Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lemon & Ian's Cooking Show - Mmmm!

Last week, I left Lemon and Ian on a rainy, cold night to go to yoga.  I didn't end up getting there (I actually turned around and went home so I could cuddle with my family), but while I was gone they decided to make Gluten Free Peanut Butter cookies and record it, because Lemon loves watching herself on video (and other people's cooking videos on YouTube).

Well, it turned out really funny, so Ian edited it and we put it on YouTube.  We thought you'd think it was really funny too, and that your little one might enjoy watching as well (because Lemon CRACKS UP as she watches herself cooking), so here it is for your viewing enjoyment.  Oh and if you want to make the BEST gluten free peanut butter cookies of your life, follow this recipe - they are AMAZING (and add some chocolate chips/M&Ms/Hershey kisses)!  :)

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  1. this is so daggone adorable! Natalie was giggling the whole time! it's been the longest she sat still all morning!

  2. Omg this is amazing! Avery just watched the whole video.They need to start a YouTube cooking series....just sayin' Xo