Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3 Months!

I have been writing this post for a week and just haven't been able to get it up for some reason.  Well, we all know that there is a reason and she just so happens to be the subject of this post!  ;)

The past month has flown by, again, and our little girl is getting bigger and bigger.  I'd guess she weighs almost 14 pounds and every time we lay her down she tries to sit up.  It looks uncomfortable, like something is wrong with her, but it's just her, curling her neck up and trying to work those back muscles.  She sits in her bumbo all the time now, until she gets bored of it and lays on her play mat every day too until that also bores her and she cries.  She still hates tummy time but daddy did tummy time with her on his chest this past weekend and she was holding her head up so high and talking away, it was the cutest and for about 10 minutes she didn't seem to mind it - then she got bored and fussed.

Our little girl also laughed this week (see my next post for the video - 34 Years) and found her toes today.  She grabbed her toes a couple of times while I was home with her and I think just realized that they were connected to her and not just there to look at and amuse her.  She still sticks her fingers or her whole hand in her mouth and makes it all slobbery.  She amuses herself pretty good by doing it though and can now sit and kind of entertain herself for a bit while we are doing something else.  Gotta love those hands as entertainment!  She talks to the dragon on her play mat and really talks at everything.  She likes the dots on our walls (hand painted years ago), her hands and feet (like I said) and has apparently just realized over the past couple of weeks that we live with dogs.  She can't get enough of the dogs and one day when she cried for 30 minutes for no reason the only thing that stopped her was Linus licking her (he saved me!).  She also can't get enough of our parrot, Einstein, and loves watching him, while he is also watching her (and probably wondering where she came from and why he lives outside now!).

She loves sitting in her stroller (not the car seat in the stroller, just the stroller) and going for walks every night.  You have to get her at just the right mood, and after a good nap, and she will walk for hours sometimes if we go someplace far.  She's ok in the car seat on car rides and usually falls asleep but if she wakes up and wants to get out, it's all over.  She also hates walking and having a good time visiting people and then having to get in her car seat, she always cries and fusses about it.

This girl also LOVES to sleep.  She takes two long naps during the day, if we are home and I catch her before she is overly tired.  She usually wakes up for the day around 9 and then naps again from 10:30-12:30 and then takes another nap from about 2:30-4:30 and goes to bed at 8:30.  She still doesn't sleep through the night, only about once a week will she go 7 hours at a time (and we still haven't figured out what is different THAT night, even though we've tried to repeat what we've done!).  She is sleeping pretty nutty actually like from 8:30-2 and then from 2-5 and then from 5-7 and then from 7-9.  It's like she wakes up every 2 hours after that long stretch and it drives me bonkers.  I feed her every time and need to not do that because she may not be hungry just awake and has got to learn to put herself back to sleep - I know.  We also plan on moving her into her room next week, while Ian is on break, so maybe that will help or will make things worse - I'm scared.  But, I'm excited to have our bedroom back!

This morning I woke up at 4:30am to her just talking away.  She talks an awful lot and sometimes it sounds like she's even trying to mimic us.  She talks at her hanging toys, she talks at the TV, she talks to the dogs, she loves talking to her daddy and mommy, talking to the flower picture hanging above our bed and sometimes just to the air (which scares me and makes me think that my Nani is there, watching over us).  She sticks her tongue out a lot and even chews on it.  She definitely has the cutest voice and laugh (see next post) and I can't wait (but can really!) until she says words.  I always wonder what she's trying to say to us, and sometimes she'll yell something that must be really important - and I love it.

We gave Lemon a bottle this week after not giving her one for over a month.  My mom bought me two new bottles to try, just in case she forgot how to drink out of them, and daddy gave her one on Friday to see if she would take it.  She acted confused right at first but then got the hang of it, wrapping her lips around it just like a nipple.  It made me happy (for a bit of freedom again) but sad because I go back to work 29 days from today and it's bottles for her with daddy during the day.  I wanted her to practice taking one so that I could go out for my birthday this past weekend and she took one like a champ.  I'm hoping that now, since she's older, she can switch from nipple to bottle and not get confused like she did before.  I hope.

