Monday, March 16, 2015

Moms on Mondays - Tannia from Belle Threads

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Hi!  I'm Tannia, the owner & designer of Belle Threads.  I am also on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.  

I believe in dressing up.  That's why I make beautiful, vintage, glam, special occasion and casual pieces inspired by the love for my children, and the birth of my daughter, Sanibel.  Every piece I make has a story and a reason as to why I created it.  Most recently, I started designing sparkle glam rompers.  I was looking for the perfect outfit for Sanibel's first birthday. I couldn't find anything close to what I envisioned, so I created it myself.  I've been in this business for only a few months; however, I've been crafting with my mother ever since I was a little girl.  We come from a long line of crafty women.  I remember us painting and tie dying tees when I was little! I have also been selling since I was a young girl.  I used to go out with my mother to sell at the flea markets.  This was before the boom so we did so well! I always wanted to be a lawyer, so of course I went to college.  While I was in college I started selling on Ebay to pay for my tuition and books.

I'm the first lawyer in my family!  But, I'm not the first crafty person!  I LOVE to read and the practice of law.  I'm also an adjunct professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  I graduated from Rutgers University and then Rutgers School of Law.  I've taken fewer cases since I started my business because I wanted to fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit but also spend more time with my children.  This business allows me to work from home and work when my husband is home.  I value this time that my children are so young and impressionable, so I chose to step back from practicing as an attorney for a bit. 

I never thought I would be designing clothing and accessories for children.  It's just something that happened and that I LOVE.  God always has a better plan for me. After graduating law school, I thought I would have children and go into practicing and leave them in daycare.  I was so wrong about that! This business helps me spend more time with my children and pay my loans!  

My mom and MIL help me out as much as they can.  I stay up late frequently and don't sleep too well, I have to get better about taking some time out for me but - don't we all?  I rely on my husband a lot when he is home to take over.  I'll admit sometimes we eat take out food a lot because I just can't do it all.  Cue the mom guilt!  I think when you own a business it's so hard to find balance especially when you are just starting up.

I love the business aspect of my business.  I guess that's the lawyer in me!  I also love the designing and creating part too.  I love crafting unique pieces for children and I love fabric shopping!  I'm so lucky to live close to New York's garment district because I love different fabrics and fun prints.  I love sequins, silk, tulle, velvet and I'm excited to share my spring line with everyone.  I'm also excited for my business to grow.  My goal for this business is to create unique hard to find pieces for special occasions and casual everyday too!  

Some advice to other mompreneurs is to always develop goals for yourself.  Reach out to people that you admire and get to know them.  Get to know your business and what sells.  Do your research and take some marketing classes - it's important!  Don't give up.  Try new things and take risks.  Do stuff that inspires you - for me, it's always spending some days where I'm all about my children.

At the end of each day I thank God for my kids.  They are truly my biggest contribution to this world: Raphael, my son, and Sanibel, my daughter; I love my little family of four.  I'm so grateful for my children and my supportive husband.  Thank you for supporting us!  

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