Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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I would love to review your product, feature your shop or host a giveaway for you!  Supporting small businesses is my fav and if we can help each other, let me know!  Just click on the Sponsor tab at the top to see what options I have available, my prices are all really affordable.

Some stats for you about my blog and other social media:

A Little Blueberry currently averages 23,000 page views a month.
A Little Blueberry has over 234,000 page views total. 
A Little Blueberry has over 270 blogger followers. 
My Instagram has over 2700 followers.
My Facebook has 140 followers.
My Pinterest has 170 followers. 
My Bloglovin' has over 120 followers.

Thanks for your support!!  :)

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