Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mmmm! Episode 4: Minion Cupcakes & Special Guest

Lemon and Ian filmed their 4th Cooking with Lemon episode last week and it was too funny!  They were trying to make gluten free banana Minion cupcakes, but you've gotta see how they turned out (or didn't!).  Jonah, Lemon's bestie, also joined them to help frost the cupcakes, but he spent more time eating them then frosting them.  The best part was that Miranda, Jason (Jonah's parents) and I got to sit in the other room while listening to Ian wrangle two toddlers AND try to frost cupcakes!  It was the silliest and we hope you like it!!  Enjoy!

Also, this world of YouTube is fairly new to us, but we will be posting longer videos of Lemon's Instagram antics on our YouTube Channel, so please Subscribe!  (Just go to our YouTube Channel and then click the red Subscribe button under my name.)

Thanks to Amber from Dixie and Twine for the Lemon's Kitchen banner, we love it!  Lemon and Ian are wearing Indie Nook shirts and Jonah is wearing a Little Dude n' Dudette shirt.  (You know I love promoting mom-run businesses, I had to sneak some in here!)

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  1. Oh man. This may have been my favorite Mmmm! episode so far! Jonah eating everything and Lemon sleeping cracked me up!! Love these, keep em coming :-D