Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Moms on Mondays - Callie from Cricket's Blossom

Today on Moms on Mondays I am so excited to feature Callie from Cricket's Blossom!  I first heard of this mama from my friend, Qiana, who used some of her flower crowns in some model shoots and I KNEW I had to have her for this series!  Her crowns are just beautiful and I am so happy I contacted her.  She is the prettiest mama and so sweet - she sent Lemon a flower crown for her Little Mermaid themed birthday party and it was seriously the cutest.  Read her post below and then go shop!

The name of my shop is Cricket's Blossom and I am also on Instagram and Facebook.  I'm totally obsessed with instagram so I'm on there posting new things almost everyday!

I make felt flower crowns, and felt hair accessories. My favorites are the Woodland Princess crowns! They are so cute and anything with glitter makes me giddy!

(Photo by Qiana K. Photography)

I'm a stay at home mom, of a beautiful little girl name Ireland Scarlett. I was always crafty, I made wreaths and little floral things for around the house just to make it feel more lived in and homey. One day, I was on pinterest and saw a felt floral sash and thought it would be beautiful as a crown! So, I ordered some felt and made one for Ireland - I've been making them everyday since! It took me a while after I started making them to open my Etsy shop, my husband kept pushing and saying "You could sell those!" He was just encouraging me because I felt like they weren't good enough for other little girls, and that they always needed improvement. And they did, but I finally bit the bullet and opened my shop and to my (at the time) surprise, people actually liked them and people supported my shop! I'm so glad that I took that plunge because I have met so many wonderful people in the process (even though we have only been open about 4 months). To me, it's not even about the income, it just makes me so happy to see all of the little babies, and toddlers wearing their crowns and looking beautiful too.

My background is a bit of a colorful one. I come from a small farm town in Georgia, from a house with 1 sister and 4 brothers. I'm the baby and the first to get married, surprisingly. My family is a motorcycle riding, rock concert going, "go hard or go home" type of family. Then there is me, before opening up my shop I was just a normal stay at home mom/wife (other than the fact that I change my hair color once every few weeks and have a nose ring). I was an army wife, but my husband got medically discharged in the beginning of 2014. I've been with my husband for almost 5 years, married for 2 years in August. We actually met in my parents driveway! He was driving one of my girlfriends over and I never would have thought I was going to fall in love with him, but I did!

I was born and raised in Georgia, we still live here, but we are moving out to Texas soon. We live about 10 minutes from my parents and my husband works in auto parts right now, but he is in school to be a video game designer. We have one little girl, but we want a whole house full of kids! I say 6 and he says 4, but we are happy with whatever God gives us.

My shop helps us pay for things we didn't quite get to do or buy before. We got to take Ireland to Disneyland for the first time in April because of my little shop. And, it helps me calm down, after a stressful day from a teething 17 month old and tons of housework!

I never thought I would be doing this, I thought I would be a normal stay at home mom. But, I'm glad that I did start my shop because it makes me so happy!  I squeeze in work during nap time and bedtime. First I am a mom and I would never change that!

Of course I love seeing all the little babes in their crowns, but mostly I love meeting all of the wonderful people in the process. I also LOVE doing custom orders. I like pushing the limits and working on someone else's dream crown! My husband helps me a lot mentally, and he also helps me ship them! 

Finding the time is hard, because after a long day, sometimes all you wanna do is sit down and relax! But, you just have to find your motivation! Mine is Ireland, I want her to grow up knowing that you can be a mom and a shop owner, and that mom-entrepreneurs are awesome! 

Where do I see my shop in the future? That's a hard question! I hope to see it thriving, and still providing the best products possible to your little ones.  Most of all, I hope to see people supporting us and always shopping small!

My advice to to all the moms out there who want to open their own shop is to just go for it! Your biggest critic is always going to be you so take a chance and do it!

My favorite shop is hands down is Southern Adoornments. Nikki makes the best leather bows I've ever seen and tons of other cute stuff too. She is down right the sweetest, most supportive person I know and I'm super lucky to call her my friend.

Thanks Callie, I've loved having you in this series!

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