Lemon is still loving Mommy & Me yoga although gets so tired by the end of lunch with my friends that I usually have to hold her and eat.  It is right in the middle of her morning nap and although I love to go, and need that time with fellow mommies, I wish it was a bit later in the day so that I didn't have a fussy baby ALL day afterwards (once she skips a nap it's all over for the rest of the day).  She loves the singing at yoga, the scarves and seeing her baby friends Ellie and Livvy (see pics below).  I try to sing to her every day at home too, because she likes it so much there, and daddy plays guitar and sings for her too and she just loves it.  Daddies are VERY entertaining.  I put her on the floor today to see if she would play with some of her toys and she wasn't very interested even though she could grab at things and pick them up.  The only toy she really seems to like is that strange one where you push on their bellies and they open their mouths and sing (thanks Ann and Ben!).  She tries to grab at it and it mesmerizes her.  It's weird to think that one day she will be SO into toys because she just isn't right now.

She also isn't really into a pacifier over the past couple of days and I'm wondering if we should switch brands (we use Soothies now).  I was scared to let her use a different kind before because I thought it may interfere with breastfeeding but now am feeling fine with that and fine with her having a bottle once in awhile so maybe a different pacifier would work.  She pushes them out with her tongue if we try to give her one and makes a loud YUCK kind of noise and wants nothing to do with them.  Maybe it's just a phase.

As it turns October I think of how I have to head back to work on the 31st.  I am in no way prepared for the craziness of my classes, my students or how far behind they will be when I get there.  I didn't have a sub for weeks and now have someone who apparently doesn't know what he's doing even though I left calendars, all the work (copies), a flash drive and everything I could to help.  Oh well, we will have to just start fresh when I get there.  I have really lived the life these past couple of months - being able to see my friends, see our family, go to yoga and hang with the babe - now all that will have to be crammed in after working all week.  It is going to be tough because I know I won't want to do anything after school but come home and be with the baby.  However, I don't think I am stay at home mom material, for some reason, so I am a little excited to do something different.  Although I will be so jelly of daddy at home with baby while I'm working - I may not be able to stand it.  And I'm a bit afraid that I will come home to drool all over her face, her in some wacky outfit (or bow) and no washed diapers because daddies forget stuff like that.  I am also secretly afraid that baby will love daddy more than mommy and that will devastate me.  She is my best friend and I know I will hate being away from her.  And then in January we both leave her, mostly with my mom, and that will be REALLY hard.  Letting go of control, letting someone else watch her grow up and learn, laugh and play every day.  Ugh.  Time is going by WAY too fast.  I say this all the time but it is SO true.  I miss my little baby already, she is just getting TOO big.

How is mommy doing (since I will probably want to look back and remember this too)?  Well, mommy is adjusting.  Ugh adjusting still?  Yep, I feel like this first 3 months were a blur (as my friend Melissa says, you are so sleep deprived it feels like that!) and that I am still getting the hang of things.  It is definitely getting easier and I am learning her moods, eating times and nap times but she still surprises me some days.  I also still have 15 pounds to lose and can't fit in any of my old pants/shorts/jeans so that is a bit depressing.  I feel like I am on a time schedule and need to fit in them before it gets colder so it's stressful and I feel like I need to try harder to get back to where I was.  I never realized how small I was before and now that I'm not, and if I get back there again, I will totally cherish it and be so proud of myself.  Breastfeeding worked for me for that first month but I've weighed the same for about a month and a half now and it's getting old.  I miss my old butt and legs - will I ever see them again?  I've been doing hot yoga 3 times a week and have been walking with baby and daddy every night but know I need to get back on that treadmill in the living room.  That may be the only way I tone these legs of mine but I just can't seem to find the time.  When baby is napping I think of a million things I need to be doing and the treadmill is just last on my list.

Breastfeeding is easy peasy for us now and I'm comfortable with giving baby a bottle now from time to time.  I hate pumping though and know that I have to do it to increase my stockpile for school but don't want to do it in the morning for some reason.  I never know if baby is going to wake back up, after her 2nd morning feeding, and sometimes I don't feel like getting out of bed to do it when I could just sleep that 10 more minutes.  Stupid reasons I know.  I have about 75 ounces in the freezer right now but know that Lemon will need about 15 ounces a day while she's home with daddy.  So do I have enough and then can pump at school (twice) during the day or do I need more?  I just hate taking the time to do it and feel like sometimes it takes milk away from her (or really like she has to just be a little more patient those days).  I am still taking fenugreek to increase supply but forget to take it sometimes so I'm not sure if it's really helping.  I pumped on Saturday while I was away from her and in 5 minutes I only got about 3 ounces (from both boobs) but I was in a hurry and not really concentrating on the task at hand.

