Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ponies, Chicks & Princesses - Oh My!

A couple of weekends ago we took Lemon (and Jonah and Miranda joined us) to Charming Pony Parties' Fall Festival (because I saw it on Groupon and it looked fun!).  The minute I clicked on their website and saw ponies with unicorn horns and little girls dressed as fairies I was sold, Lemon would love this!

The place didn't open until 1pm on Sundays so we went after Lemon's nap and got there about 3:30pm (they close at 6pm).  It was definitely enough time and we had so much fun!  I've been to a few pumpkin patches here in Arizona, and despite it being so hot, this one was my favorite so far!  A lot to do, princesses at every turn and Lemon LOVED holding the baby chicks (even though it was crazy to us that they were just available to hold - even for toddlers).

Jonah loved the hay maze and although Lemon talked about riding a pony all weekend, before we went, the minute I tried to put her on one she freaked.  Oh well, maybe next year!  We did bounce in the bouncy house (her fav!) and Lemon went on the big, blow up slide (with me of course) 3 times.  We were all beat (and dirty!) when we left but the kids had a blast!

This is what being a mama is all about.  :)

Jonah loved this little house so much he wouldn't let anyone else in!

My face!  Hahhahaa tears here.

She could not believe that the chickens were just walking around her!

I feel like these princesses could have tried a little harder, but Lemon loved them.

Best. Picture. Ever.

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