Monday, March 19, 2012

6 Months and A Babymoon!

(6 months!)

I had to wait to take my weekly picture (and post this) until today because it has been unseasonably rainy in Arizona these past couple of days (usually we take it on Sundays).  I think I even saw snowflakes in Scottsdale on Sunday, it has been so coooold!  Isn't it March?  I'm confused by this weather!

I thought I would post all of my weekly photos here together so that you could see my little bump progress over these past 10 weeks.  It is hard to believe it has been 10 weeks since I started taking these, and hard to believe that I thought I looked pregnant way back there at 15 weeks because I SO did not!  Just this week have I really noticed my belly being in the way - hard to bend over, can't see the bottom part of it, hard to get off the couch and out of bed and kind of off balance while walking or sitting.  In San Diego I even told Ian that I feel like myself and that I have my regular body until I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a window and see a very pregnant person - it is SO weird.  It's like in Men in Black when they go investigate the alien crashing at the farm and the wife says, "It was like it was Edgar but not Edgar, it was like it was wearing an 'Edgar suit.'"  That's how I feel, just like Allison but Allison wearing a pregnancy suit when I see myself in a mirror.  My head, my legs and my arms are normal but from my neck to my thighs it is like I have a boob/butt/belly body suit on.  I'm sure in a couple of weeks my energy level will match the way I look but now it's just so disconnected.  Very very strange.

No aches or pains or anything for the past couple of weeks - my snoogle is amazing (I even brought it on vacation)!  It cured my hip thing and I've been feeling great, aside from some nasty heartburn.  It's like everything I eat gives me heartburn, even if it isn't acidy.  I also have been hot again, like in the beginning, and when I get stuffy I get really uncomfortable.  The end of the day is the weirdest because your belly really stretches out after eating all day, you can't even pinch it it's so tight and bloated.  Our little lady has been moving up a storm and I haven't used the doppler in weeks.  We can see her moving on the outside now and every time I try to take a video I miss it, I can never catch her on camera!  I will get a video of her one of these days - wait for it!  We have our glucose test in 2 weeks along with another appointment and then on May 2nd, at 30 weeks, we get to see our little lemon again - I can't wait!  April will be a dragging month but May will be SO MUCH FUN with another ultrasound, my shower and my bestie flying in from Oregon.  Hurry up April and get out of the way!

I left off so much last week because I was in a rush to post before our trip and I kept thinking all week about the things I needed to add to this post (from weeks 22 and 23), but as I type this I can't remember a single one!  Pregnancy brain, tired brain, first week back at school brain - who knows. So, this post will just have to be about week 24 (6 months!) and our babymoon! 

We left for San Diego at noon on Tuesday and got there around 7pm (with 4 stops to pee, a stop to eat lunch and only $34 in gas - I love my new car!).  Can you tell we like to take our time and meander around on road trips?  We went out to dinner at one of our favorite spots on Coronado called Burger Lounge.  I couldn't get buns or fries because I'm gluten free so I got a burger with no bun (and caramelized onions) and a delicious fresh vegetable salad.  We were so tired that we went back to the hotel, watched TV for a bit and then went to bed.  

 (Our Prius fit so much, I love all the room it has in the back!)

 (Sometimes you have to stop at really creepy places to pee when you're pregnant.  And sometimes the old man that works/lives at the place tells you that you have to buy something first.  Rude!)


Wednesday we laid in bed for a couple of hours and then walked to our favorite grocery store Boney's Bayside Market to get some lunch to take to the beach.  Silver Strand Beach was cold and windy but we managed to stay a couple of hours and then head back to our hotel for a nap.  We slept a TON on this trip, wait until you read what we did on Thursday!  I guess we needed it, we've been so busy at home with organizing, cleaning and painting that our bodies must have just been worn out!  Later that night we got pork chops, a salad and gluten free mac and cheese from the market to make at our hotel (they have grills and we brought a burner and pans!).  It was delicious and relaxing and we ate outside at our little table and it was beautiful.

(Our view most of the trip - from bed!)

 (Eating lunch on the beach was scary, so many seagulls hovering around and watching us!)

 (He seriously made the best pork chops ever!)

Thursday we woke up early for my favorite thing - to look for shells!  Silver Strand is famous for them so we headed out and ended up finding a few, even though Summer is the best time for shelling.  Then, surprise surprise, we came back in and napped!  A few hours later we woke up and decided to go to Coronado Beach instead to see if it would be warmer than Silver Strand.  It wasn't and we only lasted about two hours before we headed back in for another nap.  

(It was so cold, don't judge my crazy outfit!)

 (And, after our nap.)

(It's not the cutest but I thought I'd want a bikini belly pic after the baby is here!)

