Sunday, April 24, 2011


We do the same things for Easter every year - breakfast at the in-laws, Easter Egg Hunt and brunch with my mom and Joe.  Last year, Easter was on our 1st wedding anniversary, but this year, Easter was a day after the twins' birthday and 4 days after my mom's birthday, so we had a week/weekend full of fun!

We woke up and went to breakfast at Patty and Henry's and then participated in the annual Easter egg hunt.  All the kids - Ian, me, Kelly (sis-in-law), Leith (bro-in-law) and Ashley (Leith's wife) line up and prepare to fight for money filled eggs.  Every year we run around like crazy trying to get the most eggs (money) before everyone else, and usually we are victorious.  Sometimes we have spectators (my mom, Ashley's parents, Ian's parents), and sometimes there's a baby in the way (our nephew Reggie can walk this year!) - but we run around them trying to find the most eggs!

For all that were wondering, Ian and I usually collect the most money (as a couple).  Ian was the big winner for a couple of years in a row, and then Leith won in 2009 and Kelly in 2010, but this year - Ian won again!  We took home the big bucks and had SO MUCH FUN! 

Here are some hunt pictures from over the years (I couldn't find 2010!):

(2007 - my first year.  Note the plastic bag, thanks Patty.)




Reggie even got to have his first Egg Hunt this year too (although he only had candy in his eggs):

Kelly and I before we started (matching sunglasses):

And, if you've ever wanted to see what this hunt is really like, here is a video (and this was even after the initial frenzy!):

So, after Ian and I won, we heaedd out to brunch with my mom and Joe.  We try to go somewhere different every year, and this year it was the Scottsdale Princess.  The food was just ok, it was really fancy and we sat outside (which got kind of hot), but we DID get a professional picture with the Easter bunny (which I LOVE):

And some more photos:

(my mom and I on our way!)

(Gorgeous lake with real lily pads and a crane!)

(Mini flower on my mousse egg that is on my plate FULL of chocolate fountain!)

(I LOVE chocolate fountains!)

It was a really fun day full of family and food.  Ian and I usually make the mistake of eating too much at Patty and Henry's so that when we get to brunch we are stuffed, but this year we did pretty good.  We are also currently trying out the gluten free thing so I did pretty well with sticking to that today too.  We are resting on the couch, still stuffed, and deciding what to spend our Hunt moola on.  We are thinking an iPad . . .

Thanks to Patty and Henry for putting this on every year, and to my mom and Joe for a delicious brunch!  Happy Easter!

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