Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Whoa 10 Months!

This post is WAY late (I seriously can't seem to do these on time) because Lemon is almost already 11 months!  But, with the end of school and our yard being worked on, I just haven't had the time to post.  So, this post goes from April 5th to May 2nd and then my next will hopefully be on time.  Agh!

These pics were taken at 10.5 months:

(See those two bottom teeth?!)

And these pics/videos were on her 10 month birthday exactly:

 (Loves books more than anything else.) 

Some things to note:

4.7.13  You crawled after me when I left the room.

4.8.13  Today was the first day you started crawling long distances all over the house.  It was also the first day I think you went from a baby to a big girl to me. 

4.9.13  I think you also called me mama for the first time - you looked right at me and said it.  You bit me tonight with your two bottom teeth.  I yelped and you cried.

4.10.13   Today you loved looking at yourself in the mirror during mommy makeup time. 

4.13. 13   I always want to remember the way you drink your sippy cup, that lower jaw working so hard and sucking like it's a nipple, the way you open and close your hand when you get something on it, those little pinchy fingers that you use to grab a pea or a carrot while you eat, and the way you stare at me with those steely blue eyes like you're really trying to understand what I'm saying.  Also, got bit twice today, told you "no" and you cried.

4.20.13   You were up for 3 hours tonight for no reason and nothing worked to try to put you back to sleep.

4.21.13   You were so tired and cranky today that we made you stay home from swimming at Christine's.  It was the first time, since you were a newborn, that you cried super hard during the day, you never cry.

4.25.13    You bit me again.

4.26.13    You bit me again (ha).  Nursing has turned into climbing all over me and blabbing.  You want only your mommy lately and when we drop you off at Melissa's or your daddy tries to hold you, you cry.  Super clingy.  Naps are getting better and better, night time wake ups still though.  Your two bottom teeth are showing like crazy.  You dance when we dance and you roll your little foot in a circle while you wiggle your toes, it's the cutest.  You say "mama" and "dada" and can hold on to things and get around while standing up.  You have the cutest hair with curls in the back and curls above your ears, it started growing out of nowhere.  You yell and laugh all the time and you LOVE books, especially books that are interactive like pop up books or books that make noise.

5.2.13     Yesterday, when your daddy handed you to me after a bath, you looked right at me and clear as day, and by itself, you said "mama."  It melted my heart.  Today, on your 10 month birthday, you moved along the fridge, while standing, to your high chair and then to the rolling island in the kitchen.  You also love sharing cottage cheese and fruit with me for your afternoon snack.

I am pumping 3-4 ounces less now, at school, then I used to.  Was it my period or us getting sick?  We have had to supplement a bit when bringing you somewhere but only for a couple of days.  I am realizing that my nursing days are numbered so I'd like to remember:  the way you caress and squeeze me while eating, pinch my other nipple and when you put your hand up to my mouth so I can pretend to eat it and make you giggle.

I will have to tell you about this month, briefly, in pics because it's hard to remember that far back!  Here we go . . .

Lemon is still eating like a champ and shoveling whatever food she can into her mouth as fast as she can.  She loves pizza, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and any fruit that she can get your hands on.  She also love blueberries, oatmeal and cheese.  Definitely loves anything covered in cheese.

This baby crawls around the house like crazy now but still have to wait for us to call her to move from room to room, she doesn't really venture out on her own.  She pulls up on everything and stands and holds on to things but isn't interested in walking with her crocodile walker or her dinosaur yet, she'd rather ride!

Swimming is still Lemon's favorite whether she is swimming at Christine's or in swimming lessons.  She still loves being outside in the sun and in the water, even if it's cold!

(Loving our IG friend Andrea!)

The funniest thing happened at swimming this month.  Whenever we would sit Lemon on the side of the pool she would bend over and come right in, not even sitting there for a second until we told her to come in.  It was so cute, she loves the water just that much!  She even did it at Christine's in her pool!

She hates to cuddle and it makes me so sad.  Although she did take some time out after her 2nd nap one day to snuggle with her daddy, it was so unlike her!

Baths are usually with her daddy, still, but sometimes we do it alone when Ian goes to practice.  And sometimes I sneak in a kiss!

(New moves in the tub, she will stand using anything if she gets a chance!)



Putting on her makeup with her mommy is her favorite new thing to do and she gets so excited when it's makeup time before work.  

This month Lemon was out the same amount of time she was in, it was so bittersweet.  39 weeks in and 39 weeks out!

Lemon had a really hard time at Melissa's this month.  She would cry when we'd drop her off and would cry while she was there if Melissa would have to tend to Livvy.  Lemon was super clingy at home, I read it's her age, and so while with Melissa she was super clingy with her too.  It was heartbreaking to know she was having such a rough time but I knew it would be short because summer was coming!