Some things she just started doing in the past couple of days?  Grabbing her toes, she only just noticed she had feet and now she is reaching for them and playing with them.  And today at lunch she grabbed my plate and pulled it towards her.  My only thought was, oh no and now it begins!  It was so cool to see her reach for something she wanted though.  Yesterday she also reached for my phone when I had it out taking a picture of her and that was awesome too, like you know that something is there.  Last night she wrapped her hands around my arm, played with my bracelets and reached for the foot of one of her toys.  It is so strange to watch a tiny human learn things and discover things about themselves and the world around them.  So weird but so cool.  Baby has also started to fuss before going to sleep like she isn't tired but mommy knows better.  Last night and today (for a nap), I laid her down and watched her fuss and cry crocodile tears and then go right to sleep afterwards.  I think she has been playing me for awhile now, and daddy too (he is the worst, he gets her right up!) but I'm on to her and now know her trick!  I let her lay there and fuss and then just pet her and she finally goes to sleep.  I hope I can remember this trick for next week when we move her into her own room!

In addition to all of this rambling I do in these posts, I thought I'd better include a list of things here that I will want to remember for next time (if I decide to do this again some day).  I thought it might be helpful for me, and for other first time moms about to have babies, to share some wisdom that I've learned so far along the way.  So, here is my short list for now because I have GOT to get this post up before we leave for San Diego this weekend (and I'm already a post behind because this should be my birthday post!). 

  • Just because your baby is fussing or "up" in bed does not mean they are ready to get up.  Sometimes they will go back to sleep on their own, leave them alone.
  • Just because they are fussy or even crying in bed does not mean they aren't tired.  Pet their heads/cheeks/ears, let them know you are there, let them stare into your eyes or watch something (a projection/mobile/etc.) and they will go to sleep.  They learn what gets them out of bed (a sad, but cute, lip/fussing/fake tears) and use it to their advantage.  Babies are smarter than we think.
  • They act hungry all the time in the beginning - hungry when they are tired, when they are wet and when they are actually hungry.  Try everything first before feeding them.  I still have to remind myself of this one.
  • When babies get bored, they get fussy.  Change your environment, go outside, go for a walk, dip their feet in the pool, get some sun on them, let your dog lick them - anything to change what they were doing before and most of the time they will forget they were upset.
  • After insurance it cost us about $1800 to have a baby and $350 a month to insure her (this is a HUGE thing to remember!).  Can we do this again?  We shall see . . .

Now, some cute videos!

 (Just like in my last "Dear Lemon" post, here is another video of Lemon pouting on command.  This time it's from Daddy's singing and she can turn it on and off!)

(Lemon talking to her nani, my mom.)

(First time actually sitting up in her bumbo!)
Real camera pics (oldest to newest):

(Napping with daddy.  He may kill me for posting this pic, but she just looks so cute!)

(She has learned how to do "the lip" on command.  Smart girl, it gets us every time!)

 (Worried girl in her first swimsuit!  This is the same day I went out and got her a raft, put her in it and then bees attacked us so we went inside.  Ironic.)

(Talking to her best friend, Ellie.  Lemon was SO into it!)

 (Ellie looks pretty excited here too!)

 (Our other yoga friend, Julieta, had her baby Juliana!)

 (I guess we are going to have one of these every month now?!)


 (My mom, Lemon's nani, and Ian's mom.)


(Lemon on top of her new cousin, coming soon, Selma!)

(Talking to her new friend, Alejandra.  Thanks, Aunt Christine, for the cute dress!)

My iPhone pics (oldest to newest): 

(She discovered this month that she LOVES listening to her daddy play the guitar!)

(Morning faces and talking are my favorite!)

(Mommy & Me yoga!)

 (With her BFF Ellie at yoga.)

(We got an AWESOME monitor this month, it is great not having to open the door to check on her now!  Super fun for mommy and daddy to have living room date nights too!) 

 (Proof that mommy and daddy can now shut the door while baby is sleeping and hang out and drink!  Too bad we can't make it through a whole movie anymore though, we are too tired!)

(Nap time with daddy doesn't really work anymore!)

