Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mmmm! Episode 12: Ice Cream with an Ice Cream Ball!

Lemon and Layla (with the help of her brother Xzavier and sister Kenna) make ice cream using the Yaylabs! Eddie Bauer Ice Cream Ball.  My dad got me this ball for Christmas because I won't shut up about the homemade ice cream I made at camp one year, in a coffee can.  It was SO good so he thought this ball would be the same, a way to make this delicious ice cream I can't stop talking about.  Well, now I'm dairy free so the kids made dairy-filled ice cream and I couldn't try any, so I will have to try it again.  It looked delicious and they ate it out by the pool, with gluten free cones.  Watch these girls make strawberry ice cream and all of the kids shake the ball around, so fun and such a mess!  Enjoy!

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