Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter & Babes of Summer Part III

It has been a seriously busy past couple of days.  Swimming on Wednesdays right after work always throws us off and then our anniversary yesterday (where we got a bike trailer in hope of riding with the baby to dinner) which didn't quite work out as planned and then Lemon's 9 month check up today (which surprisingly doesn't require any shots, who knew?!).  Phew!  So, here's a recap of Easter and our Babes of Summer boat trip this year.  (To see past boat trips go here, and here!)

We had one of the worst nights we've ever had this past Saturday night, right before Easter.  Lemon, and her parents, only slept about 3 hours, the rest of the time she was up crying and not stopping, for anything.  I tried putting her in bed with me, feeding her, patting her, Ian put a movie on for her, slept in her room so she could see him, he gave her his phone to play with - we tried everything.  But, she just wouldn't go to sleep and I have no idea what actually happened all night long because I was in such a dream state but I do know that none of us slept and from about 10pm to 4am - she was up.  Teeth?  I think so.  Teething sucks.  So, we had a rough day on Easter, everyone was tired, but we still managed to celebrate with our families.

But, before that - what the heck do you put in a 9 month old's Easter basket?  Well, after a $200 trip to Target, here is what I included (although that Fisher Price phone case had to be taken back, it's not for the iPhone 5!):

And some"bunny" got to wear her "somebunny loves me" onesie from Old Navy the day before, too cute!

I had SUCH a hard time picking out which dress Lemon would wear because they all are just fitting and I'm worried she won't be able to wear the others before she grows out of them!  The blue is vintage, that I actually got in an Instagram shop, the green is from Gymboree and the white was a gift from my besties parents (I am a sucker for a one-shoulder!).

The blue one because when I bought it I just envisioned her wearing it on Easter!

Then, we were off to Ian's parents' house for breakfast and our annual Easter egg hunt!  (See this post and this one.)

My step-brother Joe there in the background and my niece Amanda.

Ian with our niece Selma.

My mom takes blurry pics because she's usually singing or talking to Lemon while holding the camera.  If you follow her on Instagram you probably know this already.   :P

Daddy's fake smile.  Hahahaa.
Every year Ian's parents put money in eggs for the "kids" (us) but this year and last the grand kids got to have an egg hunt first with candy filled eggs.

She has this thing with grass.  She will put one leg down but then hover the other leg not wanting it to touch down too.  It is too funny!

Lovers before the hunt!  I wanted to get pics and video of our our egg hunt (it is super funny!) but my mom was in charge of them and was distracted by Lemon I think.  :)

Our cute nephew Reggie.

My step-dad, Joe loves his Lemon.

Have you ever seen a baby in a bouncy house?  (Are you following me on Vine?)  It is HILARIOUS and Lemon absolutely loves it.  She cracks up, falls over and then cracks up some more.  We actually had to take her out because she just goes absolutely nuts, was super overtired, and spit up a bit.  She cried when we took her out.  Then she was content with watching the big kids try it out.


Thanks Patty and Henry for hosting a lovely Easter again this year, we had so much fun!  I am also just a bit excited that it was the last year for our egg hunt and now it will be just the kiddos next year - I can't wait!

After we got home, Lemon (and mommy) took a long nap and then Lemon opened her Easter baskets:


We had a three day weekend Easter weekend, thank goodness (and thanks Ceaser Chavez!), so on Monday I was off to our Babes of Summer boat trip 2013 edition (our 3rd annual)!  

Pumping in the car while Christie drives.  We had to switch right before we got there so I could do it!  Mom life!

Brought my own mini cooler just for the milk.  Hilar!

We left early to head to Bartlett Lake before the other girls to get the boat situated.

Christie had to pee so I pulled the boat out and drove it around to pick her up.

Someone wrote "yolo" in the dust before us.  Ha.

 Picking up the ladies!

Seriously the drive to Bartlett Lake is so beautiful and it's only 45 minutes away from our house!  Why don't we go more often?!

It was definitely awesome not to be pregnant this time!  I love these ladies, friends for almost 20 years!!!

I left around 2 so that I could be home by 3pm to hang with Ian and Lemon.  It's funny because an extra day off meant an extra day with her and I didn't want to miss it.  Strange how things change when you have a baby.  I was happy to spend time with my ladies but happy to get home to her and Ian too.  Until next summer girls!!


  1. Looks like such a fun girls trip!! And, I'm beyond jealous of your bikini ready bod-ay!

    1. It IS so much fun, I'm so happy we do it every year, makes such a huge difference when you get get away with just the girls, even for a day! And, thanks!! xoxo :)

  2. Love the pictures! Our daughter Pearl (8 months) has been very cranky lately also. I really do think it's teething. Poor babies.
    I was wondering if the bracelets Lemon is wearing are for anything special?

    1. Hello! Thanks! I hate teething, for reals, hate it!

      Lemon's bracelets aren't for anything special, I just wear friendship bracelets and thought she should too. Thanks for reading and writing! xoxo