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Moms on Mondays - Holly from Hazel and Holly

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Today I have the pleasure of featuring a mama who started her shop for a very personal reason, Holly from Hazel and Holly (who can also be found on Instagram and Facebook).  I am all about moms helping moms and this mama needs our help the most, she is selling clothing items to raise money for adoption, so that her family can be complete.  She is super talented and has SO many items in her shop (over 300) including hats, shorts, leggings, ponchos, shirts, harems, etc.  Check out her super heart-wrenching post below and then go buy something, every little bit counts.  She sent Lemon a super cute ice cream tank and headband for our ice cream episode of Cooking with Lemon (check it out here).

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Hazel and Holly focuses on creating unique, modern, and comfortable children's clothing and accessories.  We mostly use organic knits and other soft fabrics and really strive to find the most modern and fun fabric designs out there. 

The shop is currently only ran by me, Holly.  I am a stay at home mom who taught herself how to sew several years ago. The background behind the shop isn't the traditional story of a mom who wanted to make clothes for her baby. My story is rather a woman who dreamed of being a mom for many years. 

My husband and I tried for years and years to have children and underwent several procedures, surgeries, and costly IVF cycles which all failed.  It had always been my dream to have children and it tore me up inside that my path was so incredibly difficult.  The fertility issue was entirely an issue with my body and I struggled to find peace in that.  I discovered sewing. It calmed my endless thoughts, worries, and grieving; and also gave me something to focus on.  Somehow sewing gave me peace as I felt like it was something I could control and see the outcome. I loved making things for friends and family. 

In 2014, our last attempt at IVF miraculously worked and after a extremely difficult pregnancy, with the majority of it on bed rest and in the hospital, Hazel Hope was born. After she was born, I struggled to find modern, unique and comfortable baby clothes for her.  I started making her some as well as all my friend's children.  My sewing started vastly improving and friends started telling friends and I was peer pressured into selling my products. Knowing I would never have another biological child, I decided to open an etsy shop to help pay for our next child through adoption.  We are currently on the waiting list to adopt in Ethiopia and adopting international is extremely expensive. 

When I first opened my shop, I told myself I would be happy to have only 1 sale the first month, I was shocked to have 200 sales that first month and each month since has greatly surpassed any expectations I have.  I have had over 3000 sales in the past year, and retail to 12 boutiques in the US and Canada.  I strive to make comfortable clothing and accessories.  I hate headbands that leave marks on baby heads, so love the comfy knot turbans and have found that babies do too.  

I myself love wearing maxi skirts so figured a new baby would love the comfy hugging maxi as well.   I also make most of my leggings a touch longer in the legs than competitors because it is one of my great pet peeves when a baby is sitting down and all of sudden they look like they are wearing capris. Harem pants were a fun addition last winter as I found babies who loved the comfy maxi skirts needed something just as comfortable for winter.  I was humbled by the love for the harem pants. 

Everything in my shop is made from my own pattern that has been tested and retested and retested several times. I always test a pattern and sizes on several baby models before even launching the new product. I want my products to fit a wide range babies as we know not all babies have the same waist, thighs, ankles ect.  Most of my products are 100% organic cotton as I have found that is the most comfortable for baby's sensitive skin.  

Everything in my shop is handmade by me.  The only exception to this is the screen printed shirts and dresses as a local company does the printing. I do all of my own designs for the graphics for these.  The graphics are printed on with water based ink.  I am constantly searching for the next trend or design and strive to keep my shop as modern as possible. I am constantly adding new things and designs .  I have some special treats for fall, including baby sweater ponchos and amazing new thanksgiving themed shirts and leggings. 

Overall, I couldn't be happier with my life.  I am humbled that what once was my biggest struggle has led me to my biggest success.  I would love to hug every single one of my customers for their support and love.  I would never be where I am today without them.

Thanks Hazel for such a lovely post, wishing you all the best with your shop and future family!  XO

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