Friday, March 3, 2017

Best Toys for 1 Year Olds - Gift Card Giveaway!

I am partnering with Nakturnal to offer you a gift card for $50 to!  Read my post to find out how to enter!  (Contest ends 3/12/17 at 11:59pm MST.)

I am exploring the best toys for 1 year olds, for Indy's birthday coming in May.  I have found a couple of articles with toy suggestions, like this one from My Kid Needs That and this one from Parents Magazine.  His interests are so different from Lemon's, and he is so bored with all of her baby toys that we saved for him, ha!

Indy's favorite is still playing with tags, or anything that has hanging parts/pieces.  He explores everything with his little index finger sticking out, it's the cutest thing!  We also just bought him his first "car," a musical fire truck, it's so cute how much he loves it.  He also just learned to army crawl, really fast, so he likes to get into everything; something Lemon never did.  I watched him touch a plug about 10 times the other day, he knocked over the dog's water dish (all over himself) and got stuck in the crack of the bed (awake) while just playing around.  Boys!  I feel like I need to start bolting everything to the wall, just in case.  Ugh.

This Squeeze n' Squeak lion, upper left, can be found here.

We love B Toys!

Anything with parts is fun for him, not for me to clean up!

Toys for teething are great for a 1 year old, and the Nuby Nana Nubs is one of Indy's favorites!  (Nuby also makes a similar product that is available here.)  Anything with bristles to use as a gum massager is perfect for him, he'll drool and chew on it for hours.

We also love this Blooming Bath flower that you use to bathe your kiddos in the sink.  It's so comfy and fluffy, he loves it!  (Not a toy but a great gift none-the-less.)

Bath toys are also a favorite at our house, for both Indy and Lemon:

This yellow toy submarine is available here.

Anything that plays music, pops up or that he can put in his mouth, he is definitely entertained by:

Spoons and cups are always a hit with babies.  I sometimes wonder why we even buy toys at all!  Along with remotes, water bottles and keys you kind of already have it all when it comes to "toys!"  Ha!

This kid LOVES water, and cups.

Comment below with YOUR child's favorite toy, and their age, for a chance to win a $50 gift card to!  Your comment will count as your entry for this giveaway.  For additional entries, view my Rafflecopter below!

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This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal, with a prize of a gift card to

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  1. My 9.5 month old son loves playing with his Fisher Price Shape Sorter. He loves to dump out all of the shapes and take turns putting each of them in his mouth.

  2. My daughter is 17 months old and she loves playing with books.

  3. My boy will be one in April, he is a lot like yours! Loves getting into everything. He loves to play in water, we have the fishing boat from B that he loves. He also loves cars and trucks, he can already make the noises too! The Zany Zoo by B is something he'll spend a lot of time on, he likes to stand with it and make it rock especially to music!

  4. Natalie (3yo) is really into anything dress-up related right now, especially princess heels!

  5. My son's favorite toy is his thomas the train ride on. He is two.

  6. My sons are 3 and 5 now but at that age they loved playing with a wooden activity cube I got from Babiesrus. I will keeping this toy for #3!

  7. My child's favorite toy is her little people camper/campfire. It plays songs, makes noises and we have lots of fun pretending to eat food and make the little people sleep!

  8. My first baby is due this year so I'm not sure what his/her favorite toy will be.But my niece loves blocks!

  9. My cousin loves her stuffed kangaroo! She is 2 :)


  10. My little ones favorite is the baby einstein take along!

  11. Forgot to add my little one is 3. But that was his favorite when he was a baby and every now and then I catch him with it :)!

  12. My 1 and a half year old son loves his puzzles!