Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Baby Leggings

I am so proud of myself for sewing something on a sewing machine, something I haven't done (by myself) since high school.  My mom let me borrow her sewing machine (wooo!) because mine hadn't been used in so long and needed a tune up or something and I actually used it instead of just getting it out and letting it sit at our house.  I also actually used it successfully and I love that!

Also, I have serious envy for all of you Instagram moms that have such amazing talents.  I wish I could make things, sew things, craft things like you do - I am so jelly of you!  This made me feel like I was one of you, just for a moment, even though I'm sure this is easy peasy for those of you that are super skilled in sewing.  But, the fact that my roll of thread ran out, that I replaced it and re-threaded the machine successfully; and the fact that my bobbin ran out, which I also replaced successfully, made me feel at one with all of you crafters even for just a moment!

I saw this tutorial (over a year ago, seriously) and HAD to try out making Lemon some leggings out of a woman's knit skirt.  It looked super easy so I collected some skirts from the thrift store (and Victoria's Secret) and added them to the giant pile of crafts that I just have no time for (remember when I used to make bows?!).  Well, winter is coming and Lemon is only this big once so I had to get it together and start this project - finally.

So, here is my mini tutorial of me attempting this on my giant ottoman at night after Ian fell asleep with the babe (always), last weekend.  I hope these pictures make sense!

Before you start:  Go out and grab a couple of knit skirts for cheap.  Forever 21 has them, I find totally 80's ones at thrift stores and like I said, VS had some cute ones on sale (in a size XS that I can't fit into) so I grabbed those too.  They are usually under $10 and come in all kinds of cute patterns.

1.  Grab a pair of your baby's leggings to use as a guide.  I used a pair that were a little bit bigger so that Lemon would fit in them all winter.  Leggings on babies are my weakness so now that I can make Lemon as many pairs as I want, I am going to do it!!  SO super cute!

2.  Cut the skirt around the leggings leaving about 1/4 of an inch for sewing.  The waist, on the skirt, does not have to match up (it's front and back) but make sure the bottom does.

3.  Turn the two skirt pieces inside out and make sure the bottoms match up again.  Pin the sides of the skirt (and in between the legs) so that you sew a straight line.  (Something I definitely need to practice, even with pinning!)

4.  Sew up the sides and in between the legs.  Remember not to sew the top (duh) and the feet holes (double duh).  The waist and the feet holes will still be hemmed because they were already hemmed on the skirt so you won't have to touch those (yes!).  After sewing, flip the leggings inside out (so they are right side out) and voila!  Your first pair of baby leggings!!!  Congrats!

The two Victoria's Secret skirts:

This one was such a fun print that I wanted to try to make harem pants.  They turned out ok but Lemon wears cloth diapers so there wasn't enough sag in-between the legs.  Next time I need to make the semi-circle lower so that there is more sag.  (Sewing starts to make sense after awhile, in your head.)  The leg openings could have also been bigger, they are pretty tight but all of the skirts I got were stretchy so they fit her just fine.  Get stretchy, knit, jersey type skirts. 

I used a pair of Indie Nook pants as a guide for my first try at harems.  (I liked how my VS skirt really bulged out on the sides though so I left that when making my pair.)

One of the skirts, a thrift store one, was too short for leggings so I made Lemon a pencil skirt instead.  I just eyeballed this one and it took a few tries to get it in the right shape but it worked!  It turned out super cute and when she wears it she looks like a little Hawaiian!

The coolest part about this whole thing?  When Lemon woke up the next day and I tried all of these on her - they FIT!  I couldn't believe it!  I had always aspired to make things for her, when I was pregnant, but now that she's here it's just so hard to find the time.  But, I love it when I find a cheap, easy something to make and find time to actually do it - what a great feeling!  I felt so accomplished!  :)

So, that's it!  Really easy, just takes some practice, and actually fun!  I actually liked making them so much I went back to the thrift store last weekend and found some more to make!  I realized, while I was there, that you could also use tube-tops (because they have a hem on top and on bottom too) so that opens up even more possibilities for fun patterns.

I got so over zealous with this project that I tried modifying two shirts of mine into a top and a dress for Lemon, the next day, and both were a complete failure.  Just because I am making baby leggings out of skirts definitely does not mean I know how to sew - that's for sure!  I just have to keep practicing!

I hope this will encourage you to make some baby leggings as well (if I can do it, you can do it!).  Make sure you post photos of your finished project and tag me so that I can see them!  Happy sewing, mamas!

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  1. I am so pumped! Those are adorable, and I have the perfect skirt to practice on. Except, I have close to ZERO sewing experience. Let's hope I can pull this off.