.  She also takes a probiotic, separately, and we have yet to find one that she likes, they all are kind of chalky and sour - yuck.  Gummy vitamins are a good option, yes, but some of them are also sour and coated with sugar, and she's not so into that.  I have wasted whole bottles of $10 vitamins before because she just won't eat them.  Ugh.

I think vitamins and probiotics are super important for kids.  Lemon is rarely sick and when she is, it doesn't last long and I credit it to her vitamins (and healthy eating habits).  We, as adults, take multivitamins, so why do we often forget to give them to our kiddos?  And, why do we settle for vitamins that may not be good for them, when we research ours extensively?  Shouldn't it be the other way around?

(Image:  Olly Nutrition)

This is why I love Olly Vitamins!  There are so many different options to choose from, they are made from real fruit and other botanicals, there's one (or two!) to fit your kids' needs on a day to day basis and they taste good!  I love the fact that there's one that contains a lot of calcium and vitamin D (Growing Bones), probiotics and prebiotics (Happy Tummy), omega-3 (Super Brainy) and zinc and elderberry (Mighty Immunity).  So many great options that you can give to your kids, that all support a healthy lifestyle.

In our family, we love the Happy Tummy vitamins and Mighty Immunity.  During flu season I often wish I could amp up Lemon's regular vitamins with an immunity boost but it's hard finding good options that fit our needs (and something that tastes good, those tinctures are gross!).  With these Mighty Immunity vitamins she gets that immunity boost she needs, and we aren't sacrificing taste (or adding in a bunch of other, un-identifiable stuff).  The Happy Tummy vitamins have replaced our regular, not great tasting, chalky, probiotics and Lemon loves them.  They taste like peach and even have peppermint in them to "support digestive health."

Olly Nutrition also has an AWESOME giveaway happening now where you can win:
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(Image:  Olly Nutrition)

Head on over to Olly Nutrition's website today and check out their new Kids' Vitamins and Boots, as well as their adult options.  You won't be disappointed!   :)

While I received product samples for this post, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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