Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Almost 3 and 3 Year Old Milestones

I write these here to remember them forever.  :)

4.11.15          Said, "Can you hold the booger?"  Then handed me a booger.

4.22.15          Put letters together F A D E and when I asked what letters they were, instead of naming the letters (like she had been doing just before), she said the sounds:  "Ffffff, ahhhhhh, ddddd, ehhhhh."  Amazing.

4.23.15          Took of her shirt, shorts and undies by herself.

Strings two perfect sentences together.

Is fully aware of what we say and what we ask her.  Still has trouble answering "who?" though.

Saw a scary video tonight and made me think that I can't protect her forever.  Such a bummer.

4.24.15         Hey Lemon, let's go do this.  "That sounds amazing."  Hahahaa

4.26.15          Said "this is cozy" when we were sitting by each other in our fire truck.

Said "that sounds amazing" again about something.

Said "that's weird" for the first time.

Likes to say "mommy be Lemon, I'll be mommy."  Or "daddy, be Lemon, I'll be daddy."  Wants us to switch roles and act like her.

Last week she called a fly a "dirty hippie."

4.27.15          "Mom you be so and so and I'll be so and so."  Makes us act stuff out.

Said "careful" and "ow" and "that hurts."

4.28.15          Was trying to adjust the pillows for her and she said "geez, geez, Jesus Christ."

4.30.15          "Do you know that?"  I say that to her all the time and love it that she says it now too.

5.1.15            She was tapping her chin this morning and I asked her what she was doing.  She said "thinking" so I asked her what she was thinking about and she said "daddy."  It was so cute!

5.5.15            I said "let's touch fingers, let's touch elbows, let's touch toes" while we lay in bed and snuggle.  Then she said, "let's touch eyebrows" and we did with our eyes open and she said "that's freaking crazy!"  Hhahaha

5.8.15            Told me yesterday that her dress matched her camera - Kitty dress (pink) and kitty camera.

Told me today that she rode on a horse on the carousel and there was so seatbelt and she rode "carefully."

5.13.15          When asking her about fish at the aquarium she said "I see a lot of fish" how does she know  "a lot?"

5.23.15          We had a whole convo before bed last night about how the birds keep eating her strawberries and how we should put a fake snake out so they don't eat them.  She suggested a play-doh snake (the only fake snake she knows I think).

She said "bummer" and when I laughed she said "bummer dude."  She is always listening!

5.27.15          Gave her a cookie and she said she wanted more cookies.  I said just one cookie and she said, "two cookies."

Corrected me while watching a movie, I said "deep dark woods" and she said "no, deep dark forest."

Her favorite games to play at night are doing "itsy bitsy spider" up my back and then me doing it to her, or her eating my nose or eyes (or boogies or mole) and then putting them on her knee and then I tickle her to get them back.

She likes to pretend things are tied up or "stuck."  She pretends to tie up my hands and then has to untie them before I can get them out.

Loves watching Tinkerbell and the Never Beast or the Pirates one or Daniel Tiger.  Hates watching "kids" which is actually Friends (or any other adult show we watch).

Loves swimming, starting lessons soon.  She has also been modeling for some pictures, listens, smiles and likes it.

Got her first pedicure on Monday, was so fun!

6.1.15           Me:  "Lemon, hurry up and come sit with me so we can read books."  Lemon:  "Mom, mom be patient, I'm trying to fix this elephant."

6.5.15          Anticipates things.  "I don't want to be scared.  I don't want to brush my teeth.  I don't want to go to bed.  I don't want to take my nap."  Never wants to nap or go to sleep.

Can't answer questions about us, only about her.  Repeats things she can't answer, like a parrot.  Drives me nuts.

6.9.15          "Yeah, I do want to do that.  Yes I do want to do that.  Yeah I do want to go there."  Answers things so cute.

6.15.15           "Look Lemon, I'm turning red, I got sun burnt."  "Oh no, you need sunscreen."

Named all her body parts tonight.  Can take tank tops off herself, learning to take her shirt off too.

6.24.15           Was teaching her to say champions correctly and was saying "say champ, then ions."  And so she said "camp Allisons."  She's so smart!!

7.10.15           "I want to be a blue whale and sing in the ocean."  We asked her what song are you going to sing then and she said "I'm a blue whale, I"m a blue whale in a big big big ocean."

7.13.15          Put her eyes under today in the pool at Grandma Gail's for the first time all on her own.  Kept doing it, loved it.

7.16.15          Asks me what things are called like songs.  Asks me people's names.  Loves babies.

7.24.15           Says "can you hold me for just a little bit?"

Says "I got a little spill" and then says "but that's ok."  She says this about everything small or trivial.  Even gets her own towel to clean it up.

7.25.15          "I need to wrap my feet up so I can be a maniac."  (Like the video for Maniac.)

8.2.15            Grabbed me and said "You drive me so crazy!" and I thought it was so funny but it was from a movie.

Said she wanted a sister and I told her that that involved mommy growing a baby in her tummy, then having a baby, then the baby living at our house and then being here all the time, sleeping in mommy's room and crying.  Then she said, "That's too crazy."  My thoughts exactly.

8.9.15           Lemon was Goldilocks last night in a photo shoot.  She was so cute!

8.12.15         Cried last night because Daddy put her to bed (not me).  When I went in to snuggle her she said "Lemon cried, I was crazy."

8.23.15          Wants whatever color hair that will match her shirt.  Wearing a grey shirt "mom, I want grey hair."

8.26.15          Asked Lemon what she wanted to be when she grew up, gave her a long list and she said "policeman" which wasn't something I named off.  I told her she would have a gun and may have to taze people's butts and she sad no, she would be a good policeman not a bad one.

9.17.15           Said "I'm moving I must have batteries."  Then I explained that she doesn't have batteries she actually has blood, bones and muscles that help her move.  Then she told every for days she had a skeleton inside her body.

Swam by herself in James' pool on 9/5/15, all by herself, after just 4 weeks of new swimming lessons.

Moved up a level in swim class today, so proud of her.  She got a medal, her picture taken and got to ring a bell and everyone clapped.

She did a somersault unassisted today too, gymnastics paying off!

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  1. Love reading these, some of them are too cute! (Just like she is!)