The dogs are still super funny to her and she loves running them down with her dinosaur:

I have a new found love for my bike lately and like to ride it whenever I get a chance.  We've been going to yard sales on Saturday mornings, around the neighborhood, together and I even take it to the post office, to Starbucks or to Dairy Queen on my own!  It is truly my new happy place.

I am not really a fan of Shake, Rattle and Roll at the library but Ian loves it so we go sometimes.  This time my dad, Melissa and Livvy joined us but it was super crowded and Lemon didn't have as much fun as she normally does.


Meows and woofs still make this baby get a pouty lip and cry, it is still SO FUNNY:

 (We still have blue eyes around here, but I'm always wondering how long they'll stay!)

There was a free Mommy & Me class at our yoga place offered on the weekend so we HAD to take the babies!  Melissa, Livvy, Ann and Ellie joined us and the girls had a good time (we think):

(This was the day Lemon got the stomach flu so I'm pretty sure she was sick during this class.  I still feel guilty about dragging her there but I had no idea just how sick she was until later.)

My mom and Joe got Lemon a new, big girl car seat and of course I had to put her in the box:

Also while she was sick but had to share, these are just TOO GOOD:

We are still going strong with nursing but my supply took a dip this month and I was pumping less at school.  We had a very low freezer stash so we had to supplement one bottle for a couple of days but that was it.  This girl still loves to eat from her mama and I am still loving it as well.  It's amazing how nursing used to be so hard and I just didn't get it, but now I love it and am so sad it may be ending soon.  Who knows but we plan on going at least until August.

(nursing wiggles)

Family trips to the park became my favorite thing to do in this awesome Arizona spring weather.  And riding bikes there?  Super fun.

(Celebrating my mom's birthday at the Old Spaghetti Factory - they have an awesome gluten free menu and pasta!)

(The start of curls!)

My mom brought Lemon to visit us at school, one last time, and I love being able to feed her and not having to pump!  And, look how cute she was in my classroom as a big girl!  She hadn't visited since January . . .

We took Lemon over to visit Ian's parents one day and I got to snap a picture of her on Ian's old horse toy he had as a baby - does she look like him?

We chaperon prom every year and I was excited this year because we would get to bring the baby!  It was so fun getting her ready but not so fun keeping her out late.  It was the first time, since she was a newborn, that she was out past dark and she made us pay for it all night long because she was so over tired (and I even stretched out her naps so that she was up from her 2nd one at 5pm!).  Ugh.

So so tired that she would cry whenever we tried to put her down, towards the end of the night (and we were only there about an hour and a half!).

We said what we thought was goodbye to my dad, Sir Greg, at the Channel 8 Food Festival downtown and it was fun but oh so hot that day.  (And, my dad ended up not leaving because he got sick so we saw him again the next week!)  My dad spends the summer in Oregon every year and this time, especially with Lemon being so little, it was sad to see him go.

Then someone woke up a little grumpy from her nap (but then was happy):

(My favorite laugh of all time!)

We also got some new matching tanks from Hello Apparel (you KNOW how I love to match my Lemon!)!  Wahooo!

My little Lemon, you are growing up so fast, too fast for me even to write it all down.  I cannot believe you are so close to being a year old, it seems like we just met you.  I couldn't imagine life without you and every day I love you more and more, even when I think it's impossible to love you more than I do today.  You are so funny, you are so happy and you crack us up when you dance and when you eat.  We love that you mimic us and try so hard to understand us, and we even love when you get so upset when we tell you "no."  You are hilarious even when you're sad and you are so independent and love to play and discover new things on your own.  You are my most favorite thing and I am so lucky to be your mama.  We love you.


  1. Allison- she is so adorable!! I wanted to know if lemon takes milk from a sippy at all and if so, was it an easy transition for her to do so? I pump into bottles but currently trying to teach my daughter to take milk from something other than a bottle. She will take water from a cup or cup with straw but milk in anything other than a bottle is weird to her!



  2. She is such a doll! Reading your update made me feel so much better, I feel like our girls could be twins in some ways!
    Our nursing days are also numbered, she got into biting a lot so now I only breastfeed her once in the morning when she's half awake and the rest of the time it's pumping. I think I will have to supplement very soon. What kind of formula does she drink? I'm worried about introducing formula to her.
    Also, my girl is having a really hard time at her nanny's house. She cries and cries all day long, it breaks my heart. I wonder if she's teething? She even cries once we get home, probably because she's so tried from crying all day. She will crawl up to my leg and pull on my pants until I pick her up or all hell will break loose. I really hope this is just a phase. :)