Our friends Will and Jacque offered to make us dinner that night so we made sure we were up and ready to be at their house in San Diego at 6:30pm.  When we got to their neighborhood we were a bit early so we drove around for awhile looking at houses and getting gas for our trip home on Friday.  We got to Jacque's at what we thought was 6:30 but was really 7:30 (daylight savings JUST happened and our hotel room had it all wrong, and we thought our phones were off too!) and they were worried about where we were!  I asked why they didn't call and Will said it's because I never answer my phone (which is true because I never know where it is) but THIS would have been the time to call us!  They were making dinner, because they got hungry waiting for us, so we really got there just in time.  Grilled polenta with veggies and homemade sauce - Jacque's dinner was delicious!  We stayed and chatted for a bit and then headed back to our little island (where it's quiet and not full of crazy drivers!).

We woke up early Friday to leave, caught three episodes of Will & Grace on Lifetime (our favorite show on vacation) and then headed back home.  We stopped at the Viejas Coach outlet, of course, and for the first time I didn't buy anything!  Instead I had to go to Osh Kosh B'Gosh and by the Lemon some overalls that I remember having as a little girl (except mine did not have the cute hearts on them!).  We got home around 5:30pm (after pee stops and lunch again) and then cleaned up around the house before relaxing on the couch.

 (My belly and our In n Out fries we HAD to stop for - before lunch!)

It was an amazing babymoon, I just wish the weather would have been a bit nicer.  But, I can't complain because after we left it has been raining ever since so at least we missed that!  I loved spending time with Ian, having nothing to do and being able to sleep the whole night through (aside from getting up to pee) because I'm not thinking about something or worrying about things getting done.  It was awesome and I can't wait to take our little muffin back to Coronado for her first birthday (we want to spend a week or two actually camping on the beach in a trailer).  I can't wait to see her put her little toes in the sand, and to bring all the dogs to the beach for the first time too - it is going to be so fun!

I also wanted to include the inspiration for the nursery (since I'm posting our progress, slowly).  These are from my Pinterest:

 (I really like aqua and pink with accents of yellow.)

(Ian woke up early on Saturday to paint the color on the nursery.  It was a sweet surprise and he finished it later that day with the help of our friend Tozzi!)

You can't really see the color in the pics above but it's from Lowes and it's called Fountain Mist (actual color is below but it's even more blue than this swatch).  I'm thinking I should have gone a darker aqua (or maybe more bluish) but I was afraid of too much color on the walls because we are going to have pinks and yellows in the room too.

We went to a cloth diaper class on St. Patrick's Day morning and learned A LOT.  I knew absolutely nothing about cloth diapers before we went, aside from the fact that they are cheaper (in the long run) and a more environmentally conscious choice than disposable diapers.  We learned about the different kinds, how to use them, cloth wipes, wipe solution, detergent, how often to wash, storage, etc and it was only an hour long free class through Zoolikins in Scottsdale.  I think we have decided to use a diaper service at least for the first 3 months (if we can do it at $100 a month) and then get our own sets of cloth diapers for after the newborn stage.  If you want to know why we are going cloth, they have a ton of facts about cloth diapers on their site, here.  Zoolikins also has some great information too, here.  

The staff was super informative and the cloth diaper presenter also helped Ian get into two baby carriers - it was too cute!  All of the other pregnant moms stood around watching while he put each one on, and put a fake baby in each one.  I loved it, it melted my heart.  Ian was the only daddy there that was super involved and wanted more information about things, it made me so happy. 

(Me at cloth diapering, Ian made me pose!)

This past Sunday was our nephew Reggie's 2nd birthday.  My brother and sister-in-law did a great job planning his Gizmo party and we had so much fun (and I'm pretty sure he did too)!


  1. Hey Allison,
    I can totally relate to the "pregnancy suit" idea. Every time I would take my weekly belly shots with Avery I would be like, "That doesn't even look like me! There's no way my belly is that big!" Must of been that "pregnancy suit"-lol!

    The snoggle thing sounds really cool, wish I would have tried that one when I was pregnant. I just used a bunch of small random pillows from around the house.

    Love the bikini pic as well. Be glad you took it. I wish I had one of me in a swimsuit while pregnant. So cute!

    Way to go green with wanting to do cloth diapers! We've really loved them with Avery (and continue to) and I'm sure you will too. When you end up washing them on your own, I'd love to hear how you do it, since I'm kind of clueless on that part.
    Take care,
    Ashley ( :

    1. Thanks for your love for the bikini pic, it was scary posting it for all to see but I knew I'd want to look back on it one day! This week how I'm feeling is finally starting to match what I look like, I'm moving slower and getting winded - my pregnancy suit is now more of a pregnancy body!

      I can't wait to try cloth diapers, I'm really excited about it. We are going to do a service too, for the first couple of months I hope, so we can get used to it and then I will keep you posted on how washing them goes!

      This weekend I added the Tummy Tub to my registry based on your recommendation, I can't wait to see our little lemon in it and can only hope she looks as cute as Avery!

      Lots of love to you guys!!!