Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Lemony Christmas & New Years!

This year the holidays were pretty relaxing.  We spent time with everyone we love, Lemon got a bunch of toys and got to rip and play with wrapping paper (even better than the toys!) and we had some days at home as a family of three.  I am so very blessed and thankful to have Lemon and Ian in my life - last Christmas we were a bundle of nerves at just 12 weeks pregnant and this year - man, have our lives changed!  It now seems like we are leading a completely different life; and even though it's hard at times, I love it.  I also can't wait until next year when we have a year and a half year old who kind of knows what is going on for Christmas!

Holiday posts are best told through photos:

We got Lemon's first picture with Santa taken in late November on a random shopping trip to the mall.  It was a weeknight and there was no line, and probably the reason we got such a funny looking Santa (why is his beard not even white?).

Her outfit for picking out a Christmas tree - such a cute Old Navy sweater! 

Ian hates when the Christmas tree lots tie up the trees and then he equally hates tying the tree to the top of the car.  This year, we just stuck the whole thing inside.  Ha. 

We wanted to get a living Christmas tree for Lemon's room, a tree we could keep ever year, and decorate for her.  It was just too cute and she seemed to like it, next year I bet she'll be even more excited about it.

Jenny had a Christmas party again and of course my bestie and I had to take some silly pics!

Bringing cookies home for Ian and leaning against a cactus.

 My dates, Mayo and Tozzi.  Ian stayed home with the babe.

Christmas Eve nails with Nani!  

 My favorite gals minus one (and a pic just like last year and the year before, blogs are the coolest)!

Lemon's first Christmas morning!

My favorite Christmas present.

A super cute handmade ornament from Christine.

Brand new stocking and tree skirt from my mom and Aunt Kathy from Land of Nod.

My mom made this when I was little and it's one of my favorite holiday decorations.  Every morning I pinned on a new ornament holding Lemon.

Opening her first present ever from mommy and daddy.

Daddy picked out a Tangled doll for her!

My mom and my niece, Amanda.

Grandpa Joe

Never mind us, but the babe looks cute!

 Sleepy family.

Christmas dinner at my Uncle John's with my family. 

My step-dad and step-brother - both Joe's.

 Amanda and Lemon

We met our mommy and daddy friends at the Spaghetti Factory to celebrate Christmas with them.  It is always so much fun to get these babies together!

Livvy and Lemon - more of them to come!

A late Christmas celebration with Ian's family.  Ian's grandma, Ermel, holding our niece, Selma, and Patty, his mom, holding Lemon.

Aunt Kelly and Lemon in her undies!

A New Years pic before we went to bed at 9pm!

A New Years Eve feast!

 Hot yoga with Jenny to start off 2013.

A New Years Day zoo trip with our mom friends and their husbands/boyfriends.  It was COLD but I wore my short shorts!

Melissa and Livvy!

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