 (My friend Ann who I met at prenatal yoga, and who I've talked a lot about on here!  Her and her husband, Ben, met us at Rula Bula a couple of weeks ago to see Ian's band play!)

 (Aunt Christie)

 (We transitioned her from the bouncer to the Nap Nanny right after her 2 month birthday.  I also removed the blanket bumpers a couple of weeks ago.  She seems to love it!)

(Grandpa Joe came to babysit one day so mommy could go to yoga.  I came home to this, grandpa cuddles!)

(Did you guys know that you can SHOP on Instagram?!  It is the coolest and then you get cute stuff like this for only $7!  My friends and I have a shop too, follow @ladieswholunch!)

(We went to 2nd Friday in Mesa and I got to try a Paletas Betty for the first time. Yum!)

(My cousin Liz had a 3rd birthday party for her son Parker, my 3rd cousin, and Lemon was invited.  Here she is wearing the monkey shirt Liz made all of the guests with my great Aunt Nette, so her great great aunt!)

(Silly face!)

(I have to wake Lemon up for Mommy & Me yoga on Tuesdays because it starts at 10:15 and it is 30 minutes away.  She always looks SO cute but is SO tired when I'm getting her dressed!)

(All the mommies and babies - SO fun!)

 (My favorite Instagram purchase yet, the cutest overalls on the planet!!)

(Lemon, Livvy and Ellie - best friends!)

(Last Thursday we took a hot trip to the zoo with June and her daughter Phoenix.)

 (Lemon seemed to like the splash play area, but not as much as Phoenix!)

(Tired and not happy visiting daddy at school.)

 (But daddy loved it and showed Lemon off to all of his students!)

 (Breakfast on Saturday with grandma Patty and Aunt Kelly.  She was so sleepy!)

(Before my sister-in-law, Ashley's, baby shower on Sunday, daddy let Lemon and I sleep in until 10am!  It was AMAZING!)

(Mondays are spent with Aunt Christie and this Monday she tried a brussel sprout for the first time with a Sprite chaser in case she didn't like it.  But, she did!)

 (Costco with Aunt Christie!)

(We like to cram as much stuff into our cart as possible!  And yes, I still cloth diaper, but we are going to San Diego in a week and I needed disposables for the trip because there will be no washing machine!)

(This past Tuesday at yoga wearing a cute thrift store find!)

(Ann and Ellie were grumpy girls this week!)

(My new mommy and hot yoga friend, Melissa, and her daughter Livvy!)

Daddy's iPhone pics (these are totally random, he takes pics on an app so that when I save them they aren't in any kind of order).  Oh and I think the first 11 of these should actually be on her 2 month post.  Oh well!

(Yep, our first mall trip was definitely over a month ago!  Oops!)

(Oh I miss the days when she was super little and she would just fall asleep, now we have to work at it!)

 (Sometimes we have to wear the baby from 5-6 or we won't have a chance to eat dinner!)

 (Oh yep, back at 2 months when she had a stuffy nose!)

(Mad face.)

(Lemon, meet Einstein.)

 (Part of our night time routine, gets us out and helps her fussiness!)

 (The infamous lip!)

 (Daddies are so entertaining.)

(Note the parrot.)

 (Out to lunch with cousin Reggie and grandpa Henry!)

 (I had no idea this happened.  But look at my luxurious hair!  If I ever post that I cut it, just stop following and reading.  I will have made a HUGE mistake!)

(Looking at the app on the iPad that flashes pictures in red, black and white and plays music.  She loves it!)

(Yep this happened.  She got fussy on our nightly walk and we were on the canal with no people/houses around so I whipped out a boob.  For realsies.)

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  1. Oh, this blog and pictures are so priceless. It is amazing to think that even though she still is so little, she was even tinier a few months ago! And what a personality she has! It's hard not to wonder what she'll be doing next and loving every minute of it!

    Oh, and to my amazing daughter who turned 34 this last week, you and EB rock! I think you've worked together very well. A baby plus lack of sleep adds a whole new dimension to being a couple! The best advice I've shared with you before is to be appreciative about whoever is watching the baby. Each of you will have your own style of doing so and I'm glad you are both respectful of that.

    We are so blessed! I never thought when you were born and I held you in my arms that I'd feel such joy again! I've been so lucky to be around for 4 out of 5 of my granddaughters being born and each has had their own distinct personality. I can't wait to see how Lemon turns out!