Friday, May 10, 2013


Today I am feeling so incredibly lucky.
There are only 8 more days of school, 8, and that means only 8 more days of pumping!  I am so lucky that I am a teacher and get to have over 2 months off with my baby girl.  Whether we decide on daycare or not next year, at least I get to have this time at home where we don't have to pay anyone, scramble to find someone to watch her or pack up a bag every night to send wherever she is going.  So many lazy mornings are in our near future, I can hardly wait.  Being a teacher has many perks and this is definitely one of them.

I live in the south part of Scottsdale, Arizona.  I love my neighborhood because it is close to everything and I live in a house that was built in 1957.  A good friend of mine, another teacher at my school, lives a couple of streets away, one of my besties lives close by, Melissa (who watches Lemon) lives just across one major street), another friend I met lives another few streets away and I can ride my bike to the post office and walk to yoga.  I just walked over to my friend's classroom, asked her if she wanted to ride bikes to Dairy Queen tonight and if she wanted to ride to yoga tomorrow morning - how cool is that?!  If I can't live in a walking city like Portland (because it's just too dang cold for me!), I am so lucky to live where I do.  Plus, I love the sun so Arizona is just right for me!  Come visit!

Today is Friday, that means I have 2 days off with my baby girl.  And, this weekend is my first Mother's Day and I get to spend tomorrow doing whatever I want with this little family of mine.

Lemon slept all the way through the night two nights in a row (maybe I shouldn't even be typing this for fear of jinxing it!).  Anyone that reads my blog knows this is a rarity and I've actually woken up early the past two mornings, and at 2-3am, wondering what the heck was going on and why my body was all of a sudden getting so much sleep.  It has been glorious and I hope we have a few more nights like this before those top two teeth appear!

My baby girl got shoes for the first time today, she's a size 3 at Stride Rite.  Walking shoes - can you believe it?  She's not walking yet but is standing and moving along furniture - soon to be I'm sure.  Shoes?  What the?  So crazy.

I need to order Lemon's first birthday party invitations soon, her party will be on July 13th.  We used our tax money to get our backyard redone in time for the party and a week from today it will be finished - I can't wait!  Just in time for fun in the sun and swimming all summer.  I am so excited for all of our family and friends to come over and celebrate with us, I just can't believe that's less than 2 months away.

I also just sent in our confirmation to spend Lemon's birthday on the beach in a rented trailer.  We are so lucky to be heading out to Coronado for the 4th and it's so awesome we get to spend 6 days there.  Being on the beach with a muffin that is walking?  I die.

My poor husband has slept out in the living room, with the monitor, the past week because Lemon seems to sleep better when he's out there, although her door is closed and she has no idea (weird how that works).  But what a trooper he is - knowing that we all need some sleep.  I love him more than anything and am so lucky he's a teacher too and we get to have time off together with our muffin.
This was supposed to be a short post so I will end it here, even though I'm sure there's so much more I could add to this list.  And of course I need to include a pic so here's Lemon "doing her makeup" with me this morning.  How cute are those two curls above her ears?  I can't even handle it.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mamas, I hope you get to rest and relax with your families this weekend.  You deserve it.


  1. So jealous of your sleep but so happy for you! I can only imagine how awesome that feels. Seriously, only imagine we aren't anywhere close to that right now ha! I do think I would be doing the same thing though, waking up and thinking what is going on?!

    The part about your husband sleeping on the couch is precious and I totally understand that. When I sleep on the couch in the early evening she seems to always sleep longer then when I actually go to sleep in our bed. How do they know these things?!

    1. Laura it has lasted about a week now and I feel like a whole new woman! But, it has taken us 10 months to get here and I survived so I know you can too! Ours has never been the best sleeper, though, so here's hoping yours is and figures it out sooner!

      Ian moved back in bed last night and guess who woke up at 1am? We both said to each other this morning, it's couch city for him again tonight! Hahahaa! I have no idea what it is but her door is shut and she has no idea he's out there, but she sleeps so much better when he is!

      xoxo :)