Tuesday, March 13, 2012

22 and 23 Weeks

22 Weeks

I am so late with this post - I know!  It has been a busy two weeks (last week of school before Spring Break and then weekend before our Babymoon) and I was sick again last week for 3 days so it has been tough to find time, but I'm here now.  Better late then never!

Last weekend my dad and I cleaned out the kitchen and it was a BIG task, much bigger than I thought.  I asked for his help because he is the most organized person I know and he loves to be in the kitchen, so it was perfect.  I thought we would just look in every drawer, rearrange some stuff and then go to Ikea to get some drawer organizers or something.  But, that's not quite what happened.  We ended up cleaning out and reorganizing every single drawer and ended up with another full bin to take to Goodwill (I seriously LOVE getting rid of stuff!).  We still have a bit more to do but it's little things that I think Ian and I can finish.  Every room we organize never fully gets finished before we move on to the next room (aside from the living room) but we will get to it.  Most of it is just cleaning and finding a place for the little things.
We started at around 10, ate lunch at 1 and by 2 headed off to Ikea to get some stuff.  I was in search of a desk to put on the end of my computer desk, for Ian's computer, so that we could get the birds out of the corner of the den and I could feel less cluttered (and less surrounded by birds, which aren't my favorite, as you know).  My dad was also in search of a desk, on wheels, so we went to brave Ikea on a Saturday afternoon - ugh!  It was definitely crowded and crazy but we had fun.  I ended up finding a pot lid organizer, a spice organizer (for a drawer), my desk, a new desk chair for Ian, a storage system for Ian's desk stuff and a couple of cute candy dishes for the kitchen.  It was a successful trip and I had tons of fun spending the day with my Dad, one of my favorite things to do!

Last week I also went to my first prenatal yoga class at Desert Song, my favorite yoga studio.  I have been going to this studio for almost 5 years and usually am in the intermediate class on Wednesday nights.  But, as I've talked about before, every time I would head to the bathroom before class, I would run into all the pregnant ladies from the prenatal class happening at the same time.  For a year I longed to be those ladies and this time, I got to be one.

It took a lot for me to go back to Desert Song.  It was here, in November 2010 that I told the very first person I was pregnant, Mary Beth my yoga instructor.  It was also here that I attended Mary Beth's All Levels class on Thursdays while I was pregnant the first time.  I thought I could do it all, continue my yoga practice just like I had before I was pregnant and everything would be fine but I was wrong.  So, this time around, I haven't really done much.  I try to walk as much as I can, I try to do yoga at home but I don't really stick with any of it and for the first 3 months I did absolutely nothing just in case.  To go back, it was scary, but I went and had THE BEST experience.

There is nothing like being pregnant in a room full of pregnant people, it's unexplainable.  You feel normal for the first time in months, surrounded by women who know exactly what you're going through - there's nothing like it.  The first part of the class we introduce ourselves and talk about how we are feeling and then we do a pretty tough yoga class and then everyone goes to dinner after.  I had such a good time I called my mom and Ian after, crying my eyes out.  I felt like myself for the first time since I got pregnant, being at a yoga class, surrounded by people just like me, it was amazing.  I'm sad I was sick last week and couldn't go, and will be out of town this week so have to miss it again.  But, I plan on going every Wednesday from next week on, I'm going to make it a priority because I loved it just that much.  I can't even put into words how much fun I had - I totally recommend a prenatal yoga class when you're pregnant and feel up to it, there's nothing like it.

23 Weeks
(We had to change these up a bit because we added a desk where we take the pics.  Hope it still works out!)

(I didn't have time to add the text to these, it is a half hour before we leave on vacation and we are taking and uploading them!)

This week was a whirlwind.  I was sick, missed a lot of school, came back to a mess of students and assignments, hurried to get my grades in and then we were out of there.  Where do the days go?  I am still feeling pretty crappy but tomorrow we leave for our Babymoon to San Diego so I HAVE to start feeling better!  I should have taken it easier these past two days but we have had SO MUCH going on, it was too hard.  Just now, at 9pm the night before we leave, I have time to write this post.  Ugh.

This weekend my dad came back to help me clean out the room that is going to be the nursery.  It is the spare room in our house and it is basically the "junk room."  We tried to dress it up when Meaghan came in town for the wedding (almost 3 years ago) but since then it has just been full of who knows what.  So, it was a BIG task and took all day (again). 



After cleaning the room my dad and I worked on finishing the kitchen while Ian and Joe, my step-dad, took off the baseboards to get ready for paint and new flooring.  We arranged to have my mom, Aunt Donna, Christie, Jenny and Christine come over to primer the room the next day, so we had to finish.  It was a long day and I was wiped out by 5 when we finally sat down after taking showers.  Little did we know, our sewer line backed up again (happens about every 2 years, old house problems) and we heard a HUGE rush of water coming from the laundry room and ended up calling a plumber.  He was in the car and came right over (when does that ever happen?) and $100 later our line was cleaned out again (for another 2 years).  It was a long day and so was the next day.

Everyone came over early and we got to work (after meeting Aunt Donna on Friday so she could buy the paint for us, isn't she the sweetest?!)  We all painted, except for Christie who came later, and then talked about the baby shower.  I am so incredible lucky to have these ladies in my life, who else has friends like this?  I just can't believe all that they do, I am so thankful for them, every single day.  The girls and I went to lunch and then I had to rush home to get ready to go to my mom's to see Meaghan and her family who are in town visiting this week.  We ate, sat outside and talked and then went to Target to get some stuff for our trip.  It was great seeing Meaghan and her parents, I always love spending time with her, whenever I can.

(Aunt Donna was the Project Manager.)

(Christine in jeans!)

(Jenny in pjs!)

(How cute is my mom?!)

(I wore a mask even though it was non VOC paint, just to be safe.)

(Primer is done!)


Today I picked Meaghan up and got to hang out with her again.  She stuck around the house with me while I cleaned my room and then we walked around the zoo with Christine, Jeremy and Espen.  It was 80 degrees today and is supposed to be all week, we are so lucky to live in AZ.  Tonight we met my dad for dinner for his birthday and then I dropped her off and said goodbye.  She's in town until Thursday but since we leave tomorrow this was our only day to hang out, and it was fun.  I am exhausted and have more to say but no energy to say it so it will have to wait until later.

(Happy birthday Dad!)

Sorry these posts are so "I did this, then I did this" but that's all I have in me!  We are off to San Diego tomorrow for 4 days of relaxing and I can't wait, then this weekend I will be 6 months pregnant - SO UNREAL!!!  Until after our Babymoon bloggers . . . woooooo!


  1. Glad you had some fun cleaning and re-organizing things! It's one of my favorite things to do too. Your baby bump is so adorable. That's so cool that you were able to have the amazing expereince that you did at your prenatal yoga class. Have a great time on your "babymoon"! ( :

    1. Thanks! Glad we got to finally see yours, out from under all those layers!

    2. Ashley -

      Cleaning and re-organizing is usually my favorite but this time it has turned into a HUGE job and mess. I actually have to share half of the baby's nursery closet with her to store our winter clothes because I'm scared to put them in the attic! We have a 1700 square foot house and no room - how does that even happen?!

      Our babymoon was so much fun, we slept almost the entire time, such a needed vacation. And, I get to go back to yoga this week, yay! :)