Monday, March 30, 2015

Mmmm! Episode 5: Vegan Chocolate Shakes

A week ago, Ian and Lemon decided they wanted to make chocolate shakes.  Amber, at Dixie + Twine sent us these super cute Lemon's Kitchen straws (along with the Lemon's Kitchen banner featured) and they wanted to use them on their cooking show, so shakes it was!  But, I'm diary free and both Lemon and I are gluten free so we had to find a way to make shakes without the ice cream (or anything fun like cookies).  We searched and found a recipe, similar to this one, and they made them.  They turned out SO GOOD!

This was the messiest Lemon has gotten yet, during her cooking show, and it was hilarious to watch.  She was literally covered in cocoa powder and chocolate chips when I came in and suggested they wipe her off, I even had to shake out her romper outside while Ian washed her in the sink.  It was too funny and she had the best time.  Enjoy and cheers!


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