Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Transylvanian Halloween!

Halloween came so fast this year and there we were, right before it got dark, hanging up our outside decorations!  We had so much FUN and I can't believe it's already over!

Our Halloween started off with a "boo!" from our friends Crystal, Matt and Ingrid.  Lemon loved the bag and the glow sticks and we loved the gluten free brownies and candy! 

That weekend the same fam had an afternoon Halloween party for babies (genius!) so we went as Dracula, Martha and Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, Lemon's favorite movie!

  I bought Lemon a long, black, kids vampire wig (with v-shaped bangs) and cut it shorter for her costume but she cried when I put it on her.  We tried a couple of times and I even tried to put it on me and she cried then too.  So, I spent an hour, before the party, making her a wig by gluing felt onto a headband.  It turned out pretty cute and since it was just a headband she was fine wearing it!

Ingrid is such a trouble-maker - pulling Lemon's hair!  Nora also poked Lemon in the face and Lemon wasn't phased by either, she is such an easy-going little lady. 

The next day, we were off to the pumpkin patch at MacDonald Ranch Crystal's family and our other friends Tiff, Topher and Nora!  It was HOT October day so none of us lasted long (even with a really horrible sno cone) but we had to go for the pics!

Liked the goats from far away better than up close.  Wasn't afraid, probably thought they were just big dogs.


Lemon was less into the pumpkins and more into walking straight into the desert.  Just like her daddy.

And I had to do a comparison.  Last year we went to Shnepf Farms on the last Sunday before Halloween and here we were again, the last Sunday but at a different place!  I remember this like it was yesterday.

These babes - I die!

Thanks Tiff and Crystal for these pictures!  I joked on Instagram that this picture, bottom right, is how it is to live with Lemon.  Me trying to help her, Ian trying to keep her safe and her sticking her tongue out at us, basically giving us the finger in the only way she knows how.  It is so true!

Halloween week was super busy so I stayed home from yoga on Wednesday and we hastily carved a pumpkin (the day before!).

Lemon loved it but wouldn't touch the insides.  She mostly loved it when it was on fire (she loves fire)!

I got up early so that I could dress up for school because I didn't get to last year.  Last year, on Halloween, it was my first day back to work as a mom and the first day I left my almost 4 month old for a whole day.  It is crazy that it has been a whole year since I went back to work!

  Naturally I had to make my vampire a bit more bloody for high school! 

We headed home, got the house ready and then got Lemon dressed and were out the door right when it got dark.  Her grandma Patty made her a cute candy bag and she LOVED trick-or-treating.  She shut someone's screen door on them as they were talking (she has to shut things if they are open) and we taught her to say "blah, blah, blah" like a vampire when she went up to the door.  We just went up one side of the street and then back down, and then headed back to our house to eat dinner and pass out candy.  Someone has been a pretty bad sleeper lately (again, always) so we wanted to get her in bed at a semi-normal time.

I had to wash that black out of my hair and that blood off my face, it was driving me nuts.  So, I went as an impromptu hippie.  Ha.

Dinner outside with my girl.  She LOVED handing out candy and seeing all of the other kiddos.

A pretty good haul for a first timer.  I think she had like 5 pieces of candy over the course of the weekend and then I brought it all to school to give away!  (We, on the other hand, had way more than 5!)

The following weekend we went to Ian's parent's house to celebrate a late Halloween and his mom's birthday.  It was so much fun hanging with his fam and getting the cousins together.  Lemon loved bouncing int he bounce house and dancing with her cousins, Aunt and Uncle!

And then, it was over.  Where is the time going?  I said to someone the other day that all of those minutes that seemed like hours in high school I wish I could get back, bottle up, and use now to make the time go by slower.  I can't believe it is a week into November and almost Thanksgiving.  No sense in trying to slow it down, I guess, so bring on the turkey!!!

Hope you all had a very happy Halloween with your little ones!  I LOVED seeing everyone's Instagram pics!

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