Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our Journey to Parenthood: Guest Post

Leah, from Everyday Love, asked me to write a guest post about our Journey to Parenthood a couple of months ago and her request got lost in my brain (and in my email) until recently when she wrote me and gave me a date!  I follow Leah on Instagram and have loved seeing little Avery grow up.  I think this series is so awesome because parenthood is ALL a journey, no matter what your journey is, we all have one.  I love reading about everyone's journey, and sometimes experiencing it right along with friends/family, because our path to becoming parents is so different.  No matter what your journey is, it helps to know there are others around who are on a journey too, whether they are about to have a baby or have a 6 year old.  Sharing helps us come together as mamas and appreciate/celebrate our differences and I love that.  Head over to her blog and read my post here!


My bestie and I answered a question relating to this topic on our She Said, She Said site (Episode 10).  A mama wrote in asking for tips on how to enjoy her second pregnancy after experiencing a loss and we answered her.  Check it out!  

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