Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Little Yogi

This past Saturday I took Lemon to her 2nd Kids Yoga class at Desert Song, my yoga studio, and she loved it, just as much as the first!  She was more all over the place this time, though, but it's because I was tasked with taking some pictures for their brochure.  She did listen when we tried to wrangle her, did some poses and had fun, and that just makes me oh so happy.

I have mentioned before that the first time I ever really bonded with my newborn babe was in a Mommy and Me yoga class at my studio, when she was only 5 weeks old.  I think that it is important for working mamas to plan fun stuff to do with their kiddos, when they are home on the weekends, instead of just grocery shopping or cleaning up.  I am trying to make it a point this year to spend our weekends having adventures, even if it's just going to a class like this, to make our time together matter.  Also, it gets me through the weeks that much faster!  :)

I so wish we had more time at home, during the week, to practice yoga together, or that Desert Song had a weekly (on a weekend) kids yoga class that I could take her to.  But, for now, these once a month classes will do.  I found a yoga video on YouTube for kids, and we did some of it last night and she kind of paid attention, she mostly just commented on how the cartoon guy looked like Tarzan and then did the splits (her new fav move).  Ha.

So, my little yogi is getting there, slowly but surely.  We had a great time and I hope to spend more of our free time (what's that?!) doing yoga together.  I even had a thought the other day that when I'm 50, and just about to retire, Lemon will be just graduating High School and wouldn't it be lovely to go on a Hawaiian yoga retreat together?  Oh man, having a daughter is awesome. :)

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