Monday, April 8, 2013

Four Years! Wow!

This past week, Ian and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary.  We both forgot that it had been four years, it seems like it was just yesterday or like it was 10 years ago - 4 was not the number we thought until we counted back.  Yep, four it was, wow!  
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For some wedding photos (April 2009), check out my (really old) Flickr account.

After going on a lovely bike ride a couple of weeks ago while my mom had Lemon overnight, we decided we wanted to get a bike trailer so that the babe could go on rides with us.  After a lot of research I decided on the Aosom Elite II 3in 1 bike trailer and stroller (thanks mom for helping us buy it!).  It was super easy to put together but when we put the helmet on Lemon (which I also got on Amazon, and which was supposed to be baby-sized), it didn't fit and she couldn't see because it fell forward.  The back of the trailer sits straight up so her head fell, with the weight of the helmet.  The straps are also super uncomfy so they cut into her neck because she wasn't tall enough.  (I am perfectly aware that bike trailers are for year old babies and ours even says 18 months, but I knew I could make it work!)  So, we didn't end up going out on the night of our actual anniversary because we couldn't figure out how to make her fit in the trailer and by the time we thought of how to fix it, it was too late.  So a fast dinner, then a bath and then bed - very uneventful.

Too big, she hated it.

So sad about it, she frozen she hated it so much.  And the videos below, the saddest!

But that night, while I was putting the babe to bed, Ian went to Target and get a Schwinn helmet, the smallest one they had, which fit better (even though I still had to put a handkerchief in the back to make it more snug) and so we were off to the post office, as a family, after school the next day!

I wrapped left over fleece (from my crib rail cover project) around the straps and we folded up a yoga mat for Lemon to sit on (to raise her up) and it seemed more comfy for her.  (Linus didn't really go with us, although Lemon would have LOVED that, he was just there for the pic!)

We gave her a snack, water and a bunch of toys and she seemed to have fun!  It was awesome and I totally suggest getting one.  I like the idea of a trailer more than a seat because she can be in it at 9 months (now) and also because I can fit another baby (or dog!) in there with her too (or stuff if we go on a longer ride)!

On Saturday we were off to the Phoenix Zoo, our wedding spot, to celebrate as a fam!

And taking pictures with our camera set up on the stroller was hilarious!  We all were beat afterwards from trying for so long to get a good one and being in the sun!  Poor Lemon wouldn't keep her sunglasses on!

This year:

Last year (thank goodness the grass is back!):


And then that night, my mom came over to babysit (she is the BEST!) and we were off to dinner!  I thought it would be fun to ride bikes, again, but didn't realize the place we picked, Sauce (with gluten free pizza crust), was 6.5 miles away!  I was STARVING by the time we got there after hot yoga that morning, the zoo and then a long ride!

We were going to ride to ice cream after but downtown Scottsdale was nuts so we met friends at Papago Brewery instead!

Elise (a fellow teacher at our school and our neighbor!) and I sucked at darts!

We got home around 10:30 and were so tired and the minute my head hit the pillow, the baby woke up.  Isn't that how it always happens?!  Mom life I guess.  

Thank you to my mom for giving us a night out and to my amazing husband who is still my very best friend.  Our lives have been a roller coaster these last couple of years but I'm thinking now we are getting the hang of this parenting thing and are a great team!  Thank you for loving me, I love you more than you will ever know.  Happy Anniversary baby.


  1. Really cute pictures. I have a 7 year old and a brand new 6 week old, and I can't wait for the baby to start smiling. Your new follower from MBC. Please follow back if you can :)

    1. I will! Thanks! A 6 week old, wow! Congrats!!

  2. She makes the cutest little wrinkley faces! The pictures of her with the helmet on are just beyond cute.

    We got two swimsuits for our little girl. The super cute one that was fulfilling my need to play dress up with the baby and the smart rash guard type one that you have. I imagine that one is gonna be way easier and better when she is actually playing in the water and not just posing for pictures :)

    1. Thanks!

      We have a couple of swimsuits too and if it were up to me she'd be in her cute ones (see my monthly posts of her at swimming) but my mom got her this one and I guess it is more practical for the sun - I guess! Even thought it's not as cute!

  3. Happy late anniversary! You guys are just so adorable! I love reading your blogs...Thank you for sharing!